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    Name: Annette Veuve Geroux

    Age: 27

    Date of birth: N/A

    Place of birth: N/A

    Family: N/A

    Species: Squirrel

    Appearance: Is rather slim built and has black colored fur all over.  She has Steel eyes and is about 5'12

    Tattoos: Due to prior incident at [ACCESS RESTRICETED], Operative Annette has red intricate tattoos along her right arm. The most prominent is in the shape of a black widow spider.

    Job: Special Operations and Defense Operative.
    Role: Marksbeast Operative

    Codename: Widowmaker

    Personality: A mostly silent and cold, efficient sniper on and off the battlefield. She is rarely if ever found in the company of others and prefers to take her missions solo, believing in ones own skills well enough to finish the task at hand.


    Agent Geroux hails from [ACCESS RESTRICTED] and spent most of her life there. Soon after graduating high school with high grades, Annette vanished and her home ransacked along with her parents missing. Some odd years later she turned back up to [ACCESS RESTRICTED]  with no explanation as to why and how. It wasn't long after marrying to [ACCESS RESTRICTED] that he was found murdered and Annette had vanished again that something seemed different. Soon after she resurfaced underneath a small PMC called [ACCESS RESTRICTED] as an indoctrinated assassin and due to infighting dispersed, leaving the potential asset available for hire only after "convincing" her to join the Corporation. Since then, Agent Annette has had 100 confirmed kills in as little as two years and has shown no signs of the prior indoctrination done by [ACCESS RESTRICTED].[ADDITIONAL INFO UNAVAILABLE]

    Possible Strengths:

    -Trained sharpshooter and athleticisim

    -Well taught in psychological warfare

    -Well versed in using many poisons

    Known Weakness:

    -Sometimes plays with her targets before killing them

    -Doesn't work well with others

    -Her judgement gets clouded when her plans don't pan out correctly and has trouble controlling said temper


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