Gilan Wilder

  • Name: Gilan Wilder (first name is taken from Ranger's Apprentice, giving credit to the author)
    Nickname: None
    Occupation: King's Agent, in Southsward
    Species: Mouse
    Age: 22
    Description: Gilan is a strange but deadly mouse. His coat of fur is a mottled brown, with gray and black mixed in, giving him a type of camouflage. This ability gives him an advantage in grasslands and forests, but makes him quite obvious in snow. It also makes him seem to shimmer in woodlands. He is a bit small, but quite agile. He isn't particularly heavy, or thin. However, he has very strong legs, and is a fast runner. He always carries throwing knives.
    Personality: Gilan is an easygoing type, most of the time. However, when faced with an enemy or in battle, you can trust him to be able to dispatch as many enemies as you could do in days, with considerable ease. He is probably the most sarcastic person he, or his friend Icefurr, knows, and Gilan is always smiling at something. He can be a little jumpy, but usually keeps a calm head. Whenever he meets someone new, he has a strange habit of testing them, to see what kind of person they are.
    Background: Gilan is a former slave, and before rthat was the son of a merchant. When he escaped from the slaving lines, he returned to his home, Southsward, and gained favor with the king. He trained in stealth and speed, and learned to use his trademark weapons, the crossbow and throwing knives. He now works fulltime for his land.

    • Crossbow: Gilan is a very good aim with this weapon, and is a quick reloader. But it's not his favorite weapon to use.

    • Throwing knives: His personal favorite weapon, Gilan never misses with these. If ever in a close quarter fight, they can also be used to stab and slice.

    • Poison Case: This is a small box, not much bigger than two paws put together. It can open and fold out into many tiny shelves, with all kinds of poison and their antidotes. It also has a miniature explosives kit.

    Clothes: Usually a belt, brown cloak, and a tunic.
    Strengths: Fast, agile, accurate, good-humored, powerful fighter, quick thinker, likes to move.
    Weaknesses: Jumpy, sarcastic, can get very worried about his friends, can become hostile.

  • Well done!! Very good. I myself love the Rangers apprentice and have one of my characters Fabiana modled after RA

  • Cool! Thanks. I use Gilan A LOT on other roleplays, and in larp.

  • He looks super neat!

  • Thanks!

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