Oregano the Eater

  • A stout otter, lover of food and drink, Oregano never turns down a meal.  Rivaling any hare at the table he takes as much pleasure at feasting as he does on the battle field or in the river.  In spite of his size, Oregano is very athletic, a strong swimmer  and ferocious fighter.

    Born in Ruddaring, Oregano was out for a swim as a pup with his parents.  A storm suddenly arose and he was separated from his mother.  Fearing he was lost, his mother swam to find him but to no avail.  Oregano was fished out of the water by passing sea otters and brought the mouth of the River Moss.  There a river otter tribe adopted him.  The called him Oregano the Eater after witnessing his ferocious appetite.  After many seasons, hearing about the cuisine of Redwall Abbey, he travelled to the abbey and there settled down serving as a guard.

  • wow.  that wasn't bad for an older brother.  Maybe one day you'll be as good as me.

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