• a large army of LP, one yes. But enough to take on ALL the hordes? Maybe if they were small enough.

    lol, so true. XD

  • They would certainly change up the board :3

    My main trouble is figuring out how all the units fit together in battle, what effect they do, how do we determin who gets hit ectc etc

    I got an idea about having only a set number of types of units, they get hit on certain roles of the dice. Like lancers only get hit on 6, archers only on 5.

    But…i dont really like that idea xD

  • Well, the universal constant I think about it is theres always going to be casualties on both sides.

    So maybe….each army will have an Attack and Defense stat. Roll each stat depending on who initiates and vice versa?

  • I was thinking of something simular :3

    So! Question time! If you (being anyone who wants to join) were to join what would you like to control more? Large numbers of soldiers that can get into the 100's of beasts under your command?

    Or units representing large armies?

    It will help me decide which system to use as far as dice rolls go :3

  • I would say a poll would be better for that question. Because I can go either way to be honest, I'm not sure about if others join though.

  • Woot! With the help of some awesome players, rodo, unknown soldier, and another person on another game I have decided on the stats we will be using ror armies in this!



    Faction stats:
    Recruitment: x10 the number of beasts joining you per round.
    Skill: attack multiplier. Total rolled x Skill= damage
    Tactics: defense multiplier. Total rolled x tactics=defense
    Building:  number of dice rolled when building seige engines and forts.
    Loyalty: ammount of low moral tbe army can endure before suffering losses.

    Unit types:
    For every 10 units: ATTACK / DEFENSE
    Skirmishers: 1d6 / 1d4
    Lancer: 1d4 / 1d6
    Archer: 2d4 / - -
    Conscripts: 1d4 / - -
    Npc armies:
    Woodlanders: 1d6 /1d6
    Woodlander Archer: 1d6/1d4
    Long Patrol: 1d6 /2d4
    Bandits: 1d8 /- -
    Barbarian: 1d6/ - -
    Snake: 1d8 / hit only on 6 / hp 10
    Eagle: 1d8 / hit on 5 or 6 / hp 12

    Stats are not set in stone quite yet as I am also working on perks!

    Comments? Suggestions? Nothing is fixed until I make the opening post…eventually.

  • I like the base work so far, and hilarious on the cannon fodder-I mean Conscripts, have no defense. XD

  • Lol! Yes xD once I have it figured out how exactly you recruit them they are basically numerous but add nothing to defense.

    I might change that to every 20 beasts instead of 10. You also get to build things by rolling your officers logic + faction building. Every 6 rolled = 1 success at what ever it is you are building.

    This…is going to require a LOT of dice rolling. Do you guys think it would be best to have us just use the honor system and roll our own dice or should I just roll dice for everyone as GM. Since im going to just be playing npcs on this xD

  • Hmmm, an interesting conundrum for the dice rolls.

  • The less dice needed the better usually from what I can tell. Though that would work more for having small armies in comparison to big ones and since this might be a first time thing to do with others….maybe small armies would be best.

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