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    Name: Bragoon Kodo Riven

    Age: 58

    Date of birth: N/A

    Place of birth: N/A

    Family: N/A

    Species: Otter

    Appearance: An average built aging otter with graying brown fur, a small grey beard, and green eyes.

    Scars: Due to prior incident at [ACCESS RESTRICTED], Operative Riven wears an eyepatch over his left eye and faint scar around his neck which came from [ACCESS RESTRICTED] and [ACCESS RESTRICTED].

    Job: Special Operations and Defense Operative.
    Role: Recon Operative

    Codename: Javelin

    Personality: A stoic and hardened professional, Bragoon isn't one to be social when off-duty unless scolding others due to mistakes they made. While some may view him as harsh, in truth he scolds only because he cares for any squads well-being and sees a full team coming back a welcoming sight. When a team comes back with causalities he criticizes them so they know that making those same mistakes can cost lives if their not careful.


    Agent Riven was born at [ACCESS RESTRICTED] much of his life early on until joining the military shortly afterwards. Life before joining up had not been good for Bragoon as evident of a criminal record in [ACCESS RESTRICTED]. Only until meeting a fellow soldier did he clean up his act, making his way up to [ACCESS RESTRICTED] to the shock of others and not letting his superiors regret their decision. Though eventually his involvement with [ACCESS RESTRICTED], along with fellow co-conspirators, resulted in the faking of their deaths.  His not so lucky as the attempt left him with two grim remainders as he remained in a coma for 2 decades, after which he awoke and was soon retrieved.

    Possible Strengths:

    -Experienced sniper

    -Special Forces trained

    -Experienced in Stealth

    Known Weakness:

    -Not used to shooting with his other eye

    -Endurance has weakened due to years spent in a coma

    -Can get hotheaded at times of stress


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