Brendel of Salamandastron

  • In his own words, "I am the son of Brogal, Lord of Salamandastron.  About five seasons back I left my home in search of…well, I don't know what I am looking for exactly.  Let me go back further.

    "One night I was sitting by the sea, agitated and restless.  I loved my home.  Long I had walked the many tunnels and searched the caverns deep in her belly.  The sting of the sea mist, the smell of the kitchen fires, the sun sinking into the water, gulls squawking over a fish, leverets playing in the sand, scouting and foraging parties coming and going between the forest and the mountain, and so many other reasons to love this great fortress home.  My heart was torn between Salamandastron and a silent calling.  But calling to what?!  I knew that soon I must leave my home and find my own adventure and make a new life for myself.  But what was I drawn to, what was it that kept tugging my heart?

    "I stood staring out to sea turning these thoughts over in my mind vainly searching for answers.  Suddenly, a light flashed on the horizon.  Startled, I blinked and stared out in the direction of of the bright flash.  'Just your eyes playing tricks on you, Brendel lad,' I thought to myself.  I shrugged it off and was turning to go back to the mountain when I froze.  There was another flash from out at sea only this time far brighter and closer.  I stood waiting and watching, my hand on the hilt of my sword.  The next few minutes seemed like hours to me.  The only sound was of the waves stumbling against the shore.  Slowly I relaxed and started to step back from the sea.  I wasn't sure what the bright flashes were, but if it was a threat, warning needed to be given.

    "As I turned again to go back, there was another blinding flash which seemed to crush me and sent me to my knees.  Blinking, I opened my eyes but could only see a bright fog of light.  'I am blind!' I thought to myself.  Then, a figure took shape in the fog.  As it came into view I saw that it was a huge badger lord, stern and commanding.  He bore a great, gold hilted sword across his back and wore a shining steel helm.  He reminded me of the great badger lords of the past, noble, strong and fearless.  A feeling of pride coursed through me as if this lord was my sire or some ancestor from long ago.  But I did not recognize him from the legends.

    "Then he faded and I saw a small village situated in a valley between two tree covered hills.  The sun was high and bright and many of the villagers were happily going about there daily chores.  Small younglings played near a stream with mothers calling out with warnings not to get too close.  Then a darkness overshadowed the village and a vast army of foxes, stoats, and weasels led by a great wildcat swept across the planes before the village.  The scene was horrible.  Wrenching my sword free of its sheath, I cried out and tried to rush at the attacking force but my paws would not move.  I could only sit in horror and rage as I watched the army kill every beast in the village, old and young.  The raiders took what they found useful and burned the rest.  Some of the stronger villagers were enslaved to carry provisions.  When the army left, the land was transformed into a desolate waste.  Not even a blade of grass still stood in what was once a beautiful country.

    "Then my vision faded and I was left in darkness.  As my eyes adjusted to the night I found that I was still on the shore facing the mountain.  It became clear that I must leave and start my journey in search of my destiny.  I have been wandering since then searching but not yet finding what I am looking for."

    Taken from "Watchful Eyes" page 3.

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