The Ambitious Thief (open)

  • Fenrath stood on the roof of a particularly tall building in the slums of Southsward. The moon hung just over Castle Floret, visible from pretty much the entire city. He took a deep breath of the chilly autumn air, winter was just around the corner. This was most certainly the best time to enact his plan, but first he needed to get a team of experts to help him. Or, at the very least, some beasts who weren’t afraid of breaking into the castle.

    He made his way down to the street, and started towards one of the many dens for beasts of his ‘profession’. There were a fair few of these in the city, although they were all almost the same. Low smoke stained ceilings, poor lighting, terrible drink, dirty poor beasts, and an overlying sense that everyone there hated you. This particular den was called “The Bloody Stone”, whatever that meant. Fenrath made his way to the back of the den, he had let it known through the criminal network of his plan to break into Castle Floret. Anyone who was interested would meet him here, he hoped that this wasn’t another wasted night.

    (So, anyone want to help/hinder my plan to steal from the royalty?)

  • (It sounds like I am gonna have to bring back Serghei for this. Didn't they Rp'ed together before?)

  • (I do believe so, can't wait to see him again!)

  • (Welp looks like the our favorite Venusian(or Russian) Assassin is about to make a comeback for inactivity YES!)

    Ah Southsward, home to Castle Floret and is quite a lovely city as long as one avoids the slums. But as for Serghei this wasn't time for vacation away from his wealthy and influential family back in Venusia, no this was business. Apparently the Floret King had claimed that he would rather die the do business with the South Venusian trading Co. owned by this family, the Mechitbayevas because of it being owned by "Vermin", a term never heard used in such a manner in Venusia. But the Mechitbayeva family is considered to be one of the most influential families of the Royal Venusian Court and isn't even considered Nobility. Also the family also has a way of….well getting what they wanted which that was through Serghei , the youngest member of the family and possibly the deadliest. After his original attempt to discuss this with the king had failed, it didn't take long for him to learn that the Prince was only a child and the Royal advisor wanted the king out of the picture. So with this information it sounded like the King is about to own up to his claim. With that the pine marten dressed in his black and red assassin attire hidden underneath his cloak he entered The Bloody Stone[I/]. He heard of some thief who had plans to rob the nobles blind. It was a perfect set up, Someone to get him in, a easy kill and the perfect scapegoat. Now all he needed to do was meet this thief.

  • Fenrath perked up when he saw the newcomer enter the den. His ‘contacts’ had let him know that someone matching this beasts description was interested in his plan. Not that that really meant anything, though. A lot of beasts had come to him who were interested in what he had to say, but they never contacted him after the first meeting.

    The thief waved over the stranger to his table. He doffed his hat to the newcomer, “Are ye’ here for the nitch job then?” Fen took a swig of terrible ale and shuddered slightly. “If ya are, let me see yer stripes then.” he grinned broadly at the newcomer.

  • Serghei said nothing aside from in a split instant as a throwing knife went cleanly through your mug pinning it to the wall behind you. "Does that reach expectations, no?" He asked with a clear foreign accent as he took a seat. After removing his hood you become face to face with rather youthful and innocent looking Pine Marten. He signaled for simple mug of cheap cordial and looked at the otter. "I am Serghei, and you must be one with Castle job,yes?" He said as he waited for his drink. He was a odd looking one but is was clear he did have a very interesting skill set, especially with the knives.

  • Fenrath looked from the mug pinned to the wall to the pine marten who had done so. “Aye, bally, I’ve got the castle nitch,” he replied as he took the knife from the wall, “but just cause ya can toss a knife about doesn’t mean yer any good in the shadows.” Fen leaned across the table to Serghei, grinning quite broadly. “So, ‘ow long have ya been in this ‘business’ and what have ya been doin’?”

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