The lost DeSota Treasure

  • (well like any ruins there are always blocked off areas due to it being unsafe….which is Carmen's forte :3)

  • Carmen chuckled at the rat's comment about the Gun toting Mercenaries. "Ah Relax Finn am pretty sure those guys have their head shoved up their rear especially since we grabbed the only thing that could even possibly point us in the right direction." The ferret said referencing the journal. "Besides unless they decided to think that a random plane taking off can be tied to us then they don't have a lead. Besides you know how much of a longshot it be for them to just to consider that? I think we are going to have a pretty good head start." Carmen said as he walked around the area and spotted what appeared to be a blocked off area by archaeologists. Smirking Camren went back to his radio. "Hey Fin why not move the surveillance onto your phone and come over here. Look like I found a nice little sealed off area  the some Archaeologists must have just unearthed." He said as he jumped over the fence and the DO NOT ENTER tape he walked over and managed to open what clearly was a door to a stairwell leading down. "Looks like we are going underground…"

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    TJ managed to catch up with Cameron as he hopped the rope. She glanced around and followed him pulling out her headlamp. "Down down we go." She said simply and followed Cameron into the darkness down the steps.

  • (depends ….....actually......Unknow Lets replace the mercs with the Zeng Shi. Lets use this as a practice round for them. Cool's characs can be prominent characters.)

  • "Alright then boss." Finn said as he switched back to transfer over to his phone. Something caught his attention, a flicker from his laptop screen? Then his eyes went wide as he inserted a flash drive and frantic typed as the laptop screen became garbled and then black as a bomb icon exploded on screen before going black. Unplugging said flash drive he got up quickly and left the now useless device on the ground as he made his way to Carmen and TJ.

    "Eyes up, someone just put the entire parks cameras on a loop and my laptop is fried. On my way to you." He couldn't believe it, all the precautions he took while he hacked and yet mere childs play to another. Something should've seemed off to him and yet he didn't notice it! Stupid, stupid, STUPID! Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself before walking off again to where the others were.

    (A bit of set up and then the reveal. :3)

  • Camren grabbed the radio and responded. "Finn I hope you got a gun. If that phone is still hooked up to anything I need you to find their location and do whatever it takes to slow them down….in fact maybe get the cops on them! We still need to go in." The ferret said before hooking his radio to his belt and drew his handgun and loaded it. "We might have company. I hope you know how to use that gun." He said as he opened the door and kneeled down placing a small satchel charge hidden away. "I am not one to destroy landmarks but this will bejust enough to cause a small cave in to seal this away without much damage to the area." He said as he started finished and got up before descending down the stairs.

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    Tessa looked at him, "Sorry about your laptop." She said from hearing over the radio. " does that mean someone knows our location and wants the same thing?" She asked curiously. She honestly wouldn't be surprised at all if that was the case.
    They defended further down the stairs,"wonder how far down it goes?" She said

  • No answer came back over the radio, only a sharp crack is heard and then static afterwards. Back at the tree where Finn once was, only a broken radio remained split in two as unmarked vans pulled up by the park where an assortment of worker clothed beasts disembarked with bags and cases of what seemed like equipment. This group began making their way through the park with a grizzled wolverine in the lead towards the ruins as he made a few gestures and the group fanned out into a semi-circle around the ruins.

    "Wǒmen bùshì dì yī gè. Zài fèixū zhōng xúnzhǎo bù bìyào de chuǎng rù zhě, nín de mùbiāo shì bái yòu hé shuǐtǎ." The wolverine said over his ear piece before setting up. "Bìmiǎn zàochéng píngmín shāngwáng, zhǐyǒu xiāoshēngqì." Setting the bag down he waited as he leaned against a wall, awaiting to see who would make the first move.

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