Wings of Fire - Takes Place Way After Book 8

  • Citrine looked around. He had no idea where in Pyrhia he was. The SkyWing tried to fly up and look around, but his head hit metal bars. He flailed around for a few seconds, but he was in a cage.

    He strained his ears, and was rewarded by the sounds of whispering outside. He caught phrases such as, "slavers", and, "will fetch a good price, fast fliers like him always do," and, "SandWings." He felt with his talons around the bars, and felt a blanket. He tugged hard. The whole thing fell. He saw a bunch of SeaWings and SandWings milling about him, and retreated to the corner. The last thing he saw was a bunch of mountains, and Jade Mountain itself.

    Everything went black.

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  • while the dragons outside where talking with another, a dragon snuck to the cage. "alright listen up." he said. "i'm going to get you all out of here, but you have to stay quiet."
    he quickly froze the bars, then broke then, but the other dragons heard and attackes. "darn it." he scowled at himself. the he was over taken and thrown in a new cage along with the other dragons.

  • Citrine jumped up and leapt out of his cage. He spun his tail and metal studded right wing and smashed into two dragons, knocking them over the side of what he now saw was a ship. He flew straight to the other cage where the unconscious freezing dragon was, and tried to open the door. They'd forgotten to lock it! The door came open, but Citrine was to light and small to lift him. Another dragon slammed the door shut behind him, and bashed him over the head.

  • The other dragon woke up after a while, sitting up he asked what happened

  • Citrine woke up to the sound of someone talking beside him. "What happened?" the dragon asked.

    "I'm not sure myself," Citrine said, "But I think that we're slaves! They're heading for the Sandwing Kingdom. Who are you? Who's Kingdom?"

  • "Don't know, I was abandoned as a dragonet all I know is that I'm immuned to fire and I breath ice"

  • "Ummm…" Citrine thought. He looked under his right wing. He drew out a tiny parcel, and dumped it out. It was a bunch of dragon fact cards. "Immune to fire...breathes ice...color..."

    "Looks like you're part Icewing, part Mudwing! Strange...I haven't seen a cross in a while," Citrine muttered to himself. "Anyway, you should be able to get us out of here easily. Frostbreath."

  • "alright." he said. he quickly froze the bars, and flicked them. "Ouch." The bars immediately shattered. "Ouch," he said again.

  • Citrine burst out of the cage. Again. He jumped at the first dragon he saw, which happened to be a Sandwing. He dodged the tail, and blasted him with fire in the face.

    He'd been born with a little too much fire, so the results were not nice.

  • The other dragon blasted another with ice, then hit another with his wings.

  • Citrine spun around, but there were no more dragons on board what he now understood was a ship. He jumped up and flew to the mast, where he could see that they were on a river near the Diamond Spray Delta.

  • "Oh no." The otherd dragon said. He pointed to another ship coming towards them.

  • "Quick! Fly!" Citrine said. He took off, his one red wing flashing in the air. He hovered for a minute. "Come on!" he called.

  • The other slaves followed suit, so did the strange dragon " watch out."  The dragon called out, shooting a fire ball with a blast of ice.

  • Citrine flew back, grabbed the other dragon by the arm, blasted the other cages as fast as he could, and took off as fast as he could. He wasn't a fighter, although he had abnormally strong fire.

  • the other dragon was already fighting the first wave of dragons. "I could use some help over here." he called. he got blasted with fire, he was protected by his fire proof scales, using the warmth it provided to shoot his own fire.

  • "Argh . . ." Citrine sighed. He spun around and blasted the dragons with a huge flamethrower attack. "Come on!" he yelled. He knocked another on the head with his tail.

  • tyhis was getting out of hand, to many dragons were against him, he called out ti the other dragon that had helped him. "we need to get out of here, NOW, ASAP."

  • "That's what I've been SAYING!" Citrine shouted. The SkyWing grabbed the MiceWing and propelled him away from the fight.

  • "hey!let go! i can fly by myself!" the other dragon said as he was dragged along.

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