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    Name: Lennard Scott Wesly

    Age: 57

    Date of birth: N/A

    Place of birth: N/A

    Family: N/A

    Species: Hare

    Appearance: A lean, muscled built aging hare with graying brown fur. He also has a small grey mustache and piercing hazel eyes.

    Scars: Due to prior incident at [ACCESS RESTRICTED], Operative Wesly has faint scars across both arms and one across his cheek from [ACCESS RESTRICTED].

    Job: Special Operations and Defense Operative.
    Role: Combat Operative

    Codename: Thatcher

    Personality: A strict, stoic, and stubborn individual of almost extreme proportions that some operatives think he was once a drill sergeant in his younger years. Usually found in the gym due to not being quite social, he can be found either practicing or doing one of his unique 'tough love' teachings to any nearby operative currently training and not quite up to his views of peak performance.


    Agent Wesly was born at [ACCESS RESTRICTED] as the runt of [ACCESS RESTRICTED], a prominent military family. Already he had much to prove himself before even joining the military and even once doing so he still had what he calls his own 'Tough Love' treatment from his family. A few years of service landed him up higher into the chain of command and soon given the chance of becoming a high ranking officer, but refusing it to continue fighting and not give orders. This sparked outrage through his family of course, though in the eyes of another this sparked the beginning of [ACCESS RESTRICTED]. Eventually, his involvement in [ACCESS RESTRICTED] led to him and fellow co-conspirators to fake their deaths and go into hiding for 20 years. Initially he "refused" at first once operatives discovered him and only once confirming his old squads whereabouts, only then he accepted.

    Possible Strengths:

    -Extensive CQC training

    -Special Forces trained

    -Experienced in Stealth

    Known Weakness:

    -Eyesight is not as good as it used to be

    -Endurance has weakened due to years passed

    -Can be hard to get to change his mind about things


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