Redwall RPG

  • I have an idea I have b3en trying to do for a while.

    Redwall Tabletop RPG

    Running a story that involves dice rolls, stats etc etc.

    I dont have a particular story in mind for the moment but I would like to take an interest check.

    Here is the stat sheet each character will be using:

    <<attributes>> you get 12 attribute points. Each attribute has a minimal number of 1, max of 5.

    -Might: physical prowess. Strength. Swinging heavy, blunt objects, wearing armor.
    -Agility: movement, speed, dexterity, using rapiers, knives and cutlass.
    -Focus: awareness, working with your hands, accuracy, bows and arrow.
    -Logic: Intelligence. Mental prowess, planning, building, setting traps etc.
    -wit: speach craft, deception, expression, song, dance etc.

    <<stats>> stats increase and degrees depending on the situation like hp and manna in other games.

    Combat: (Might + Agility) your ability to defend yourself in combat. When it reaches 0 the enemy finally gets past your defense and wounds you.
    Endurence: (Might + Focus) Physical endurence. Pain tolorance and health. When this reaches 0 the character is knocked out or dies.
    Willpower: (Logic + Focus) Mental endurence. When it reaches 0 you become unfocused, discouraged, enraged, or etc etc
    Charm: (logic + wit) others ability to tolorate you. When it reaches 0 your attempts to argue, pursuade or beg for mercy auto fail.
    Force: you always get 7 force points. They 'force' the story to change. You can burn them to add one 6 to your roll. Replenish a stat, or when endurence drops to 0 save your character from death and have them only knocked out. They are usefull, but hard to replenish.

    <<qualities>> Qualities give bonus dice to rolls when applicable. They should not be overly specific but again, not all encompassing. If you have a job, skill, or natural tallent you would put this here. A quality can effect more than one stat. Example, if you are a sword master then you roll +1 die when attacking / defending / appraising with swords.

    You get 3 Quality points. You can assign them all to one quality or spread them out over several.

    I will post more specific rules in a second post :3 for now, here is a stat blqnk stat sheet for those who want to play 🙂

    COMBAT: (might + agility)
    ENDURENCE: (might + focus)
    WILLPOWER: (Logic + Focus)
    CHARM: (logic + wit)
    FORCE: 7

    <<atributes>> 12 points

    <<quality>> 3 points. User made qualities.</quality></atributes></stats></qualities></stats></attributes>

  • Basic Rules: a lot of this is open to the scene at hand, and really, it may seem like it has a learning curve but it really is easy to pick up. :3

    Dice rolling: when you encounter a challenge you roll 6 sided dice to over come it. The number of dice you roll is (attribute + quality) and occasionally there will be status conditions that add or minus dice to your roll.

    Dice rolls:

    1-3 failures, ignored.
    4-5 = 1 success.
    6 =2 success's

    Some challenges will have you beat a certain number, like picking a lock or solving a puzzle. Others will have the GM rolling for npcs, especially more powerfull and challenging enemies.

    Marty the marten needs to pick a lock. The lock has a challenge of 3. Marty rolls his Focus attribute (2) and his  thief quality (1) to roll 3 dice. He gets 1, 4, and 6 for a total of 3 successes. He picks the lock.


    Instead of taking blow after blow until you pass out, your character has 2 HP bars. Combat is your ability to defend yourself in combat. You might take a few jaring blows, a few scrapes, but the enemy doesnt land a true, possibly fatal wound upon you until your combat score hits 0.

    This is when you become WOUNDED, suffering -1 to all dice rolls.

    All damage then goes to your ENDURENCE. When that hits 0 you A. Burn a force point to be knocked out, or B. Die.


    You can also expend endurence, combat, will power, charm to give yourself an extra dice in rolls. Stats however only replenish at the begining of a scene or when you burn a FORCE point to do so :3

  • Interesting so far.

  • That is the long and short of it. I plan to use it to run a scene where A. Horde beasts are sent to scout out a place for invasion, B. Woodlanders are amassed to fight vermin invaders, or C. Adventurers are hired to do x thing

  • lol, love how you pretty much simplified an adventurers job in its entirety. XD

  • Need we complicate it more :3

  • Nope. XD

  • what kind of char would you make with these stats i wonder o.o

    I shall make Rascal, everyones favorite fluffy red fox thief, as an example :3

    Name: Rascal
    Species: Fox

    Combat: 3
    Endurence: 6
    Willpower: 5
    Charm: 5

    Might: 2
    Agility: 1
    Focus: 4
    Logic: 1
    Wit: 4

    2 Thiefy fox: skilled in the ways of a foxy theif!
    1 Foxy Fighting Style: Rascal has an unorthidox style of paw to paw fighting.

    So. If Rascal ever needs to pick a lock, pick a pocket, or pick a pepper, (well, maybe not the last one) he can roll focus and theify fox for 6 dice.

    Conversely if he were to try and stab something at most he could roll 3 dice with his stats and skills.

    He…wouldnt last long in combat >.>

  • Depends pretty much on my mood at the time. 😛

    Oh yeah, for that strategy RP thing, Best Strat is Conscript Spam. XD

  • I'm definitely going to take part in this. I love RPGs! 😉

    Just need a little bit of time to make my character. A party of rogues is a brilliant idea, right? We should do that.

  • Name: Fenrath


    COMBAT: 5
    CHARM: 4

    Might: 1
    Agility: 4
    Logic: 2
    Wits: 2

    2 Assassin: Trained in the ways of sneaking in the shadows and taking an unsuspecting beast’s life.
    1 Sneaky Duelist: Versed in the ways of single combat, with a few underhanded tricks thrown in.

    Fenrath is rather good at killing things, so long as they only come at him one at a time. Fairly balanced stats there, so that’s good.

    I got this done surprisingly quick.</quality></attributes></stats>

  • Woot! Our first victim…er...player! A party of rouges does sound good! I have a couple of devious plans for in mind depending on how many players we get involved in this >:3

  • Welp, give me sometime to think of a character for this and you'll have a second.

  • Ok. I go an idea for a vermin orientated plot. It involves mercs being hired to kidnap a badger >:3

  • Yes, I think Ive decided upon a plot :3 thieves and generally villianous characters are hired to kidnap a badger. I wont go into more detail with out making spoilers but here is a glimps of one npc who will be there:

    Name: Lord Stonewall the Sheild
    Race: Badger

    Combat: 7
    Endurence: 6
    Willpower: 4
    Charm: 3
    Force: 0 (npcs dont get force points)

    Might: 4
    Agility: 3
    Focus: 2
    Logic: 2
    Wit: 1

    1 Leadership- the ability to plot, plan and lead others
    2 Vermin Smashing Warlord - Big Bad Badger with an ax to grind and the warrior experience to grind it.


    And depending on how many players we get to come with us I plan to bring one or both of these npcs.

    Name: Brook
    Race: Cross fox
    Combat: 6
    Endurence: 4
    Willpower: 3
    Charm: 5
    Force: 7
    Might: 3
    Agility: 3
    Focus: 1
    Logic: 2
    Wit: 3

    1 Glaive- experienced glaive user.
    1 Wily Vixen- words and charm can open more locks than lock picks
    1 Burgler - for when words and charm CANT open lock picks

    Name: Kree
    Race: Bat
    Combat: 5
    Endurence: 5
    Willpower: 5
    Charm: 3
    Force: 7

    Might: 1
    Agility: 4
    Focus: 4
    Wit: 2

    3 scout - A scout trained in spoting and following enemy movements undetected.

  • Ooooh, I'm really interested in Kree, I haven't seen bats in any other RP. And I definitely like that story idea, it'll be tricky, but fun.

  • Actually looking at it I'm interested although It appear villains are established…. actually idea suppose you villains have some "competition" on who can get the said badger.......

    Just a excuse for me to finally have a proper reason for Sergei and Dimitri to be put to use

  • lol xD what did you have in mind?

  • Suppose your my guys and your was both hired to deal go after the same target. Perhaps your group is trying to kill the badger and my group is trying to kidnap the same target. One group is trying to kill a target while anther is trying to keep the target alive for ransom or whatever while the adventurers are trying to save the same target. So there would be essentially 3 faction all after one goal, the Badger.

  • I will leave that up to you how you want to enter the story xD as A preference though I would prefer all players be on the same side in the beginning, simply cause it will be so much easier to gm xD

    Although yes that does sound like a fun idea as well xD

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