Lilian Tallin

  • Nickname: Lily (Gilan only)

    Full Name: Lilian Tallin

    Species: Brown Harvest Mouse

    Description: Lilian has bright blue eyes, and light brown fur. Her height is about five foot nine. Also, she wears her fur in a braid or ponytail on top, and loves to put flowers in it.

    Possessions: She wears a long white tunic and leggings, and carries a healer’s bag and bow. That’s about it.

        - Very good archer
        - Good thinker
        - Skilled healer
        - Fast runner

        - Not super strong
        - Can’t speak well with new people
        - Needs lots of alone time
        - Dislikes fighting.

    Always cheerful, Lilian always brings a rare smile to Gilan’s face. Whenever she is sad, she tries to put on a brave face. The kind-hearted mouse is also very compassionate, and will shed tears for even a vermin.

    Lilian grew up in Noonvale, and barely had any adventure before meeting Gilan Wilder. She had had a good life, though, and a full one.

    One day in the woods, Gilan was suddenly trapped under a tree trunk on a visit to Noonvale. He found himself facing a vermin rat who found him helpless on the ground. Lilian saw them, and put an arrow through his skull (the rat’s). She helped Gilan get unstuck, and the pair became friends. Soon, they fell in love. He had to leave, however, to go back to Southsward.

    Later in her life, about two years later, she had been traveling, and suddenly met him in the mountains. He had become an agent of the king of his land, but still loved her.

    Age: 21 human years.

    Alignment: Goodbeast, through and through.

    Job: Traveler and healer.

    Not a full character, just a side chara for Gilan.

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