Goodbye . . . Almost.

  • Hey, guys. Anghan here. You guys know me.

    For reasons that must stay known to me and my own, I have to leave the site. Not completely, though, I'll still stick around. I love this site, and all of you, but you're going to see a rapid decrease in my activity. I'll finish up the Gate Report, sure, and a few other roleplays. I'll still RP, but won't discuss a lot, or be in more than one RP at a time. It's not you. However, I fell as if I must say goodbye.

    Rodo, thanks for being friendly and starting a really cool RP.

    Unknow, I don't know you a ton, but you're a pretty cool guys to RP with.

    Rowan . . . I don't even have to say anything.  😉

    T.J., thanks for being the first person to talk to and RP with me.

    Jared . . . you're awesome, thanks for being a really cool online friend. You're a really good writer. (Also, I will finish that art piece.)

    There you have it.

  • Take care bro. hope to still see you when ya able.


  • Ditto here dude, hope to see you when your able.


  • Salutes back Adios, guys, for now.

  • stay classy brotha

  • I'm gonna miss your icefurr! Come back soon! I'll still be here. 🙂 It was fun RPGing with you.

  • Global Moderator

    My best prayers for you, my dear and beloved silver-furred friend! Sorry for my lack of inacitivry, been having Wi-Fi problems at home.

    You will be missed here, Anghan.

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