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  • Just something I wanted to try out in a Redwall setting, the gist is your character is a furry adventurer who either works in a guild or solo. Hark to the call of adventure for thrills, excitement, action, and that sweet juicy loot at the end of an intense dungeon!

    There is magic, but its mostly enchanted equipment that comes in two types of Blessed or Cursed. Blessed enchantments generally are more defensive in function and usually have no penalties in using said items. Cursed enchantments on the other hand are destructive with great power to those wield them, but usually comes with a great price. Such items like these will be rewarded to players for accomplishing certain actions of famous, or infamous, deeds.

    Heres the blank sheet for those wanting to create their furry adventurer and go trail blazing on that path over the horizon.





    Party Role: (Leader, Tank, Healer, etc)



    Background: (Optional)




    Guild: Member or Solo?

  • If you form a Guild with one or more other people, you decide whose the Guild Leader and in turn will get requests(Random missions I PM said Guild Leaders to look over) and depending on said requests, is where the story goes next. If theirs multiple Guilds, majority vote I gather from each Guild Leader is tallied along with any solos who are one vote themselves.

    Suffice to say, those in a Guild have…certain benefits I will get to later, while solos have their own unique benefits as well in regards to how the story goes and what actions occur. :3

  • I'd like to take part in this. Just a few questions: what level of technology is here, and what are the limits of enchanting?

  • Medieval level of tech like redwall, though something like a lantern I'll probably let by.

    There is no enchanting stuff, its the rewards for doing quests your character will get a random enchanted item that is based on said quest. So if you do say like an assassination quest your more likely to get say Cursed items, while saving a Noble could get you a Blessed item. As it stands I say theirs three types of Enchantments and three variants.

    The types being Blessed, Cursed, and just Enchanted(aka regular enchantment). Variants further dividing it into Offense, Defense, and Utility, don't worry, I do the hard work of creating the random treasures adventurers get at the end. XD

  • I might give it a shot. My hours just got…reschedualled so that I am working more on only 2 days of the week instead of just spreading out my hours over the week.

    If it would be ok to join xD

  • woot!

  • Name: Savi

    Species:Pine Marten

    Gender: Female


    Party Role: Thiefy Thief / Reseller of Slightly Used Heroic Equipment.

    Appearance: A pine marten with a sleek, well fed (and well wine-d) appearence, Savi has some fleshy to her glossy brown hide with a patch of yellow over her chest. She wears a sleeveless green vest, left open across the chest with a belt over one shoulder and under the other and a second belt across her hips.

    She also wears a plethora of jewelery, mostly gold bracelets across her ankles, wrists and tail.

    Personality: Savi is a bit of a dead pan snarker Savi is quick to speak her mind whether those around her want to listen or not. She is rough around the edges and a bit narcisistic but at the end of the day she will come through for her team mates…as lomg as they keep her paid. Hey, you cant spell adventurer with out mercenary right?

    Background: Once a part of the Pirate Guild Savi broke off (after being caught stealing from the treasury) to fly solo, finding it much more profitable to steal loot from the corpses of dead foolish adventurers and selling it back at town.

    Equipment: Grappling hook, lock picks, torches, saber and fencing dagger.


    Dexterious Thief and skilled fencer


    Gluttonous, selfish, greedy, and cowardly

    Guild: ex guild member, solo now


  • ((I dont know! 😧 why are all your guys assassins 😧

    Lol! Because I had a lot of gluttonous pets in my life. My characters share a bit of their personalities xD or something something like that xD ))

  • (From how the characters are going, I might have to make an actual 'Good' adventurer just for like alignment balances. XD))

    One addition I will add, I will allow "Approved" Magical characters. Examples being like enhanced senses or sixth sense, and maybe natural dark vision, stuff like that.

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