Fenrath The Thief

  • Nicknames: Fen, Obsidian Wind (only from himself, though)

    Full Name: Fenrath

    Species: Oriental small-clawed otter

    Age: 24

    Alignment: Chaotic good

    Job: Thief (duh) sometimes for hire, if he feels like it.

    Description: Just under 5 feet tall, Fen has very dark brown fur with a slightly lighter underbelly. He has pale green eyes and a large scar slanting left to right between them. The backs of his front paws are branded with a complex symbol. He commonly wears a finely made black shirt with a dark brown coat over it. The inside of the coat has many pockets of varying sizes sewn into it. His favorite article of clothing, however, is a black, wide-brimmed hat that has been with him for a long time.

    Possessions: A swept hilt rapier with an off-hand dagger and a simple lock picking set.

    Very dexterous
    Quick thinker
    Skilled duelist
    Very stealthy

    Struggles against multiple opponents
    Rarely takes things seriously
    Not terribly strong
    Huge risk taker

    Personality: Fenrath is a particularly carefree individual, generally not taking things very seriously.  He normally tries to stay out of other people’s problems, or conversations, or anything that would involve him interacting with them. He’s not averse to talking with people, he just doesn’t care for it. While he may seem to simply not care about what happens to others, Fenrath does have a kind heart and will try to help in his own way. He almost never listens to authority, preferring to simply do his own thing most of the time. Fen tries his best to keep most of his emotions hidden, but the more stressed he becomes, the harder it is for him to do so. Unlike most thieves, he is not averse to killing when he feels the need to. He speaks with a lot of slang terms from the urchins that live in the slums of Southsward.

    Background: Okay, I just want to say that I have a lot of trouble with character profiles. And the background I thought of is really boring. He's basically just an orphan thief who's spent his whole life in Southsward. Sorry it's not as extensive as it could be, but it was just taking far too long to make even a couple sentences.

  • Yes, it would. I've got a map of Mossflower memorized. It has Castle Floret, and most likely a village around it.

    Nice profile! I'm Icefurr Swiftblade, owner of charas Icefurr Swiftblade, Gilan Wilder, Citrine Blackpaw, and Lilian.

  • There was a southward roleplay a while ago. I had a marten and lizard living there. It seemed a fairly large city

  • Thanks! I'll have the background in the next couple days, hopefully.

  • I wouldnt mind revisiting southward again some time. I only got to use those alts for one story. Rasilisk was an aid to the king, focusing on vermin needs in the city.

    Kacy was his new aid after the latter went missing xD

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