Fernleaf the Hermit

  • Nickname: Fernleaf

    Full Name: Fernleaf the Hermit

    Species: Ferret

    Description: He is a normal sized ferret, light brown in fur with the black mask marking on his face. He wears a khaki shirt and breeches, and travels barefoot. Over that, he wears a grey hooded cloak, and usually has the hood over his head, hiding his features.

    He carries a wooden staff that he uses as a walking stick and often leans on. He has a pouch slung at his side, which he uses to gather herbs and flowers. Included is a knife and scissors which he uses for the same purpose. In his hut, he has a small bed and table and chair, with a shelf on which he has some books on herblore, mostly written by himself.

    Update: He now carries the Sword of Martin the Warrior, as  Martin has chosen him as his Champion.

      He is eager to help, and uses his knowledge of herblore for good of those who do call upon him.

    Inquisitive and curious, and it serves him greatly in his studies.

      Shy and withdrawn, unsure of himself.

    Somewhat naive, as he doesn't know how a goodbeast acts. He has to follow the lead of the Dibbuns who often visit him.

    He refuses to fight, which makes him vulnerable, as he is afraid he would return to his vermin ways if he fought. He would have to be persuaded by the people of Redwall to think otherwise.

    Fernleaf is intensely curious, especially about plants and herbs and their uses. He is shy and withdrawn, always unsure of his reception, and keeps mostly to himself. He has to be drawn out to act, though he will readily help if called upon. He is especially fond of the Dibbuns who sometimes visit him, for which he has a soft spot in his heart. He is eager to please and be accepted when he is called upon, and forcefully trying to leave his vermin past behind him and be the best goodbeast he can be. (See history)


    Fernleaf grew up a vermin, a feared assassin who killed without feeling or mercy. He does not remember the name he had when he was vermin. But something happened about 15 years ago to change him around. He was lost, his companions gone or slain, when he turned up at the door of Salamandastron in great need. He had run from the horde he was in when they tried to kill him, and he begged for protection. He was brought in for the night and fed, though the hares kept a close watch on him. Something similar had happened years earlier when a vermin was housed for a night, who turned against them (See the novel Salamandastron.) But this time it turned out different. He was touched by the kindness of being sheltered, even for a night, and it changed him. He saw the merits of becoming a goodbeast and leaving his vermin past behind him. He renounced his vermin nature, and came to the Badger Lord and vowed to him on his knees that he would be a vermin no more, and would never again bear weapons to harm any goodbeast, but embrace the life of a hermit, and learn the ways of peace. This was the vow he made before the Badger Lord:

    Vermin I was, and vermin I am, and I shall be vermin no more.
    Never again shall these paws bear weapon to harm any goodbeast,
    And I shall seek the life of a hermit, and learn the ways of peace.
    If ever I break this vow, may I meet you in your bloodwrath and not escape.
    But if I keep it to the end, and we meet in Dark Forest, think better of me.

    He made good on his vow, and eventually made his way to Mossflower, where he set up his hermitage in the sight of Redwall Abbey. It was the Dibbuns who came out to see him that named him Fernleaf, which he took to, because they saw how he gathered herbs and other things. He had once saved an otter from a poisoned arrow, knowing the antidote to it, which drew the attention and gratitude of those in Redwall, though they mostly left him alone, except for the Dibbuns, who despite himself, befriended him. It was the Dibbuns who named him Fernleaf, as they saw his interest in gathering herbs and plants.

    He has recently been chosen as the Redwall Champion by the spirit of Martin the Warrior. He is on his way to train to be the warrior he was meant to be, and is guided by several guardian spirits.

    Age: 39

    Alignment: goodbeast, former vermin

    Job: Hermit, Herbalist, healer, Champion of Redwall

    Other: He lives in a hut in Mossflower Forest, in sight of Redwall Abbey. (Let me know if I need to elaborate more.) Every half year, he is visited by hares of the Long Patrol who check up on him once a year, and see to it that he always keeps the vow he made before the Badger Lord. He has now taken residence in Redwall Abbey.

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