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Name: Bentley Vesen Mersous

Age: 60

Date of birth: N/A

Place of birth: N/A

Family: N/A

Species: Badger

Appearance: A rather average, lean built, aging badger with graying fur and a wrinkled muzzle. He has brown eyes and wears glasses.

Scars: Due to prior incident at [ACCESS RESTRICTED], Operative Mersous lost from his left leg up to his knee and is now required to use a custom design prosthetic leg to resume normal operations in the field.

Job: Special Operations and Defense Operative.
Role: Demolition Operative

Codename: Rewire

Personality: A calm and quiet individual whose dedication to his field of expertise is remarkable and off duty is known to make light conversations with those nearby socially, though often found in company of his old squad reminiscing of the old days.


Agent Mersous hails from [ACCESS RESTRICTED] and spent most of his life there. Eventually joining the military and years after selected into [ACCESS RESTRICTED] became an expert of demolitions in his field. Due to his involvement in mentioned incident above with [ACCESS RESTRICTED], along with fellow conspirators faked their deaths and hid with false names along with going separate ways to avoid total discovery, which lasted only for 2 decades.[ADDITIONAL INFO UNAVAILABLE]

Possible Strengths:

-Well taught in art of explosive ordinance

-Special Forces trained

-Remains calm in tense situations

Known Weakness:

-Injuries on left leg requires use of artificial limb in order to allow use

-Eyesight is not as good due to his age

-Endurance has decreased over the years