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Name: Mortimer Avas Kinsly

Age: 55

Date of birth: N/A

Place of birth: N/A

Family: N/A

Species: Mouse

Appearance: A lean built aging mouse with once cream colored fur, now almost completely grey and wrinkles showing up. He has blue eyes and wears glasses.

Scars: Due to prior incident at [ACCESS RESTRICTED], Operative Kinsly has a thin scar on his left shoulder from [ACCESS RESTRICTED].

Job: Special Operations and Defense Operative.
Role: Field Support Operative

Codename: Surgeon

Personality: A jovial and sanguine mouse who naturally seeks the company of others and easily makes conversation with others. Sometimes he'll counsel and give advice to those seeking it, leading some to dub him 'Doc Holiday'.


Agent Kinsly was born at [ACCESS RESTRICTED], but grew up the majority at [ACCESS RESTRICTED]. Passing classes with high honors led him to eventually being one of the youngest to graduate from [ACCESS RESTRICTED]. Later on with shock on their faces on those around him he joined the military to become a field medic, later giving a reason of "Saving lives" to his family back at [ACCESS RESTRICTED]. His skills eventually caught him entry and near dismissal of [ACCESS RESTRICTED], being the youngest ever selected. When [ACCESS RESTRICTED] occurred he, along with fellow conspirators, faked their deaths and remained hidden for about 2 decades. [ACCESS RESTRICTED]

Possible Strengths:

-Extensive knowledge in the Medical and Electronic fields

-Special Forces trained

-Well versed in Psychology

Known Weakness:

-Too openly trusting of strangers

-Eyesight is not as good due to his age

-Endurance has decreased over the years