Hey, guys. Anghan here. You guys know me.

For reasons that must stay known to me and my own, I have to leave the site. Not completely, though, I'll still stick around. I love this site, and all of you, but you're going to see a rapid decrease in my activity. I'll finish up the Gate Report, sure, and a few other roleplays. I'll still RP, but won't discuss a lot, or be in more than one RP at a time. It's not you. However, I fell as if I must say goodbye.

Rodo, thanks for being friendly and starting a really cool RP.

Unknow, I don't know you a ton, but you're a pretty cool guys to RP with.

Rowan . . . I don't even have to say anything.  😉

T.J., thanks for being the first person to talk to and RP with me.

Jared . . . you're awesome, thanks for being a really cool online friend. You're a really good writer. (Also, I will finish that art piece.)

There you have it.

Take care bro. hope to still see you when ya able.


Ditto here dude, hope to see you when your able.


Salutes back Adios, guys, for now.

I'm gonna miss your icefurr! Come back soon! I'll still be here. 🙂 It was fun RPGing with you.

My best prayers for you, my dear and beloved silver-furred friend! Sorry for my lack of inacitivry, been having Wi-Fi problems at home.

You will be missed here, Anghan.

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