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  • "Sit back and let me tell you a story." The vixen leans back in her chair. The private booth in the back is sheilded from the noise of the tavern. Its a rowdy place full of vermin and those woodlanders brave enough to drink with them. It is also surprisingly clean. If it wasnt dark the river the tavern is built by would be seen through the windows.

    "Once upon a time there was a badger. His name was  Stonewall, the third. He was once a mighty warrior with a strong, some would say passionate desire to kill vermin." the vixen pauses to take a drink of mead. Despite her youthfull appearence the fox known simply as Brook has plenty of meat on her bones to keep herself insulated against the winter that rages out side. She has a cross fox pattern to the cur that covers her fleshy figure. Black under belly with orange sides and a grey flank and tail.

    "Stonewall hated vermin so much that he gathered an army to police the surrounding northern woodlands, driving out vermin and making settlements for his woodlanders of the area, mostly squirrels and mice. Then he died, and his son, Stonewall the forth took over Castle Stonewall. He was a bit more of a polotictian and with all the vermin in the area gone he had an erra of peace. His castles defenses waned, the settlements grew rich and fat, and so became prime targets for any number of wandering bands of warlords looking for easy riches. Stonewall the forth died in battle defending his land. His castle continues to stay strong but his settlements fell into disrepair and banditry. Which brings us to today. Lord Stonewall the 5th, big fella, lots of teeth, he is starting to get more…agressive against the hard working warlords in this area, harassing their supply lines with his squirrel army, meddling in afairs between the warlords."

    The fox leans forward, staring down each member of the party assembled before her, "The beast I work for, Lord Raven the Fox King finds Stonewalls adherence to his grandfathers ways to be...disturbing and would like to nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a larger problem. He has tasked me to putting together a team to address this problem...perminately. The rewards are as great as the danger I am going to ask you to partake in... Before I elaborate further, those of you who are not up to the challenge, I ask you to leave. I have no room for weakness on this mission."

    Little did the party know that not too far away from the vixen with her nafarious schemes there was another bush tailed creature  plotting Ill will against Castle Stonewall.

    The night air on the balcony was crisp and chill. The snow has been cleared away, making room for beasts to sit at the many tables here over looking the river behind them. But with weather cold enough to freeze over the river the balcony is empty save for the beast and his party. He is quite obviously a red squirrel. The cloak may cover his features but his species is quite obvious. Even with his winter coat the beast is rail thin. Despite this his paws look soft, his fur groomed, as if he never saw manual labor in his life.

    "Im so glad you could make it." he says to all around. Even the bat that hangs over the table by a lantern.

    "Im sure that you have all heard the wonderous tales surrounding Castle Stonewall and the city Woodshire it protects. About how we are all protecred under tge safty of a badger lord." the squirels voice turns dark, "Do not let the fables fool you. Lord Stonewall is a devious and petty as any vermin warlord and some of us in the city grow tired of badger rule. We need a group of...tallented beasts to get the badger out of the city for a few days. Have I piqued your interest enough to continue?"

    (At long last! The rpg adventure begins! If you wish to join please add a stat sheet to http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2680.0

    Anyone can join either or, although i set it up as everyone joining the vixens group, rodu and his antagonist alts are with mr. Unamed squirrel :3)

  • Sitting across the squirrel sat two sharply dressed beasts. One of them, a pine marten wore a nice and finely crafted black trousers, black leather boots and sleeved shit that stopped at his elbows under a black leather vest leaned foreword and looked at the squirrel in the eye. "Your describving a 'vidnapping, no?" Asked the pine marten with is moderate accent. "You are a'vare you hiring some of 've best Venusian assassins for a vidnapping? We do not come cheap….and we prefer explanation for this task. 'Vould it not be easier to just..."remove" him permanently?" Meanwhile the pine marten's associate, a fox dressed similarly leaned back in his chair, the knives on his belt gleaming in the light of the room as he glanced back at the entrance to their room making sure nobody walked in.

  • Fenrath leaned back in his seat across from the vixen. He sipped his drink as she told her story, careful to keep his hat covering his face. He had expected these lands to be quite boring from what he'd heard, seems he was wrong. This was going to be quite an interesting time. He leaned forward as she finished with a warning of how dangerous this job would be. "Bally, I doubt we'd be 'ere if we weren't willin' ta go through with it." He glanced over at the other beasts around the table, "'Course, it depends on how much glint yer willin' to hand over," he stared the vixen straight in the eyes, "'Ow much does Lord Raven find Stonewall's life ta be worth?"

  • Sitting a bit to the otters side Smik seemed to be not interested in the story. The black rat seemed to be staring at a candle's flame on the table as the vixen told her story. It took him a bit to realize she finished when the weird sounding otter beside him started talking. A weird beast he noted, though not really from remembering his time he spent in his old port town home of how many different ships came in to trade and such. Mostly corsairs and the like, very few tradeships that were brave and smart enough docked to, he reminded him of a similar otter he once saw…

    Shaking his head lightly before going off into random thoughts, he remembered why he was here in the first place. "A-any preference on h-how he dies?"

  • "Dies?" the vixen blinks, a small chuckle escapes her lips, "And turn him into a hero for the woodlanders to rally behind?" the fox laughs, holding up a mug of mead she says before taking a swollow, "No gents, what my employer wants is far more dangerous than assassinating a badger."


    "Killing the badger has....crossed our mind, yes." the squirrel steeples his paws in a very business fashion. He reaches into his cloak while saying, "If Stonewall were to die by the paw of some vermin, the beasts of the city would only become more anamoured by him, turning him into a legend. We would hardly be able to wrestle control back to where it belongs, in more capable paws.../our/ paws." the squirrel slides a bag of something that sounds, feels, even smells like gold across the table. "I'm afraid though that, someone of your skill is going to be challenged by the task ahead. You see, when you get done the entire kingdom will be hot on your tails. You must be quick, you must be strong. For the task I give you is not easy."

    Then in two seperate rooms both beasts lean forward to say, "/You are going to kidnap his daughter, princess Amelia Stonewall the First."

    The squirrel continues to push the back onto the table with his finger. "You will have this and much more I promise if you bring her to the location on the map inside the bag. I trust you are professional enough not to question why."

    The bat thief hanging above the table just whistles lowly. "You my friend, you are one kind of crazy, no? Lucky fer you, I'm just as crazy. How 'bout you two?" the thief asks the assassins.

    The vixen grins deviously as she produces a somewhat smaller bag of gold from her vest. She slams it on the table but does not release it quite yet. "There is a plan in place. To sneak in, take the princess, and get her to safety back in Wolf Keep, my employers castle. Where gold, rum and a heroes feast awaits us. The badger will think twice about raiding our supply lines with the life of his only daughter on the line. But hey, if he gets in the way, orders or no orders, Im ok with taking him down..." Brook drums her claws on the bag of gold, "So...you in?"

  • The pine marten looks back at his fox associate for a moment before he started to laugh. "So da target is his daughter, no? The my friend is quiet the scheme." He said with a smile. "We vill take the job. A challenge vould be a nice. Besides we have dealt with tasks far more difficult then a kidnapping." He said as the fox finally decides to speak up. "Da, but ve need more….information. A description of da target perhaps, yes? Last thing ve need is a mix up..." The pine marten nodded. "Da, comrade is right. How vill we know it is little Ms. Stonewall?"

  • Fenrath leaned back in his chair, "Oh is that all, bally," he took a relaxed posture, "just take the good lords daughter right out from under his nose," he took a sip of his drink, "somehow get her ta Lord Raven with no one spottin' her," he began cleaning his claws with a dagger, "all the while avoidin' whatever innumerable forces Stonewall can bring against us." He drained the rest of his mug, his expression suddenly deadly serious, "Please tell me you have some info ta make this a little easier?" While he was certainly no stranger to kidnapping, it was the one job he had least liked to do. This was definitely going to be a very difficult job.

  • A kidnapping and not an assassination? Well, it made a bit more sense he guessed to strike where hes most vulnerable and in that is why their target is the lords daughter. At least kidnapping is not so different from stealing, the only difference being the object is alive and having to get said object without being seen. "Y-yeah, what does s-she look like so we d-don't get the wrong p-person?" Last thing they would need is a mix up and bring the wrong target back with them.

  • "There are two badgers in the castle. We kidnapp the one who isnt a warlord." Brook chuckles with sarcasm. "Seriously though, I have a beast on the inside who can let us in, the hard part is just-"

    The door to the tavern bursts open, a lanky excuse for a rat dashes in flailing his arms about while shouting, "RAID! Woodlander dragoons are coming down the road!" in an instant the gambling, heavy drinking, and partying comes to a stand still. Every bandit, thief, and beast with a bounty dashes for the nearest exit.

    "Blast it all." the vixen hisses through clentched teeth. With the castle barely a day and a half to the north east it wasnt uncommon to meet a patrol of Stonewall Dragoons along the road. They protected the area against bandits, hunting down criminals both woodlander and vermin.

    "As long as we play it cool and dont do anything stupid they should leave us alone. This is a respectable joint…they are probibly just searching for a bounty..." the vixen pauses, glancing over her assembled troops, "Right...new plan. Run like heck. I have a boat near the river..."

    "What does the badger look like?" the squirrel taps his chin, "She has her mothers stripes. Two down the center with a white tipped tail. She is usually found in the castle garden. I can get you into the castle but after that-"

    The shout of a raid interupts the squirrel, causing him to stand up in haste, "What are they...why would they...they have no reason to..." his tail twitches, "I cant be seen here, not by the dragoons or everything will come undone!"

  • The mysterious pine marten smiled what looked like a innocent smile. A special trait of his to look like a part if the innocent and naïve. Yet his snicker was enough to show his was far from it. "Da' badger princess in da castle garden vets kidvanpped? Oh woe, vere will be her knight in shining armor?" He said shacking his head. This job seemed to much like some play or folk story. All they need is a dragon. Regardless of how humorous  this was cut short by the group before he smiled and looked at fox who also nodded his head with a grin. The perks of being a foreigner is that all he has to do is speak in a different language and act as clueless as possible. The clueless visitor act always known as one of the best distractions around.

    The fox walked over to the squirrel and gave her a nod. "Ve must leave to back door, yes. Not vuch time, Serghei vill handle this." The fox said to the squirrel.

    Meanwhile the Pine Marten now identified as Serghei put on his best confused look, leaving anything incriminating with the fox got up and started to walk towards the door "accidentally bumping into one of the guardsmen before turning around. "Vybachte, ya proshu vybachennya za vrizatysya v vas."

    (note although I will be calling the language Venusian since that is their homeland, Serghei is speaking Ukrainian)

  • Fenrath wasn't paying much attention to anything around him, as he was thinking up plans on how to get the daughter of a badger warlord out of a stronghold. He jerked up when he noticed everyone panicking. Fen wasn't frightened, though, guard raids were a common occurrence in the Below of Southsward. He placed a casual arm around the shoulders of the rat, "Well, bally, we'd best get goin' then, yeah?" Fenrath casually walked out of the private booth and into the tavern proper. He made his way to the closest exit, keeping an iron grip on his partner.

  • (Your move unknown :3 thats right, still alive! >:D)

  • (speaking of move cool, when are you responding to hot steel and cold blood?)

  • Oh, a raid seemed to be happening and everyone seemed to be making a quick escape. Pity as he almost started to enjoy the place, almost enough to not burn it down to the ground. Though once he felt the strange otter place an arm around his shoulder and start to lead him to the nearest exit.

    "Well, bally, we'd best get goin' then, yeah?" He heard Fenrath say.

    "Probably." Smik replied back, all hints of his stuttering speech impediment gone now. (I wish to makez a check to see how many Dragoons entered said tavern. :3)

  • (Woo! I ended a thread on another site and I can feel my rp enegies returning already! Did you want me to roll for you soldier or have you roll 🙂 you need to roll 1 success to spot a plot hook, 2 to notice the squirrel in the other party 😆 )

  • (You can roll for me coyote. :3)

  • (Soldier rolls focus. He rolls 6 success's)

    There is nothing that seems to be able to escape Smik's unflinching gaze. There are currently no Dragoons in the tavern, although the light of their torches can be seen through one of the far window. There are about 15 guards if the torches are any indication, marching up the road at a quick pace. They should over take the tavern with in the next minute.

    Smik can also catch sight of the assassins and their squirrelly employeer as they go on the move. Alas the back door is through the kitchen and thus requires them to briefly enter the tavern again. One of the assassins seems to bump into not a guard but Brook the vixen on her way to do the same, and speaks in a forign language it would seem.

    The beasts heading through the front door return quickly as the draggoon ammass outside the front…

  • Processing this information of what he sees he decides the next best course of action and steers himself along with Fenrath to where the backdoor was. Just getting to the kitchen through the tavern is all that mattered, deciding to share some information for his apparent co-conspirator by whispering it to him.

    "15 Front, One minute." He whispered into to the otter with an iron grip on him so he knew the situation.

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