OOC: Tears of the Sea

  • Oh dang, lol.

    I got caught up in another RP late at night and completely forgot to make a response. I'll do something when I get off of work. As for the twins, I am keeping that stuff a secret as for now for suspense and mystery.

  • So the idea is what happens is that the twins mostly move about in secrecy, looking for weaknesses to spy on the group by threatening or bribing servants, mostly to locate Gastov. How successful they are is up to you, but basically the two are well trained and brooding warriors whom answer very little, but they want to avenge a family member back east whom Gastov had dueled and killed.

    Lud will probably just keep silent and miserable, his usual, but Gastov will mostly lay about looking for things to do until then. Gastov will spend most of his time practicing his swordsmanship.

  • Appretnly my last post didn't show.

    It was supposed to say, "I LOVE ALL THE IDEAS!!!"  😉  "Suspense? Mystery? The twins can totally figure out about the pearls. That will get it rolling. i'll start a post off.

  • fixed it. Also TJ I think our time lines are mixed up. It hasn't been two years for me. Ezikeil was 17 in the original rp but now he is 21 so about four years has passed. Hence the part where I mentioned he almost looked like a splitting image of his father earlier. Ezikeil isn't a kid anymore, the dudes ready for action.

  • gots it! 🙂

  • TJ wtf….

    your text is smaller then a bug on strike......


  • heehehe, i fixed it.

    I tell you. I have my own computer problems to deal with and its so annoying. UGGG I fixed it tho.

    Do you like Dominiques lil speech? The more tired I get the better my speeches become…hehehehe

    Been up for 25 hours so far with like 30 minute naps here and there.

  • Two things. One: yes that speech was pretty good

    two: GET SOME SLEEP.

  • I want to but I can't. I have 2 20 page reports, 1 ppt, 1 term paper and 3 finals left before graduation that is in two weeks. I need to finish it all!

    I will get sleep once school is over, gonna sleep for like three days. So I"m finishing up one of my 20 page reports tonight (I'm like three pages away, conclusions will be the death of me) so then I have one less thing to do! Got my twizzlers, my energy drink and some nice piano music. 🙂 ( I will live by taking naps, I like naps, naps are good)

    YAY! Ryills speech was awesome! happy dance

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