Anghan Silverfur

  • Nickname: None

    Full Name: Anghan Silverfur

    Species: Silver Timber Wolf

    Description: Anghan is a huge silver wolf, standing at about seven feet, who wears a large black cloak of thick wool. He wears a leather belt over his dark tunic. In it are a huge broadsword and short sword. In his right paw he sometimes carries a staff of oakwood. His eyes are a bright yellowish, and his tail is long and full. He almost never uses the hood of his cloak, even if it’s raining. Only if caught in the center of a giant storm will he use it.

    Possessions: His possessions are his broadsword, which he is very skilled with, his short sword, his clothes, his belt, and his small food pouch that usually hangs at his waist.

        - Extremely strong
        - Resilient
        - Good with a sword
        - Can use a lot of heavy weapons
        - A calm thinker

        - Has no aim, so can’t use long range weapons
        - Cannot run
        - Has nightmares every night
        - Lost the use of his right ear at birth

    Anghan is calm, calculating, and never acts without thinking. Sometimes, he can have a temper if he is hungry or hasn’t had enough sleep, but he usually can keep this under control. Usually only looks out for himself, but can be protective if he gives way to instinct. He hates the idea of vermin, though, and strives to be good, going against his nature. He is a fierce fighter.

    Anghan was born deep in the cold northern mountains, and his parents died when he was about sixteen. They were killed in a battle protecting their son from a great eagle, and screaming for him to run. The young wolf stumbled through the cold boulders and trees that made up his home, for days from confusion and grief. Finally, he collapsed.

    A pair of kindhearted hares found him and took him into their home, feeding him and nursing him back to health. When he was better, he thanked them and went on his way. He didn’t know where to go, though.

    He walked back to his home, and found his parents dead. With a heavy heart, he buried them and looked about his cave for anything that could help him in traveling to a new home. He found his father’s huge broadsword, and a black cloak, and left, weeping hot tears of anguish.

    For weeks he walked, asking for food and scavenging everywhere. Finally, he found his way to Mossflower, and set up his home there for a while. However, he wanted something else, and found his way to Redwall. He doesn't live there, though. He lives some ways away.

    _Anghan woke up to sunlight filtering through a doorway to his left. Two older rabbits watched him carefully. He sat up, but fell back down at the blazing pain in his back. “Aah!” he breathed. One of the rabbits held him down with a paw.

    “Rest,” he croaked. Anghan nodded. Five minutes later, he sank back into a deep sleep.

    Later, he woke up again. He tried sitting up again, and all he felt was a cool sensation in his spine. “What did ye do?” he asked the rabbit who was sitting by him.

    “My husband is a practiced healer,” she said quietly. “You’re well, and may go now.” She handed him a small loaf of bread.

    Anghan nodded in thanks. “I thank ye kindly for yer generosity,” he said, and ran out the door. He kept running until he saw the end of the trees and the walls of his cottage.

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    Age: 21.

    Alignment: Goodbeast.

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