Myrel The Gallivanter

  • Myrel The Gallivanter

    Full name: Myrel The Gallivanter

    Nickname: Galli

    Race:  Red Squirrel

    Occupation/class: Archaeologist

    Physical Appearance:

    Age: 44

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair colour length and style: Short red tinted fur.

    Height: 5'6

    Type of body (build):

    She may not be as young as some of her companions but she can still keep up. Very Athletic. She still looks as if she were 20, not a lot of people know her true age.

    Clothes: Dusty beige tunic, with a green undershirt. Many gadgets cover her worn clothing, a small crystal monocle sits neatly in a sewn pocket on her left breast, along with other various tools. With Many buttoned pockets that line her home made tunic, which are filled with small usefull items.


    Very proficient with a bow, short swords and sabres. Here favourite weapon is her sabre.

    Her sabre has a brown leather hit, with three colourful stones dangling off the butt of the hilt on a few strings of tough cord. She carried it in a brown scabbard that hung around her shoulders like a sash.

    She always carries a bow with the equipment she brings, a tool with many uses that she wouldn't ever not have. A regular short bow that isn't decorated in anyway, more of a tool to her than a weapon, though can be used as such if needed.

    Coiled up on her left side lays a black bullwhip.

    She has also been known to try to weaponize her cuteness and to great effect too. She may be a more mature maiden but she still looks young.


    Almost eccentric, but very upbeat and professional. She's calm, collected, and very skilled. She's an archaeologist at heart, adventurer, and wanderer. Her need to explore drives her to unknown lands. She hunts for old ruins, follows rumours to old mysterious places, and investigates mysteries that present themselves.

    She's kind to those that show kindness. She can sing well, and likes to do so with others while under a starry sky, and warmed by a fire.

    Her cooking skills have been refined over the long seasons. Her knowledge of survival in some of the harshest and brutal climates has given her the skills to prepare delicious meals from whatever is at her disposal. Which might consist of many insects and the occasional large spider. Needless to say her cooking isn't always appealing to other beasts.

    She can be a bit of a flirt, her older age doesn't really stop her from flirting with the younger bucks.


    Greatest Strength: Her curiosity would be her biggest strength, she has learned, discovered, and experienced so much.

    Biggest Vulnerability: Again her curiosity would be her biggest vulnerability and weakness. It has gotten her in many sticky situations, and almost resulted in her death more than once before.


    She started her life in the forests of Yarhim, born into a proud clan of squirrels. She was birthed on a warm July night, under a cloudless sky and a bright full moon. Her mother lay in a field just outside the village, bathed in the silver light.

    Her mother and father were a few of the many warriors in the village. They fought and worked hard for Myrel and their clan.

    Her name was Mary, and his was Todd.

    She spent 9 years with the clan before a terrible tragedy hit. She was forced to flee, deep into the wilds of Yarhim. She was on her own from that day on.

    After surviving a year within the borders of Yarhim, she ventured out, leaving her home behind and the memories of it.  A fire ignited in her soul, one that was hidden deep within since her birth. She was free. Her first few steps out into the unknown lifted a weight from her chest, one that she thought may never have left.

    For 34 years she travelled. She had journeyed to the far north, and even to the far south. The adventures she had in those 34 years are a tale for another time.

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