Wings of Fire - Takes Place Way After Book 8

  • “Fine, then!” Citrine shouted above the noise of fighting behind them. “But come on!” They flew for at least an hour, looking for land. “See anything?” Citrine asked, as he knew that Icewing sight was very good. No answer. The SkyWing took that for a no. He kept looking, then finally spotted a small island. “There!” He pointed.

  • "hmmmm." the mice wings hummed skeptically. " i don't like the look of that place. lets keep flying." he spun around and started to fly off.

  • “Oh, no you don’t,” Citrine said, and the fiery orange dragon grabbed the other’s claw and dragged him towards the land mass. They flew in and landed on a sandy beach, with a few small mountains and a little forest beyond. “Should we start a fire as we figure out where to go? We might be here for a while. Also, I just realized that I don’t know your name. What is it?”

  • lime . . . wait," he said turning his head. suddenly he tackled the other dragon. " GET DOWN!!!!" he roared, as something powerful and fast flew over head.

  • Citrine felt himself hit hard from behind, as the white dragon, Lime something, yelled, "Get down!" He dove towards the ground, and swerved up just in time to see something fast fly over Limethingy's head. Citrine powered his way through the air, coming even with the thing, and slamming into it. It was a SeaWing! He grasped it tightly and flung it towards the ocean . . . which he realized was a really bad idea.

  • a huge wave surged op from the water, Limethingy froze it and then flew up to face the Seawing. He stopped and looked at the Dragon. "Lionfish!!" he yelled, with a grin. "what are you doing here?"

  • Citrine was stunned. "Who's Lionfish?" he asked Limethingy. "Do you know this SeaWing? And I still don't know your name!"

  • Limethingy waved of the second comment "later, this is Loinfish my partner in crime, and by crime I mean freeing slaves." he said, grinning mischievously. "he is also an animus dragon."

  • "An animus," Citrine said doubtfully. "You know how rare those dragons are?" He shook his head. "Well, nevermind that. I'm Citrine. Nice to meet you." He extended a claw in greeting, but pulled it back right away. Stupid "two thirds too much fire", not letting me shake talons, he thought.

  • I' forced to put this on hold again.


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