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Okay, so here I am listening to some tunes as I type this, and this question pops up into my head telling me I should ask. Anyways, so anyone who plays video games, watches certain shows such as anime or whatever knows this one thing. It seems that a lot of characters both major and even minor have certain songs that are tied to them; some even have a song created specifically for them. For example, in the video game Street Fighter literally every single character has a theme song. I have even noticed in some other places that I have role-played at some of the players even gave a theme song for their characters. So basically here is the question and anyone can answer. Is there any song you would consider to be a theme for your character or multiple characters, and is there a reason why?

I kinda want to see if I'm the only one that does this here or not. Kinda curious tbh.

For my character, Jared Sandeye:

DragonForce - Cry Thunder

Lyrics here:

There is something exceptionally inspiring and motivating about this song. DragonForce is and remains one of my personal favorite bands. Cry Thunder specifically details the classic clash between good and evil, light and darkness, heaven and hell. Standing up against insurmountable odds…and always emerging victorious.

On account of my character, Jared is more than simply that to me. He is a symbol, a hero, the embodiment of everything that I aspire to be. Jared is the kind of creature who does not fight for himself, rather for what he believes in and cherishes more than anything else in the world: family, friends, homeland, and all manner of righteous virtue. Battle till the very end, and never give up regardless of the odds. Fulfill his destiny, answer the calls of prophecy. No relish in bloodshed; righteousness conquers all.

Each and every single RP that Jared has ever been featured in paved the way to the greatest of them all: The Prophecy. Of course, it's moderate going now; in any case, I promise greater things as it continues.

This leads me to my second point: the prophetic implications of the song's lyrics. They seem to almost detail plans of both the past and the future for Jared Sandeye. I won't give spoilers. The song pretty much speaks for itself.

Dude, first off I listen to Dragonforce and I have heard of Cry Thunder. Good song. Anyway as for me there are different songs for each of my characters. But for starters, I think we should talk about certain characters that come to mind.

  1. Ezikeil DeSota - 7 Years by Lukas Graham ( Now first off I am pretty sure we all have heard the song on the radio. Anyways the song is about growing up and living your story. Which is what I do with this character, in a way it is telling his story both past and future especially since I have made him age.

  2. Serghei Mechitbayeva (and Dimitri Viannu)- Fade  by One Reason (Basically the into song for Deadman Wonderland- For starters, these two are both assassins for their families who are both influential in their home countries government so essentially they are apart of a corrupt government or as the song says "a twisted master plan" or even better yet "Deadmen stuck in your wonderland".

3)Oscar Santos- Gotta Stay Fly for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon soundtrack ( : Now Oscar here is a character that I personally feel deserves more RP time but not many people do non-traditional role-plays especially in his sense. Anyways first off if you listen to the song it is about staying strong in the fight which is what Oscar is about. Fight till your last breath if it means the guy next to him goes home. Another thing that helps is the fact that Oscar is a fighter pilot (hence why he was only used once -.-) and to be honest, that is a song that suits it. Now the last major reason is this. If you read his bio you will realize he is actually a HUGE reference to the video game Ace Combat particularly AC04: Shattered Skies. If you know the game you should be able to point out the references in his bio.

Also here are their bios if you want to read em

Oscar's -
Serghei and Dimitri's-

We've had discussions like this before, in times long past. It's nice to see it revived again!

I also want to consider "Indestructible" by Disturbed.

I didn't want to mean it in any egotistical or narcissistic way in Jared Sandeye's case. I'm actually saving it for the end of The Prophecy. Trust me, it will make more sense once the story's over, considering the huge plans I have for it.

Enjoy! The video already has lyrics written in it.

I know Disturbed and that song Indestructible. Although I do prefer Ten Thousand Fists. Now honestly considering the songs you using for Jared allow me to recommend a song for him. I think you should check out "F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X" by The Fall of Troy ( ) or even "Don't Hold Back" by The Sleeping ( )

ohh I admit, I have over 50 songs that fit most of my characters and my book scenes perfectly… I have a whole playlist scattered everywhere. I guess I can try to narrow it down.. give me a bit.. lol

I just keep updating it, so basicly all my characters have multiple songs... hehehe

Tj trust me when I say name as much as you wish. that is what this tread is for

Let me tell you, this has been a process for the past 3 years…and the playlists and songs are all mixed up. lol but just to give you a general idea what I listen to when I RPG. 🙂 But ok! I"ll post them..give me a few hours.


SO this is my current playlilst I list to...
and youtube (MOst recent, that my sister put together)

And the instumental/inspiration playlist

Baislcy where I get my inspiration for Dominique and Tessa and Jessie (As I said, all the songs are sorta my muse for all my characters)
(highly recomend)

Muse...sit back and let your mind relax playlist to generate new ideas (This playlist is like the have to listen to it!)

I"ve been working on getting them all together on one playlist, but songs aren't with spotify and 8tracks so I have several Youtube songs but I've sorta migrate away from Youtube a lot of lists are other ppls lists or mine that are half finished

I really like EDM and music like sister and me share a lot of songs also so I"ll post her playlists that I listen to also. Since they are all good tracks!

---Feel free to use them as you want and what not. :)----

Wow we have only a couple of songs for our characters and Tj here as 3 bloody playlists. I need to step up my game.

This is not an official playlist that I have here. But I feel like this is the only music that could ever do this forum's stories - as much as mine - true musical justice.

I present to you…the Halo 4 soundtrack.

Yes, I know it was probably not the best game of the franchise. But you have to admit, the music was its shining quality! This is one of the greatest soundtracks of the series! Composed by Neil Davidge and Kazuma Jinnouchi.



To Galaxy:


And from Halo 3: Cortana - Keep What You Steal. This and all of the following are composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.

And for the Halo 2 nostalgics and original trilogy purists, the MJOLNIR Mix, with guitarist Steve Vai.

The Halo: Reach tearjerking Epilogue and Ashes

If I may ask, RodoWodo, why did you recommend your songs for Jared Sandeye?

Bah, no offense but if you really think Halo has the best Soundtrack you need to listen to the Ace Combat series soundtracks. Now that is true justice

This was the final song that played during the final battle of Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies ( ) And imagine a epic battle in the skies with that playing.

In fact here are some other legendary songs from Ace Combat series.

Prelude (Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies.): -Also here is the actual opening cut scene that uses the song just so you can get the idea of how this was so powerful ( )

Megalith(Ace Combat 4): - This was the song for the final battle. Actually It is really fitting when the in game mission was literally called "Operation Judgement Day" and yes the language in the song is Latin.

The Unsung War(Ace Combat:The Unsung war): - Yes another song sung in latin

Zero (Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War) - Something a bit more different from the other 3 with a more suspense. Go to 2:09 if you want to go straight into the song

The Liberation of Gracemeria (Ace Combat 06): - "Time to dance with the angels."

Rush (Ace Combat Assault Horizon): - When Classical and Metal have a baby. only way I can describe this song.

Keep Alive (Ace Combat Series): - Perfect for those hyper intense, dynamic and literally explosive battles!

Oh and also the reason why I recommended those two songs is cause of the vibe I am getting from your song choices for Jared. A fighter who doesn't give up. You kinda need to listen to the songs to see what makes em special.

I did listen to both songs last night. They do fit rather well with Jared Sandeye. Though, to be honest, I fail to see how "Don't Hold Back" by the Sleeping works with him.

Well, to each their own. I have Halo, you have the Ace Combat series. It all comes down to preference in the end.

For me a adore the Assassin Creed soundtracks.
Love all of them especially AC4.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the only game of the series I've ever played, and I think the music there is quite impressive as well.

Black Flag is good but allow me to recommend Syndicate's soundtrack

I think all the AC soundtracks are amazing.

T.J you played the games or did you check out the links?

i like adoi adrenaline. i have no idea which one fits my charas, but i like it!

Hmmmm…For  Barzon, I would pick Survivor, Eye of the Tiger:

Fernleaf? It's hard to say, maybe this:

The Sing soundtrack is amazing!

yeah… exept for the inapproprate songs they have in the audition. i dont want to name them. i dont listen to many songs exept christian and redwall. and melanie martinez. i soooo regret listening to those. inapproprate and sad much?!

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