• Name: Cuhlihan
    Species: Sea Rat
    Nicknames: Cuhl the cruel/vile/ruinous/etc…
    Occupation: ruffneck, guard, and occasional pirate.
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male.
    Description: Cuhlihan is six feet of bad news. He's got snaggled teeth, a crooked nose, and black eyes. There's a dozen or so scars all over his body from countless fights. He's missing a left pinky.
    Personality: Cuhlihan is a quiet fellow. He keeps to himself rarely engaging in conversation, unless hares are brought up. Cuhl has a deep seething hatred of the floppy eared creatures and will go on in great detail why he hates them.
    Backstory: Cuhlihan was raised in a coastal vermin colony. He always stayed in the background to not draw attention or come off as a challenger. He never minded being in everyone's afterthought. It wasn't an exciting life but he was happy. He had his small group of friends, they gathered food from shoals and the forest. He was content on living his life like this.
    One day a scouting party of hares and his small group bumped into each other. His friends were slaughtered and he barely escaped. When he got back to camp is was a smouldering ruin. The hares chased off his people and he was left to fend for himself.
    Possessions: A simple green tunic and brown pants. He's got a short sword and his trusty fishing trident.
    Strengths: Fairly stout, good balance, and loyal.
    Weaknesses: Short temper, poor communication skills, pessimistic.

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