Citrine Blackpaw

  • Nickname: None

    Full Name: Citrine Blackpaw

    Species: Ferret

    Description: Citrine has brown eyes and black fur, and she is about five foot eleven. She wears a leather jerkin, and a black cloth belt. The ferret is strong, and lithe. Her left wrist has the bright orange mark that is her namesake, and it is the only disturbance in her glossy black fur. One of her curved knives is at her side, and the other at the back of her belt. Her bow is unstrung, and she uses it as a staff. Citrine's head fur is usually in some kind of braid.
    Possessions: Two knives, a bow, an amber earring, and a vial of deadly poison.
        - Strong
        - Extremely intelligent
        - Fast
        - A very good aim with long-range weapons
        - Rational
        - Tracker
        - Tall
        - Considerate

        - Can’t swim
        - Not a close range fighter
        - Tends to set up shields between her feelings and friends
        - Doesn’t like to become close to people
        - Will usually only work for money
        - Vermin tendencies, once in a while

        Citrine doesn’t always like her job, because she has seen a lot of death, but does it well. She is glad, though, that she can bring life instead of death through her job as a healer. She is very calculating, though, and realizes a good proposition when she sees it. She has a more or less hidden personality. Citrine is very protective of her emotions and feelings.

        Citrine Blackpaw was born a corsair, and grew up to the age of twenty as one. She then rebelled against her captain, ran off, and started wandering. One day, she thought about being a mercenary, after having an encounter with one on the road, and got her first job with a small time gang of vermin who wanted to take a place called Redwall Abbey. They failed.

    From then on, she was a full-time merc. However, one day, she met a healer fox in the forest. They were in the middle of a storm, and the fox took her in for shelter. Citrine was fascinated by the art of healing, and stayed a while to learn. She stayed for a few months, and then left with a healer's bag and knowledge.

    Age: 25 (Human Years)
    Job: Mercenary
    Alignment: More goodbeast than vermin, but still has vermin tendencies

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