Vrasku's Heroes. [One shot spin off post]

  • (A short story with Vrasku and his crew to show his personality a little. This is just a one shot story and wont be axded too :3)

    Waves beat against the sand along the beach. The setting sun paints the sky bright red. There was work to be done but Drakki just couldnt pass up such scenic ocean beauty.

    Scenic beauty blighted by the rest of the Raptor compound behind him. At a glance it looks like a salvage yard on the outskirts of a tropical city. A salvage yard with barbed wire fences, a junk yard of broken cars canabalized for parts and target practice.

    After being in all THAT all morning Drakki just needed to catch sight of something…pretty.

    Relaxing in a fold out chair on the beach just off the peer there is a cooler full of beer between him and the other currently empty chair next to him. Even dressed in a greesy blue hawaiin shirt and sun glasses it was fairly obvious that the monitor lizard was related to the camps owner and the Raptor's leader, Vrasku. The same red scales with shallow but dark stripes marked him as their leaders brother.

    One would hardly imagine their were twins though. Drakki was taller, with wider shoulders and with more muscle to his arms and more meat to...well, suffice to say there was more mass to Drakki period.

    Drakki's head lifts up as a second boat comes into the peir. A group of armed creatures exit the small water craft. Despite the body armor and weapons it was quite clear there were not soldiers, and even though Vrasku was short for a monitor lizard he still loomed over the other non monitor reptiles.His scales were marred by various scars and his bullet proof vest has a few new marks to it.

    "So...fun day in the office?" Drakki holds up an unopened beer.

    Vrasku doesnt reply so much as grunt. His tail drags across the sand until he plops down onto the empty chair. "I...hate...weasels." and for a long moment nothing else is said as Vras drinks heavy from the beer. Drakki only nods, "Funny you should say that..." he thinks for a moment, wondering how to break the news to him...Vrasku should have noticed the damage by now but-

    "Weasels..." Vrasku continues. "Do you remember Spots."

    "The scrawny fella, high pitched laugh. Loves knives? Yeah I know him. He's a good poker player." Drakki pauses. "Whyyyyy?"

    "I caught him stealing from...from our employer." Another sip of beer. "On his own boat...we were hired to protect. He was using the party as a sort of cover to steal jewelery and art and all this other junk." Vrasku sighs, sinking deeper into his chair, "I had to fire him."

    "That is...surprisingly tame." Drakki says slowly.  "The last guy you found stealing you-"

    "He was already on one of the motor boats," Vrasku continues uninterupted, "I had a flare gun so I thought, why not. If i hit him then I can distract Spots long enough for the crew to man a boat and go after him."

    "So when you say you...fired him you mean..." Drakki nods slowly. "How did that work out?" Vrasku waggles his claws and makes a burning noise.

    "Of course there is mass panic on the upper deck. Party goers are paniced, the employer is angry, he fires us on the spot. No pun intented...annnnnd then pirates attack. Twas not fun day," Vrasku sits up in his chair, "Remember when this was simple? We took jobs, we shot thing that needed to be shot, got paid."

    "Ah yes, simple days. I remember those days. Like that time I got a bullet pulled out of my tail. I remember that well."

    "Not my fault you got fat and slow."  Vrasku counters.

    "Would you rather stay hear patching up all your vehicals?" Drakki smiles.

    "I would rather we got an actual mercanary gig. All this...all this nonsense we have been getting has been driving me crazy! I have no time anymore and Im starting to lose focus. A year ago I would never have hired a thief like Spots. See, Im missing all the small details."

    And thats when it hits him. Drakki can see it in Vraskus eyes as realization dons on him. "Drakki...we have three boats...why am I only seeing two at the docks?"

    "Oh its still there. Look closer, you will see it under the waves." Drakki says pleasently, "Jeff and Snark were prepping the boat for a mission...Snark caught the pin of an incindiary grenade on the stairs. And...well...as you say." Drakki waggles his claws while making a burning noise. Vrasku just sits there, eyes closed.

    "And...Jeff and Snark are...not fired?"

    "They are in the cantena. Had Snaggletooth keep them there and give them their last meal." Drakki laughs and turns to his brother but the lizard is already gone.

    All laughter and chatter in the canteena on base come to a stop when the door is slammed open, a terrible monster standing at the door looking very much like the ancient preditors Vrasku named his mercenaries after. It was only this year he found out Velociraptors had feathers too...yet one more grievence.

    "Explain." he growls. A see of familiar faces and fellow mercs part like the red sea, exposing a pair of weasels to the bosses wrath. The slander begins immidietly, each weasel pointing blame, fingers, and curses at the other and assuring the boss that this will never happen again and it is totally the other persons fault. Mercenaries made into squabbling school children...but by then their voices just seem to be drowned out by the noise...the high pitched squeal that fills Vrasku's hearing, growing louder and louder as his vision turns crimson red.

    He was a pirate! A leader! A captain! The head of a successfull mercenary outfit! He didnt deserve to work with such cheap idiots, all he had to do was sink his claws into their furry hides and-

    "LATRINES!" the lizard shouts suddenly, clutching the sides of his head.


    "Latrine duty. Two weeks. The both of you. Start with canteen! Clean it with a tooth brush!"

    "That...that seems a bit-"

    "TOOTH BRUSH! Only 1 between the two of you!" by then Vrasku is already grabbing them by the scruff of their neck and shoving them into the restroom.

    "But we dont have any toothbrushes!" one weasel shouts as the door is slammed behind them.

    "Then use your fur!" Vrasku slams a table against the door before walking out. He pauses outside, curling his first into a ball he gets ready to pound it against the wall but pauses, getting in control of his anger.

    Then his phone rings. Composing himself Vrasku answers. "Hello...Mr. Vrasku? My name is Niles. Your mumber was given to us by a...mutual friend. I have need of your talents and man power. I am told you are skilled with...combat and dont ask questions. I do need to know though...how are you with treasure hunting?"

    And so it began. Vrasku listened and silently laughed at the person on the phone. But as he listened, the less he laughed. And by morning his entire company was ready to move out...

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