Forward . . . March!

  • Gilan Wilder marched at a steady pace on the path towards Redwall Abbey. He’d been assigned there for a bit . . . well, that was a lie. He was actually taking a break from his job, and had heard good things about this place. Especially the food! The strangely colored mouse licked his lips. Hopefully they would let him in. He just hoped that he wouldn’t see that otter again . . . what was her name? Jericho, that’s what it was. Her brother, Trace, wasn’t bad, but the younger one really grated on his nerves. Apparently, she lived in this area.

    He stopped to take a short break by a willow tree. The tree overhung a stream, and Gilan splashed his face with water from it. Then, he started singing an old searat’s shanty that he’d picked up a long time ago:

    Ho, what a drunken ship this is
    ‘Tis called the Tipsy Dog.
    The bosun’s wife is pickled for life
    In a bucket of seaweed grog!

    Sing, rum toodle ooh, rum toodle ey!
    Splice the mainbrace matey,
    Roll out the grog, ye greedy hog
    ‘Cause I ain’t had none lately!
    -Brian Jacques

  • Jericho Arrowwood was walking down a dusty path. She was a dark black-colored otter. She was from a small town near Mossflower. She was currently going to a shady place to rest. She liked to go to a broad willow tree by the stream. As she approached the willow tree, she saw a mouse. She got closer. This male mouse looked familiar. She gasped, quietly. It was Gilan! The same Gilan she had know when they had returned a map to the king of the Castle Floret! THE Gilan Wilder! She walked up to the mouse. She got his attention when she said, " Oy! Gilan! Have you rested from your journeys, or are you afraid of losing yer reputation?"

  • Gilan groaned. “You again? What are you doing here?” He immediately answered his own question. “Of course. You live here, this is a stream, and you’re an otter. Go figure.” He stood up. “So, have you been to Redwall Abbey? Since you’re here, you usually stick to me like glue, so you might as well come.” He fingered his knife, toying with it, then flicking it out and slamming it into the tree trunk next to her head, severing a whisker.

    He laughed, and shook Jericho’s paw. Even though she got on his nerves, he liked her well enough.

  • "Yes. I'll come. But seriously… my whisker! You could have killed me!" was Jericho's first exclamation, " I came her to find peace and quiet and evidently I have found the exact opposite!" She secretly was excited to see him again, because, believe it or not, she had missed him since their mission was over. She was waiting patiently for him to reply, but she was uncomfortable and so she said, "So.. how's your friend Ripslide or Piptide?"

  • Gilan grinned. “Riptides fine enough. You’ll never be able to get his name right, will you?” He stood up. “Well, we’re going to need to get going if we’ll get to Redwall in time for supper. Their food is heavenly!” He swept on his brown cloak and grabbed his knives from the bank. The mouse swung his crossbow up onto his shoulder next to the quiver of bolts, and was about to start on the path again, when he was interrupted by a rattly voice.

    “Stay where you are, mouse, or you’ll die.” A stoat and three rats stepped out from behind the curtain of willow leaves. “Give us the weapons,” the stoat said. “And the shiny stuff.”

  • Jericho was standing still in her place. She was terrified. She was shocked. She was literally frozen and couldn't move. Anything. The only thing she could think to do was run. Run. And run! She ran fast, but she felt something catch the back of her tunic. A sneering voice behind her was all she heard before she blacked out.

  • Gilan watched one of the rats tackled Jericho from behind with a wooden club. His hand slowly moved to his knife, but the stoat noticed and leveled his spear at him. “I said drop them weapons,” he growled. The mouse seemed to consider it, then sidestepped the spear.

    “Not today,” he said, and brought the vermin to the ground with a thundering uppercut to the chin. The other two rats raised their rusty swords, and the first rat held his club in both paws. Gilan surveyed the situation. His flipped out two of his knives, and threw one in an underhand toss towards one. It hit him cleanly through the neck, and he toppled over, stone dead.

    Before he could throw the other, though, he was body-slammed by one of the other two. He slashed with his knife, heard a cry of pain, and felt a crushing pain in the back of his head. Everything went black.

    The two rats tied the pair to a tree and started a fire. One got water from the stream and splashed it in Jericho’s face. “Wakey wakey!” she cackled. “Wugga, what should we do wid ‘em?”

  • A cold, icy sensation overwhelmed Jericho, as a rat's foggy snarling face appeared. They had splashed her with water from the river. Her stream! And they had also knocked her out with a club! That explains why her head hurt so badly. _If there is anything I want most,_She thought, it's for Trace to be here. She missed her brother and he could get her out of this. She wished, also, that Gilan hadn't been knocked out because if he hadn't the rats would be gone and she could get back to Redwall Abbey. She sighed. Redwall Abbey. She missed the feel of the long halls and the kindness of all who were there. I need to get out of here. Now.

  • "Jessie, really we are getting good at this." Captain Tessalina said to her younger sister. The younger one with grey and black fur and stormy eyes looked at her older sister Tessalina, or Tessa for short, "Well, not to brag or anything but we are professionals." Tessa rubbed her sisters head.

    Both squirrel sisters were out picking herbs and flowers since Jessie needed to fill up her medical supply again, and Tessa bored with Redwall life joined as an escort for Jessie. They were by the stream getting weedlily when Tessa yanked Jessie back behind some bushes and pointed. Being her sister and working with her for years Jessie understood and looked to where her sister was pointing. An otter and a mouse be bullied of course by vermin.

    Tessa and Jessie observed and then whispered to each other and broke off. Jessie quickly climbed the tree and crouched forward while Tessa snuck around behind the group of vermin, why are they so stupid and all face one direction and no one to watch their back. Tessa shook her head, drawing both swords from her back and stepped out of the trees, "By order of the Captain of the Guards of Redwall Abby, drop your weapons." Tessa said her fur glowing like fire in the sunlight as she looked at the vermin. "I"ll give only one warning. Drop your weapons now." she said growling.

    Jessie took out two of her throwing knives and readied them, ready to come to her sisters rescue.

  • Gilan looked around groggily. Where was he? Then he remembered the whole thing.

    The two rats turned towards the speaker. It was a squirrel, and she had two swords. “Hehehe!” Wugga cackled. “Should we cook ‘er too, Crinkletail?” He drew a rusty sword. His mate did too.

    “She looks like she might ‘ave some goodies with ‘er. Oi!” she shouted at the squirrel. “Where’s yore valuables?” She slowly moved towards Tessa.

    Gilan twisted himself around, supposedly so he could see. However, he was really just reaching for one of his other knives that the rats hadn’t grabbed. His paw brushed it, and he latched on tightly with his two front claws. Slowly, he slid it out of it’s sheath. The noise alerted Wugga, though. “‘Ey!” he said in alarm. “Get rid o’ dat knife!” He ran towards Gilan. “You’ve been nothin’ but trouble since we caught yer. I’ll just kill ye now!” He raised his sword while Gilan frantically tried to saw away the ropes.

    Crinkletail ran towards Tessa, brandishing a long knife.

  • Voices were heard. A reddish colored squirrel was armed and ready to fight the two nasty rats. Jericho gasped. It was Tessa! She wished she could help her! Realization splashed over Jericho like the cold water from the river had. She could chew through the ropes that bound her to the tree! Then she and that squirrel could fight off the nasty vermins. She chewed and chewed until she was free. She ran to the pile of weapons and grabbed her silver knife. Gilan was free as well! Jericho jumped out of her bonds and ran to the side of Tessalina. She was ready to go. Jericho ran at the rat with her knife in hand.

  • Ooc: so Tessa is Captian of the Guards of Redwall and second in command to the Redwall Champion. So your character should know her and her sister. They have been around for ages. Lol

    Jessie saw what was happening, the rat running towards the helpless mouse, "Not on my watch!" She said and launched out of the tree, aim? The rat below her. Naturally she found her mark and landed on the rat. He went down like a stone and she hit him over the head with her hilt. Jessie dashed over to the mouse and helped him untie he ropes.

    Tessa twirled her swords and readied herself, "I don't think I would be very good eating, I'm to lean." She said, "en guard rat." She said and gracefully stepped to the side, with a few quick strokes and fancy footwork she disarmed the rat and put both blades to the rats throat, "I don't like being insulted." She said in a low voice. "Now get on the ground, hands behind your back, I did warn you and you could of walked away with your dignity still."

    She tied the Rats hand behind her back. "Don't speak, I'll gag you." She said. Tessa went to the otter, "Are you alright?"

  • Crinkletail snarled as she was tied, but didn’t say anything. She looked over, saw her mate on the ground, and gave up. She went limp.

    Gilan stood up and brushed himself off. Walking over to the weapons, he grabbed some knives, his crossbow, more of his knives, his quiver, and the rest of his knives. He stowed all of them away, then walked up to Tessa. “Hello. My name is Gilan Wilder of Southsward. Who might you be, who happens to be very good with a sword?” He bowed courteously, his mottled fur shimmering against the brown of the forest floor.

    As he spoke, his mind raced. There were others here, too. Where else would that knife have come from? Whoever it was, they were strong with knives. His ears twitched this way and that, trying to find any sign of a creature’s noise.

  • Jericho was so frazzled, that all she could do when Tessa had asked her if she was alright, was sit down. So that is just what she did. She sat down on the musty, dirty ground and sighed. Before she could answer, Gilan butted in and began to speak. She had a sudden longing for Redwall Abbey's dumplings. She stood up and interrupted their conversation, "Gilan! We need to go to Redwall." And with that Jericho walked towards the Abbey at a swift pace.

  • Jessie came and stood beside her sister, "Jessie Streamlily," she said smartly and then watched as Jericho marched to Redwall, "Did I say something?" she asked very confused and looked towards her sister. Tessa shrugged and said, "Captain Tessalina Streamlily of Redwall, second in command to the Redwall Champion. You are welcome." she said at the end. "come on lets get back to Redwall, we can talk more later." Tessa said. Jessie on the other hand scampered over to the two rats and untied them, looking at them both in the eyes she spoke in a low dangerous tone, "Today is your lucky day rats, today you live. Don't take this lightly, I will give you half a day travel to get out of Mossflower Woods, if I see you and hear of you any where in Mossflower wood, I will kill you, no third chance, just remember your buddy over there." she indicated to the dead rat, "I'll be watching…and waiting." yanking out her knife from the ground she put it back in place and stood up. "WELL MOVE!!!" she roared at the rats.

    "Oh yeah, thats my sister Jessie, don't let her calm nature fool you, she is quite the warrior." Tessa said as they headed off after Jericho. "Whats your friends name? I didn't catch it." Tessa said as Jessie jogged and caught up to them.

  • The two rats cowered as they were spoken to, nodding their heads vigorously at the instructions from the squirrel. However, they didn’t move until she bellowed at them. Then they scrambled to get out of the area, leaving their weapons in the dust.

    Gilan started after the others after making sure the vermin were gone. He set a smart pace, and marched military style beside them. While they talked and he listened, he heard Tessa ask his name. “My name is Gilan Wilder, of Southsward,” he announced. “Don’t trust her with names. She’d probably call me Bligan Wildbeast.” He sped up his pace to match the creatures’ longer legs. “Are you from Redwall? And which of you threw that knife?” He flipped out one of his own. “I’d like to see them throw.”

    Back at the stream, the unconscious stoat stirred. He woke to a splitting headache, and his thoughts jumbled around and overlapped. Then he remembered what had happened. He would get that strange-looking mouse!

    He sniffed the air, looked around for some kind of tracks, then set off on the path after the group.

  • Jericho was very content as she walked towards the abbey. She decided to go ahead of the group. That is, until she arrived at a large rock. The rock, itself was very ordinary, but what was behind it was what shocked her. A hedgehog was curled up with bandages on its leg. It looked about 5 years old. As Jericho got closer. The little thing’s eyes popped open. It sat up and rubbed its big, round eyes and cocked its head. “Oy! Hello! Who are you?” Jericho told her that her name was Jeri, which is the nickname her smallest nephew calls her. The little hog spoke again, “Jeri! That’s a very easy name to ‘member. My name’s Lucia Clarise, but you can ‘ust call me Lucia. I was just taking a rest. I am on my way back to Redwall Abbey. My mommy and daddy are back at the abbey. Where are you going?” “I am going to Redwall Abbey as well,” said Jeri, “Would you like to proceed with me? I am in need of company and you are probably in need of a companion!”
    “I would like that very much!” The two new friends walked towards the abbey once more and arrived at the gates just as the sun was setting on the horizon.

  • Jessie spoke to Gilan, "That would of been me." she said show Gilan her collection of throwing knives. "We both from Redwall, Tessa is second in command to the Abby Champion and I"m Jessie, her little sister."

    Tessa saw Jericho ahead and low and behold, "Lucia." she said hurrying up to Jericho and the little hedgehog, "What did I say about not leaving your parents, especially when outside of Redwall." she said halting the two and kneeling down to get to Lucia level, "This is the third time you have done this. Next time you won't be so lucky, you know this." She said, her voice gentle.
    "At least we made it before the sunset. So the night terrors won't get you." She stood up and looked at Jericho, "Thats for watching over him, she is a sneak one."

  • Gilan grinned. He liked this squirrel. He inspected her knives closely, noting only one error in one, that it had a nick in the exact spot that would affect its flight through the air. As they walked on, he showed her his knives, too. He had four or five, and three of them were the same. The other two were smaller, and had a slight bulge near the end of the blade.

    They got to the gate and saw Jericho. She could really get on his nerves sometimes, he thought.

    They were all at the gate now. The brown stoat had the weapons of his fallen minions, and crept closer to the mouse and otter. He waited until he was as close as he could get, then leapt out of the brush, waving the club and sword wildly. He ran straight for the mouse!

  • The young hedgehog was looking towards the ground as the tall squirrel lectured her, "Mommy said I could go and pick flow's and chase butterflies." Jericho was pursing her lips. She thought Lucia had done nothing wrong. She whipped towards the squirrel to tell Tessa how she felt, but something else caught her eye. A stoat was running towards the crowd she (Jericho) was in. And the stoat was charging straight at Gilan! "Gilan! Watch out!" Jericho yelled. Jericho was certain she'd be too late, so she jumped out in front of Gilan. Teeth bared and knife ready!

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