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    Name: Adam Micah Corbeau

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Parents: Zane Corbeau (father, deceased), Lisa Corbeau (mother, alive)

    Description: Purely red-furred, one foot above average squirrel height, average muscularity. Hazel eyes and a round face with high cheekbones. A deep scar on his left cheek, the origin of which he does not like discussing. Dressed in a full set of gray steel armor, with casual leaf-green cloth clothes underneath and a soft leather belt.

    Possessions: Twin steel longswords, a satchel of healing items (herbs, bandages, cleaning fluids) and another bag of sharp steel throwing knives. Like all others of his race, an enthusiastic tree-climber and nature lover. A silver flute is strapped to his belt, for playing music when nothing’s else to do.

    Strengths: Sword and knife proficiency, a skilled healer and doctor. Excellent combat teacher. As a side hobby enjoys music and is a flute player.

    Weaknesses: Occasional arrogance, can be quiet and withdrawn when alone. Depression diagnosis at one point in his life. If provoked by loved ones being threatened or hurt, is easily prone to anger.

    Background: Adam Micah Corbeau is a Mossflower native, born to Zane and Lisa Corbeau in a western part of the forest, many leagues from Redwall Abbey. Zane was a severe alcoholic, physically abusive to Adam and Lisa. In one of his worst drunken rages he sought to kill Lisa by way of a kitchen knife; Adam, 12 years old and a self-trained fighter, jumped in between his parents, and Zane slashed his son's left cheek in blind anger. Lisa managed to escape the house with her wounded son, and as a practicing doctor healed Adam’s wound. The permanent scar remains, and Zane died not long after Adam’s 18th birthday of liver failure.

    Putting the past behind themselves, Adam and Lisa have a strong inseparable mother-son bond. Aside from being a skilled warrior and fighter, Adam learned the healer’s art, hence why he carries a satchel of such items as described above. From his father’s example, Adam has sworn on a permanent promise to never touch liquor or alcohol, for fear of repeating his father’s sins. However, the past continues to haunt him, and he is prone to periods of depression, refusing to talk to anybeast other than his mother. It can be difficult to gain his trust at first, although after breaking through the tough arrogant exterior, one will find a deeply loving and caring creature, high in his morals and fearless in life, and a music lover, teaching himself to play the flute. He has a history with Redwall Abbey - Lisa sought additional medical help from them following his father's drunken attack - and occasionally pays visits there, but truly belongs at home in western Mossflower with the mother he loves so dearly.




    Name: Rudmir

    Species: Otter

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Parents: Darren (father, alive), Calli (mother, alive)

    Description: Albino otter, green eyes, average otter height and slender body type. Some muscles though not too much so. Wears a loose long-sleeved white tunic complemented by thick leather gloves and boots, and a small crown made of various colorful tree leaves. This crown is not worn in combat.

    Possessions: Iron longsword and long spear (a useful walking stick when not in combat). Various kinds of self-cooked food such as sandwiches, fish, cakes, and pastries. He is also the only one of my charas (other than the Sandeyes and Janner Quickbolt) to carry a bow, though slightly larger to fit his strong paws.

    Strengths: Novice swords- and bowbeast, and a skilled chef at Redwall Abbey. Fast and agile on his feet, strong swimmer like all otters. Mostly a defensive fighter, tactical and logical.

    Weaknesses: Due to average muscularity, sensitive to blows to his legs and hips. Being a defensive fighter, can easily be overpowered. Not very learned in riddles, codes, and ciphers.

    Background: Rudmir is also a Mossflower native, living at Redwall Abbey with his parents, Darren and Mara. Both were professional chefs, and Rudmir grew up learning the craft, occasionally creating his own experimental dishes. Success and failure alternated, but Rudmir eventually became the head cook at the Abbey and continues his work to this day.

    The Sandeye siblings (Jared and Madeline) are Rudmir’s greatest friends. Jared taught Rudmir in sword and bow use, the discipline and chivalry of the art, as well as unarmed combat. Madeline is his helper in finding fresh garden ingredients for his cooking. Despite being different species, he considers the two his family.

    Another one of his best friends is an ottermaid named FangHeart, the daughter of the Skipper of the Broken Claw Holt of Mossflower. The two immediately fell in love and married a couple years later.



    Name: Rian “Ry” James Dundaris

    Species: Mouse

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Parents: Jude Dundaris (father, deceased), Diana Dundaris (mother, deceased)

    Description: Black-furred, handsome sapphire eyes, two feet above average mouse height. Wears casual clothes of a blue tanktop/long trousers and wicker sandals unless going into combat, when he will don a full suit of hard leather armor. Soft leather fingerless gloves and occasionally a brimmed leather cap.

    Possessions: A self-made compass, accurate on every point and direction. Twin iron daggers forged personally by Jared Sandeye, full-body suit of soft leather armor complete with brimmed leather cap and belt and a black cloak for camouflage.

    Strengths: Expert tracker, able to easily identify pawprints on the ground, pick up and follow normally obscure paths (takes extra effort in inclement weather), and sharp mouse senses. Wields iron daggers like extensions of his paws, stealthy and sneaky with his tactics, preferring to form a plan first according to the combat situation.

    Weaknesses: Can lose focus on his tracking if interrupted in any way. Very sensitive to interactions with mice of the opposite gender. Hates his possessions being taken away, his daggers being his most valuable. Easily offended by his tracking skills being criticized and insulted.

    Background: Rian Dundaris was born in Salamandastron. When he was 13 years old, a plague struck the legendary mountain, claiming the lives of 20 hare soldiers in the Long Patrol and those of his parents, who were soldiers as well and close friends of the Badger Lord. Wanting to honor their wishes, Rian enlisted himself in the Patrol and trained to become the army’s tracker and scout.

    At the age of 16, during a traveling mission with a platoon from the Patrol, Rian happened upon the faraway isolated village of StarGlen, where he met and befriended the crossbow archer Janner Quickbolt, who became a brother and whose parents also became figures to Rian until their deaths. The two are never alone without each other: Janner taught Rian in crossbow use, and Rian in turn trains Janner to be a tracker.

    Rian made permanent residence in StarGlen not long after this, while he does return to Salamandastron every now and then to visit the Badger Lord, the Long Patrol, and most importantly, the graves of his parents. He now considers StarGlen his home, but Salamandastron will forever be in the center of his heart.

    Rian’s friendship with Janner and his current residence in StarGlen will be incorporated into Traditional canon.

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    Name: Grundlink

    Species: Rat

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30

    Parents: Gorian (father, alive) and Brasia (mother, alive)

    Description: He is a rat taller than average, having broad and average muscular build. Light yellow eyes and bushy headfur. Wears a dark brown belted and buttoned tunic, long thick white leggings and a pair of pitch-black pilgrim’s boots with bright golden buckles. His face is round and handsome; occasionally wears an eyepatch, though nothing is actually wrong as far as his eyesight is concerned, it’s just something he enjoys wearing for fun. Its origins are unknown. A mithril longsword and dagger are tied to his belt, along with a small coinpurse, and a shortbow with a quiver of mithril arrows strapped across his back. His fur is a spotted black and white from head to toe: half black on the left side of the face, and half white on the right side. The long tail is a pure light tan, and small spots and patches of black decorate his white chest.

    Strengths: Grundlink is quite proficient in sword, dagger, and bow use. Although Grundlink tries to avoid fighting as much as possible, don't underestimate him in armed combat. He is proficient and has high expertise in the relentlessly defensive Form III of sword combat, Soresu. A favorite pastime is singing, a talented bass-baritone recognized to have an approximate 2 ½-octave range (C2-A4). He is a drink aficionado, a lover of fine wines and strong beverages. Being an almost constant traveler, he knows much about the world, specifically the South and the East. He likewise appreciates playing the piano.

    Weaknesses: Being a strong drinker (while holding a strict moral code to avoid alcohol), Grundlink does have a tendency to drink too much, especially wine. His resulting ravings and rantings do often carry some shred of truth. Wearing little armor, he is easy to attack from the front or back, drunk or not. His expansive knowledge about the corners of the world gets him into the most trouble, most notably when met by vermin warlords searching for lands to conquer.

    Background: What is known about Grundlink's past is the following: Grundlink is a direct descendant of some of the most ruthless soldiers in the service of the warlord Nagrig Deathblade. This is a heritage of which Grundlink is not proud, fearing he may fall into the Vermin stereotype and turn out like his ancestors. In this way, he remains unshakably optimistic and cheerful, as a way to compensate for and hide the secrets of his bloodline.

    Grundlink was born in the far South to loving parents without siblings. His folks were renowned singers and performers, and soon took up the art himself at the age of 12. On his 18th birthday, the parents revealed to Grundlink the heritage and history of Nagrig Deathblade’s crew and their associations; this revelation shook him psychologically, beginning to question his existence and having unexpected traumatic nightmares. Eventually, Grundlink left home not long after this, traveling across the South and the other parts of the world. Despite all this, Grundlink remembered the unconditional love of his parents, and sent them letters regularly without fail. At least thrice a month, he would return to the South and visit them.

    On one voyage, Grundlink happened upon the East. He explored the abandoned ruins of Fort Marshank, learning the history of Badrang the Tyrant, and the eventual rise of the legendary Martin the Warrior, subjects that intrigued him greatly. Though this stirred up memories about his blood origins, Grundlink never let himself be bothered by it. About a week later, Grundlink discovered the Eastern Islands, touching down specifically on Bevidred, the Island of Thought. Though their experiences with vermin caused them to perceive Grundlink as an enemy, he eventually won their hearts with his amazing musicianship. He took to exploring the other four Islands, the last being Maraul, the Island of Destiny, meeting and befriending a pair of squirrel siblings named the Sandeyes. Grundlink learned the art of the warrior from the older sibling, Jared, and became deeply immersed in the history of the Islands, even becoming fluent in the language. Eventually, he was allowed to keep the sword, dagger, and bow from Jared, He also came to know two fellow vermin, a fox named Carver Darkclaw, and a wolf named Mulgrim Farseer, whom Grundlink considers invaluable brothers.

    Grundlink has defied the Vermin stereotype, and is a beloved friend and fellow warrior in the East. He considered once permanently putting away his weapons and becoming a creature of peace, possibly due to family history, but could never find it in himself to go through with it. And, of course, above all else in the world, Grundlink continues to love his parents dearly.

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