OOC: Tears of the Sea

  • HEy guys! So here we can discuss what we will do next, I really don't want this RPG to die out. I'm having way to much fun and the amount of SASS in the RPG is wonderful. I love it! ❤

    So Lud is to report to Dominique in 6 days, during this 6 days, Dominique will travel up to her Holt Ruddrang and visit with her family, get the pearls and come back down with her cousin Flint, who will accompany her to Redwall.

    I gave you a description of Borsca, and been wondering when he should come into play, I was thinking right before Dominique gets back in town, word gets out he is back and it promps Dominique to go back to her alias, "Ryills" the male riverdog and have Barf be Captain in her stead as she acts as first-mate and her cousin Flint as Quartermaster or some other crew member, maybe teaching Lud the tricks of being a pirate of sorts.

    Sucessfully avoiding Borsco, Dominique and Ezikeil fleet sail off to Redwall…

    Welcome to ideas!

  • Yes. The sass levels are on point although I feel like Gastov might get his block knocked off because he pissed off a crewmember. Wait, T.J I hope you haven't forgotten this char but do you remember Ezikeil's quartermaster Remus? If you remember his training with that hare Stulta from the earlier rp imagine him mad and unleashing his Drill Sergeant wraith.

    Also I think I might as well provide Information on Ezikiel's new fleet since I have no idea how to introduce every ship at once in the rp.

    There are five ships in total excluding Dominique since well, she really isn't a part of the fleet and does her own thing usually. Two of the ship we already know but I'll name em anyways.

    1. The Defiance:(if anyone hadn't realized that they need their head checked) A 12 gunned (heavy cannon) East Indiamen Captained by Ezikeil. Ship is Red and white with small golden trimmings. Known for its Durability and reliability.

    2. The Quadrant: Captained by Arminio Jean-Remi Devereaux(You all know him as Remi, His name is quite the mouthful isn't it?) a 20 gunned yellow schooner with black highlights. Commonly made fun of by the other captains because of the explosion that put the ship out of commission for three months thanks to poor black powder handling four years ago. Nicknamed The Powder Keg just to get on Remi's nerves.

    3)War Maiden: Captained by Vixen Alice Thanch. Sails a red and green Galley armed with 24 guns and two motars( cannon built to be pointed upwards….I think we know what their purpose is)

    4)Phantom's vigil Captained by Wolverine William Rembach. Large blue and yellow brig that carried 60 guns. Also has iron reinforced ram attached to hull. Formerly a military ship until it became known when William Rembach won the ship in a arm wrestling bet against a Badger Naval Admiral.

    5)The Rouge's spirit: Captained by the weasels known as the Provencio brothers, Emilio and Carlos. A violet and white frigate with 38 guns. One of the fastest ships in the fleet

    Also what can happen is that we deal with Gastov's "fan club", have Lud learn what it is like to be a sailor while Ezikeil puts up with Gastov when ever he visits the estate. ya know the usual

  • You are right! Who is to better teach Lud then Remus! He was a wonderful trainer for Stulta!  Dominique will ask Ezkeil if she can have him for the month to train Lud in everything. Then Lud should be seaworthy enough and in better condition to sail under Dominique to Redwall.

    Flint is Dominiques cousin, he sorta a big burly otter and sent by the holt leader to protect Dominique if Borsca decides to come visit and to make sure she makes it safe to Redwall and delivers the pearls. (Flint has a girlfriend at Redwall and that is why he wants to tag along, but don't tell anyone. ;))

    Dominique is sorta rouge, sometimes she sails in the fleet sometimes she doesn't. She is like that long lost friend you can always count on to have your back even if it has been months or years. 🙂 Well I hope you can get that vibe. I like your fleet. It sounds AWESOME!

    A yes, Ezikeil can deal with Gustov, Dominique will just be avoiding him the whole time til they set sail or she might just get into a fight. And once Dominique comes back from meeting her Holt and with Flint, she meets up with Ezikeil and shows him all the pearls and a few others she collected (but those aren't so impressive and gives the few not so impressive pearls but awesome at the same time to Ezikeil as a token or payment, he can chose.)

    And Dominique becomes Ryills, Firstmate to Captain Barf of the Eliza. When Dominique is scared of someone, she is scared a lot and doesn't have a lot of courage. 😞 poor girl, she had it rough. You can't blame her right?

  • And to think Ezikeil gave you a big old ship with 60 guns on it and your scared….tut tut tut. Hey Imagine if Gastov made Remus mad? xD

  • Lol. Maybe Dominique will remember that she has one of the fastest ships with firepower to pack. I know she has been itching to use the cannons. Lol

    I would love to see Remus mad.

    I'm just waiting to see what Scottish thinks about our ideas.

  • I'm hoping some point or at the end Doninique unleashes all 30 cannons on one side and just ahnililate Borsca.
    It would be awesome!

  • Or this can happen:

    As Dominique zeros in her cannons on borsca she was excited to deliver this finishing blow. She had anticipated this moment for years. She raised her paw into the air and prepared to should the words so loud that Poseidon himself would hear her might. She began to lower her paw when suddenly sounds from another set of cannons was heard. It had been Remi who fired the final rounds sinking the ship. Now he gazes into Dominique's eye from his ship bearing the grin of a being who can only be described by pictures –---> http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/mlpfanart/images/3/30/480px-Troll_Face_Trollface.png/revision/latest?cb=20130622093509

    I regret nothing!

  • 😮 😠
    Remi would find a hole in both Sides his ship. And Dominique would be really really upset and angry at him.

  • All I can see is that ending in a lot of ship sunk and maybe Enrikei not inviting you to the company picnic xD

  • So Scottish? What do you think? Before I continue to post in tears of the sea?

    Also been thinking that Gustov, that he is pissed a Dominique about losing Lud (if Lud joins her crew), betrays her to Borsca in order to gain favor or something?

  • And that can happen when they give the pearls to Redwalll, and Coming back to the ship Borsca ambushed Dominique and company and take them down towards his ship in a cove.

    Of course the rescue mission to rescue D and part of her crew ends up with an amazing cannon ship battle and then once Dominique and  half her Crew are off Borscas ship, Remi and Ezikeil along with Barf who took over the Eliza, cripple and distroy Borscas ship, and Dominique gets to send the final cannon fire before she falls unconscious knowing she finally put a stop to Borsca and her families pears are safe.

    You see, I have been watching to much "The 100", 'Shadowhunters" "PotC" lol

  • Not sure about all that. I just go with it but if there is one thing I can say I want to happen

    We will make Michael Bay proud.

    Anyways I am intereste4d in ship battles but I think instead of some ambush there are several skirmishes over the pearls. Hey maybe if you want Redwall can be a bit more involved, maybe a classic siege or whatever. Btw where is the Flying Scotsman (yes I just called you that Scottish.)?

  • Gastov as a character is subtle and would most likely look into the otter's enemies before making a rash decision.

    So not really.

    Also been a bit busy with a bunch of other things, rp stuff and real life stuff. I apologize if I am not really around or ill informed.

  • We are still storming. no worries Scottish. Any thing you want to add or see what will happen? I'm open to ideas for the plot.

    You will need to give us a background why those two in the tavern wanted to fight with you.

  • Like anything goes for me. As long as we keep up the awesome sassiness!

    So how do we have Gustov find out about the pearls

  • I think he will either find out during the voyage or Ezikeil mentioning it. Who knows maybe Gastov will necome more likeable and less stabable.

  • I hope he becomes more likeable. It would sure be awesome!

    So I should start off the first post then…

    It will be the day of sailing? or how should I start? o.O

  • About that time maybe like around the morning while preparations are underway. But ya on the day of the sailing is nice. The other thread you can properly meet Ezikeils fleet captians and whatever

  • You got it, i'll make a post on the morning preperations before they set sail.

  • Oh dang, lol.

    I got caught up in another RP late at night and completely forgot to make a response. I'll do something when I get off of work. As for the twins, I am keeping that stuff a secret as for now for suspense and mystery.

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