Greetings beasts, new and old!

  • Hey everyone! Been a VERY long time since I've posted anything here, and being back here brings back a flood of great memories. So I thought that over the next week and some I might dust off some of my old characters and see what could be done with them.

    I know a lot of the folks here today won't recognize me, but there are some familiar names still around, which is awesome! For those that don't know, I joined back in April of '09 and for a while was a Global Mod (I think) before I went inactive.

    Should I jump back into RPing, would anyone be interested in starting up a new story with me?

  • So I guess you can say  It was the summer of '09. Was it the best days of your life? (Let that reference sink in)

    Anyways I am Rodo, joined up about 2-3 years ago I wanna say and I try to be a regular. How ya doing mate?

  • Hey, Spar? I'm Anghan Silverfur, previously known as Icefurr Swiftblade. I've seen you before. I joined a year ago (in three days). If you like Lord of the Rings, you could join the LOTR thread!

  • Hi, Spar! I am Jericho and I joined about a month or two ago! Welcome back! You can jump in on  "Forward…March!". Icefurr and I started that one and TJ jumped in a couple posts back! If you want to, of course! 🙂

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