The lost DeSota Treasure(OOC)

  • Soooo yeah this is basically the OOC for a rp me and Unknow came up with for all to join.
    Basic info:
    So then this is kinda revolves around the story arc for my character Ezikiel DeSota (granted in this rp he is long dead) and I am thinking about making it official granted I need to work on his storyline more). Anyways to put it in pretense this is more of a RP that uses elements from Uncharted and Tomb Raider(the classic ones, not the remake of her origins) Basically this is the quest to find the lost treasure of Ezikeil DeSota and the his Phoenix Fleet which thanks to prior rp also contains the Tears of the Sea form the Pearls of Lutra book. Another major thing is that this rp is more modern to fit the tomb raider style so places like the Redwall Abbey itself is actually abandoned ruins along with other areas as such.  Ideas are welcomed as well

  • Yes!! Let's do it!!! TJ was to play along!

  • woooooooooooooot

  • okay so basically me and Unknow was talking about our characters. MY guy is actually a descendant from Ezikeil and there is one more idea I wanted to run by you TJ since your a part of ezikiel's arc

  • What idea is that!? 🙂

  • So supposed that in Ezikeil and Dominique's older years Redwall actually falls for some reason and the survivors only make it out with the tapestry and martin's sword and whatnot. Thanks to Dominique's connections they go with them and all those items are now located with the DeSota Treasure and the tears of the sea. makes the treasure that more legendary

  • A tale of deadly daring dooo!

    It sounds so fun I want to join but work is eating my soul right now D;

    Unless you need an expendable char or one who can justify parting from the group to wrangle supplies or…something. Like all the side characters in Drakes fortune.

  • So basically a Eddie Raja?

  • I like it! Let's do it! 🙂 Your character will be a ferret then? Debating weather to use TJ my fox character or make up a new character

  • T.J you do you granted unless you wanna be a villan, there kinda would have to a relation between the characters or decide on how they would meet. For examply me and Unknow's characters are lifelong friends.

  • Basically xD what kind of characters do you need?

  • I would ask for a villain like the ones in Uncharted but you said work is eating your soul…actually come to think of it you kinda can sincethebad guy and his goons are not always around...

  • You mean I can haz MINNIONS?!? Mwhaha!

    What kind of bad guy do you need?

  • I'd say more like Winions. XD

    Cookie to the one who gets the reference. XD

  • Yes Coyote you can have the minions although they are on uncharted 4 level of incompetent

  • Yay! I getz lovable yet expendable npcs to toss into danger 😄 you guys are the best 8D
    (Coyote reserves the right to take out work frustrations on his minions by sending them into danger .w.)

    So what kind of bad guy do you need? Will he / she be working for a different bad guy?

    Do you want them to be pirates, mercanaries, rivel but cut throat tomb raiders?

  • my only request to keep it in the uncharted/ tomb raider vibe….minus the monsters and stuff in tomb raider. And please don't make your char fat this time  I'd like someone who is actually intimidating xD

  • I'd like to take part in this, if that's all right. I have an idea for a new character that I'd like to try out.

  • more the merrier. the major rule is you have to either have a way you meet the group or how you know them

  • Would a mercenary type work?

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