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  • I am Warlock I have been a huge fan of Redwall for over 15 years. My first book I read in the series is the Pearls of Lutra and it is also my favorite book in the series. I am also a huge fan of Redwall and I own every book. I have been looking for a new RP site and found this one and thought I should register. Well I just wanted to say hi

  • Nice to meet you, Warlock! Welcome to Redwall's Legacy. I'm Anghan Silverfur.

  • Hi, Warlock! I'm Coriander and I am a newer member as well! If you would like, you can join Anghan and my roleplay (Forward…March!). Maybe just to get you started. 🙂

  • Почему привет меня зовут RodoWodo, и я на самом деле не говорят по-русски. Я просто быть обычным троллем

  • thank you Coriander I will do that let me get my character up and running 🙂

  • okay on a serious note hello I am Rodo. No I don't speak Russian. If your interested in joining a nontraditional RP you can always join The Gate Report.

  • Hello, I am Fernleaf, and I look forward to being part of several RPG's here.

  • Hi, Fernleaf! I'm guessing you are new here? I am Coriander and I am sorta new as well, but I have been her for a few months, now. Well, welcome, anyway!  😉

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