Jedediah Mason

  • Nickname: Jed

    Name: Jedediah Mason

    Species: Human

    Element: Light

    Position: Bookkeeper/Historian of the palace of Eselbrador

    Personality: Jed is a quiet type, preferring the company of books and his own mind to that of others. However, when he needs to, he can moderate the amount of alone time he needs to meet the needs of other people. He eats, sleeps, and breathes stories and history and knowledge, making him a valuable source of any information. Jed is dedicated to his work as bookkeeper of Eselbrador.

    Jed is kind, when you can bring out his personality from solitude. He is also loyal, just, and smart. He has no sense of humor, though.

    Possessions: A small room adjoining the library, some furniture, multiple sets of clothing, and his books are pretty much it. Also, he has a plain sword handed down to him from his father, and from his father’s father, a warrior. He only uses it if really needed, but it is never far from Jed’s side.

    Appearance: Jed has dirty blonde hair, and sun-darkened skin from the light that he always lets into his library. (Jed hates the dark. He’s always got a window open somewhere.) He wears plain clothing, and leather soft boots. His face has a Roman nose, sea-green eyes, and a squared chin. He’s about twenty-five and stands at six feet tall.

    Background: Jed was born in the city of Eselbrador, near the outskirts. His father and mother both left him at some point when he was about seven years old. He wandered the streets for five months after that, scrabbling for food and shelter. His clothes were in rags by the time that someone took notice: the bookkeeper of Eselbrador’s royal palace.

    The kind old man took the starving child in one day when Jed found his way to the gate. He raised Jed, and took very good care of him until death. He left Jed with the greatest treasure he could give him: knowledge. Jed took over as the librarian of the palace, and still lives there.

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