Tears of The Sea 2! (open)

  • Dominique has found at 6 perfectly  spherical rose-pink pearls or also known as the Tears of Sea, after Tansy threw them out to sea. They are now kept safe once again at Holt Ruddaring along with all of Dominiques treasure.

    Trouble lurks on the horizon as Holt Ruddaring's Arch Enemy Borsca Snaketooth, a evil lizard, got wind of the pearls being found and wants to capture Dominique in order to find out where the pears are. Dominique is terrified of Borsca due to him the one that murdered the ship that she was working one and took her captivate that lead her on the life she has now.


    She opened her emerald green eyes and just stared up at the celing. She found herself back in her cabin in her hammock and not on the cursed ship that was her home for quite some time. Just just layed there, waiting for her racing heart to slow down. She got up and put on her boots, quietly she padded to her desk. The hot tea she brewed a few hours ago, was still hot, she poured herself some and put some ale in it to give it a kick. She sat back in her chair and mused staring at her maps on her desk. It has been quiet some time since Dominique last had such a vivid dream from her past, she had almost forgotten Borsca until now. Just thinking about that lizard gave her shivers down her spine and she grew her legs up and rested her head on her knees, "Past is Past, it can't haunt me know.." she muttered to herself. Dominique soon learned that the past has a way of coming back, one way or another.

    A sharp knock pulled her out of her musings, as Barfs voice came through, "Captain." he said in a loud voice, "Come in." she called and straightened up as Barf came in, "You best see this Cap'an. Uknown ship, spotted on the horizon." Dominique frowned and grabbed her coat, following Barf outside, "When was it spotted?" she asked bounding up the steps after him, "A Little past sunset. We thought it was just passing, but they seem to follow us." Dominique frowned and looking through her looking glass a the ship, northeast of them. Looking up at the ship she frowned. IT looked really familar, the black sails the black painted ship, looking at the bow she could bearly make out the name, "Ostwind." She looked up at the mast at the flag, and her heart dropped, "Borsca..." she muttered. Dominique staggered back a few steps, Barf looked at her, "Captain?" he said confused, "Set sail, fast as you can, I want this ship moving as fast as it can." she said trying to keep the panic out of her voice, she looked at Barf, "NOW!" she screamed and Barf jumped, "If we don't go, we will die" she snapped, "Now GET TO IT!" and Barf scuttled off, raising the alarm. Dominique looked again at Borsca's ship in the distance.

    She turned around and held her wheel of her looking at her crew get to work, she grabbed a nearby rat and looked at him, "Take down the flag. NOW!" she said growling, "Fast as you can and hide it." she said and pushed him away and the rat scurried to the mast, climbing up it swiftly. Dominique felt her ship take off, fully unfurled, the wind at her back, the Eliza said forward in all her glory. She saw the flag get lowered down. Heart still pounding she guided it thorugh the water, Barf came up, "Where we sailing too?" he asked, "Puerto Santiago, and far away from the ship as possible." She looked at him in the eye, "Anyone who crosses the ship, doesn't survive." Barf nodded slowly, "I take it ya gotcha some history?" Dominique gave a nervous laugh, "How do you think I came to be in this position." she said darkly, "He only offers your two choices, Join or die." she turned back facing forward ending the matter.

    Dawn was tipping over the horizon as the Eliza sailed into Puerto Santiago. After docking, Dominique addressed the crew, "You will get your wages paid today, we rest and stock up, next full moon we set sail." she said. Before going into her quarters and looking at her maps. She felt tears welling in her eyes, "What am I supposed to do..why is he even back.." she said.

    She heard Barf enter, quickly she wiped her eyes, "Come in Barf, though you would be on your way already." she said, looking at him and taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. Barf shook his head, "No, I wanted to talk to you first." he said, "About what?" she said, but somehow she knew what he was thinking.
    "Cap'an, in my time I have knew you, I have never seen you act or behave like you did this night." he looked down at his feet and back up, "what I saw in you was, not as a captain at the time, but a beast so terrified as when you first worked for DeSoto." he cleared his thoat, "I know ya didn't hit off er well on DeSoto, but, time ve been workin' on Eliza, grown to see ya become ah respectable leader." Dominique looked at him as he continued, "Buh, last night, you told me ya know that ship, who runs it?"

    Dominque sighed, "Its a long go back, Captain Borsco Snaketooth, took me captavie on his ship after murdering my captain I worked for an half the crew who wouldn't join." she traced the faint scares on her arms, "It was join or die.." she whispered her voice trembling, "I worked for him for 3 seasons before I was sold off to a wildcat captain.." she clenched her paws, "guess you can say I was lucky to get out of his grasp and into the wildcats paws." giving a small laugh before conintuing, "somehow after a longer few season I was sold off to DeSoto and of course you know the rest."

    She clenched her mouth and looked up, "Now Borsco is back, and I don't know why." Barf cleared his thoat, "I'll help ya figure it ya out, ask 'round town if anyone knows of ya Borsco." Dominique smiled, "Thank you." she said and Barf left. Dominique looked at her maps before grabbing her coat and hat from the peg.  Putting it on, she looked at herself in the mirror, "Borsco, I think your after my families pearls. You will NOT get them." she growled and then strode out of her ship to the boardwalk, time to find out about Borsco, and why he was back.

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    Farther down the docks of Puerto Santiago one could see several ships yet there was one that stood out. She was a average sized ship of white and red painted on that darken wood. On her stern was written in beautiful cursive "The Defiance". The crew was unloading cargo from it's latest voyage and seemed to have came back with rather interesting items and goods. Standing at the dock monitoring the unloading was a mostly white and brown ferret in a simple straw hat observing. His emerald green coat seems to move like the sea as the wind blew. Many knew this young ferret and his father whom now seem to be nearly a splitting image as the years went on by.

    Soon a fox walked up to the Ferret captain. "Oi, Ezikeil. The other two ships have already finished unloadin'. Ya want meh' ta send em' aboot, laddie? The fox asked Ezikeil. The Ferret casted a look at the fox and nodded. "Might as well, I think they are glad to finally back home after that little detour you thought was supposed to be a lovey trip to a paradise island." He said casting a sly grin at the fox who started to get defensive. "But Capt' how in blazes was I 'upoosed ta know the locals was cannibals?!? Besides it was on the map from that map maker." Ezikeil cutted him of waving a paw. "You mean the one who sold us the map to that 'isolated' Mountain four years ago, Armos?" The fox, Armos paused for a moment and thought about that. "You know Capt', have you ever wondered if that map maker is trying to get us killed?" The ferret looked back at Armos. "You know that is a good question, …..I thought he was terrible at his job...."

    As the two stood and observed a Lynx dressed in a black peacoat walked up to the two. "Ezikeil for the record, next time the thought of making a detour comes up make sure I think it is a bad idea. I never thought cannibals could be so sneaky...." The duo looked back at the wildcat for a moment. "Noted Remi, at least your ship didn't have another incident." Remi scowled at the two. "Are you two ever going to let that go?" Ezikeil and Armos both looked at each other as if in thought before both saying simultaneously "Hmmm, No." It wasn't easy to forget the day Remi's ship had a hole the size of a small tavern blown into it thanks to misplacing black powder. Especially when it is constantly brought up again by the two.

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    Dominique sighed and stopped and looked around, the birds croaked and soared up above, a slight breeze played across the water, bringing in the salt taste of the sea. She turned and looked around the other docks and cocked her head, one ship stood out, a red and white one, she looked next to the ship and saw another familiar ship. Her frown turned into a smile, Captain Ezikeil DeSota, anyone could recognized the wild captains ship anywhere. She grinned and hurried down the plank, heading toward DeSotas fleet. Edging her way through beasts and vermin a like, she slowly made her way over to where DeSota's ships were docked, not paying attention to the looks she got or the insults thrown her way.
    "Getta out riverdog!" "You're not us!" "Scum!!"
    She sighed irritably, somehow she knew it wasn't gonna go away anytime soon.

    Turning around a pile of crates she saw a familiar fox and a ferret, along with a Lynx dressed in black peacoat, coming up she heard the last of the lines, "I never though cannibals could be so sneaky…Noted Remi, at least your ship didn't have another incident, are ya two every going to let that go.....hmmmm no."

    Dominique pipped, "Of course not, you'll have it for the rest of your life! But no worry, you'll get used it like this riverdog did." she said pointing at herself, "Ezikel! Armos!" she grinnned, "What ya guys been up too!?"

  • Remi gave Dominique a look that clearly said 'where in the world did you come from?!?' while Armos and Ezikeil simply smiled. "It has been a good bit of time hasn't it? A couple of years, in fact." Ezikeil said rather warmly "As for what we have been up to…well I think Armos should tell you about our latest adventure.." Armos look back at Ezikeil. "If ya wasn't the captain yew know ya 'ould be swimmin' right now, right?" He said with a scowl while the ferret laughed it. "Well if was your idea Armos. What happened to that old highlander code of honor?" The fox shook his head before finally speaking. "Well Dominique lets just sah that afta gathering some cargo, tryin ta recruit ships fo' ta new fleet it isn't the best idea tah try and find some paradise island to relax." Just as Armos finished speaking both of the other captains simply said one word. "Cannibals..."

  • "Amazing how time flies by." A far away look in her eyes. It was just like yesterday she was still working under DeSota on his ship, being miserable as usual until a series of events she got promoted to captain of her own ship in Ezikels ship.

    She Camr back too and smiled, looking at Remi she stated, "Captain Dominque, formly known as Ryills, a crew hand on Ezikels ship." She said tipping her hat. "Sorry for scaring you mate and interrupting. Truly I am."

    Turning back to Armos and Ezikels she raised and eyebrow, "cannibles eh? This sounds like a good story and quite and adventure you guys had. So much for that vacation!!!"

    She smiled faltered as she looked toward the sea, looking for any sign of Borscas ship, seeing nothing on the horizon she glanced back at Armos and Ezikel. "Do you guys have a moment to talk? Privately? I need to ask you guys something."

  • Armos and Ezikeil looked at each other for a moment. "Capt, Me anh Remi will 'andle the rest of the unloadin'. Go'on ahead laddie." Ezikeil nodded. "Fine, Dominique lets go on to the Villa. We can chat there before the others arrive." He said as he began to walk."And don't worry about mi Mami, she hardly understands you anyways." Arriving at the DeSota Estate, Ezikeil escorted Dominique to door she had never entered before nor had the ferret ever mentioned of. Ezikeil opened it revealing a office with charts, small models of boats, maps of trade routes along with various interesting trinkets and a small library. It didn't take long to realize that this was once the office of Dante DeSota himself simply by the age of some of the items. One of the more notable items was a painting on the wall of a older ferret in a formal captains  garb with a smaller ferret child sitting on his lap. "Dominique please give me a moment, these clothes reek of salt and sweat. I need to change so go on ahead and make yourself comfortable." He said as left closing the door behind him as he left. After about 20 to 30 minutes passed, a more cleaner and well dressed Ezikeil returned. "Sorry for making you wait, Mami wanted me to take a bath, apparently she still has a incredible nose." He said shaking his head and taking a seat at his desk. "So, what was so important that it needed to be in private?"

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  • Dominique followed Ezikeil to his villa. She never got over the fact how beautiful his families villa was. How grand it was in live in a place just like that!

    She insinctivley  headed toward the front gate but saw Ezikeil going the other way. She frowned and followed him away from the main gate and through a small gate into an office Dominique has never been before in. Had small boat modles, old charts, trinkets Of every sort and more books that Dominique could count.

    Dominique please give me a moment, these clothes reek of salt and sweat. I need to change so go ahead and Please make yourself comfortable . She looked at him and smiled,"of course, go ahead I'll just wait til you get back." She turned and Gazed up at the huge painting of Dante DeSota and what Dominique assumed must be Ezikeil as a child.
    Wandering over to the books and ran her paws along the spines. Pulling one out she flipped through the pages, she always was fascinated when she read books how it brings you into another world. She placed it back on the shelf and continued around the room.

    She took off her hat and placed it on a peg. She glanced at the desk and walked over. Admiring all the tiny model boats, running her hands over the small model boats that lined the desk, she picked on up and marveled at the details, the boat was so modles that you could see where the cannons are and the sails. She put it back down and picked up a map. It was a very old map, but the details were exceptional. Running her finger up the coast she saw it didn't deviate far off the ones she has bit with more locations that Dominique didn't know existed. Might be worth to check it out one of these days. She will ask Ezikeil if she could borrow these maps to update hers a little bit.

    She was absorbed looking at the maps she didn't hear Ezikeil come in until he spoke. She laughed at his statement, "I heard mothers are good like that!"  Her laughter faded and she looked at Ezikeil, wringing her scared paws together, "my family, that of my late husband Markus, live at Ruddrang my holt in the northern sea. If you know past history, you know that my family was 'Holt of Lutra' was murdered by stoats under Ublaz Mad-Eyes. He was after the Tears of the Sea, 6 pink pearls. When he attacked the chieftens only daughter and only survivor was Grath Longfletch who Markus was descended from." she stopped speaking and gazed up at the painting.

    She paced around as she continued, "With my marriage to Markus I have acquired quite of bit of wealth, that some might say rivals yours." She said stopping and looking at Ezikeil before resuming her pacing. "My family is well known in the world and most to up north, but we don't like public attention, we are more on the quiet side, by which I have decided to let you in on my families secret and about our inheritance."
    Dominique stopped once again and looked at Ezikeil and her voice shook, "Have you ever here of Captain Borsca Snaketooth the lizard? Or The Tears of the Sea?"

  • " Or the Tears of the Sea?" with those words Ezikeil suddenly jumped up in a burst of excitement like a lunatic would as they shouted to the skies that they was right all along.  "You know of the Pearls?!?! The legendary pearls that became so Illusive that people began to believe it was only a fairy tale?!?! Tell me!" The ferret suddenly froze for a moment realizing how much of a fool he probably looked like before slumping back with a sigh. "I am so sorry, that was a bit excessive." He said in a apologetic tone.

    Ezikeil look up at the ceiling for a moment before he resumed to speak." I am sorry, my father actually once had tried to find those pearls. Then again, any two-bit captain with a crew halfway decent had tried to search for them. We all heard the story at least once in the Captain's Club, a otter holt was massacred by the king of Samptera, which was once the place to get a ship built. The survivor many captians simply called "The Archer", which I guess was Mrs.  Longfletch had teamed up with some what do they call it….?"

    He paused for a moment in thought before remembering. "Ah-ha, 'Woodlanders', why do northern beasts classify themselves like that...'vermin' and 'woodlanders'? What exactly is a 'woodlander' or 'vermin'?" Ezikeil then realized he was getting side tracked and returned to the current topic. Anyways they came and overthrew the King along with causing a fire that burned the whole Island to the ground. Afterwards they say the some idiotic  beast decided to cast the pearls out into the northern waters." The ferret shook his head at the thought. "Those pearls have been considered to be priceless, just one of those pearls can make a beast younger then me never have to work a day in their life."

    He looked at Dominique and gave a excited smile. "It is every captain's dream to just see those lost pearls in person but here you are saying you are married to a direct descendant of the lone survivor of the Lutra Holt!" Ezikeil suddenly stopped talking as if something dreadful had happened and one can see his smile fade. "Wait, did you Captain Snaketooth?"

  • A faint smile played on Dominique's lips as she saw how excited Ezikeil became over the pearls, like a child who had just gotten chocolate cake for the first time. She waited till he calmed down and quickly apologized. "No no, Ezikeil, you are ok." she sighed, "I know a lot about the Pearls, more then you can ever know…" she drifted off and played with her sword that Ezikeil gave her 2 years ago when she became captain. "More history and bloodshed have been over those pearls then one can say, and yes, you were right with the history of the pearls."

    She sat down in one of the chairs and faced Ezikeil, "And yes, I was married to the grandson of Mrs. Longfletch, and I have inherited, along with my Holt, the name and ledgend of Holt of Lutra. If you want to know, I would fully be known as Dominique Longfletch of Holt Lutra, if my husband was still alive. My his soul rest in peace." she trailed off again, "Switched to using my maiden name when he died for this exact reason I need you help."

    Leaning back she closed her eyes, her mind bringing her back to when she first met Borsca. Tears laced her eyes as she spoke, "Borsca and me have a history, took me captavie on his ship after murdering my captain I worked for an half the crew who wouldn't join." It was join or die.. I worked for him for 3 seasons before I was sold off to a wildcat captain…then to you."

    She opened up her eyes as a tear fell down, "I thought it was the last I would of seen of him…But I was wrong, Last night I saw his ship on the horizon, coming after me...." Dominique struggled to keep her voice steady, " I don't know what caused it, but I now know why." she took a deep breath and looked at Ezikeil, right in his eyes, "My family and I have all 6 pink pearls back in our possession once again. And Borsca wants them back."

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    Coming up from the south came a merchant's vessel of rats, the Sea's Spit, a raggedy vessel so small it was barely worth the time to even gaze upon. The rats commanding it were but simple creatures, trading from the mainland, but visited the pirate isle from time to time to bring supplies. It was amazing they were never openly attacked by the pirates, as they had more flags nestled in their ship then actual cargo, raising a white friendly flag to allow them to dock and to trade what they had before setting out again. The ship, once roped to the docks and allowed to enter, brought two odd travelers from some foreign land.

    A weasel and otter had stepped off the ship's plank, a proud pagan warrior in a eastern set of mail armor and cloak, swaying as it did, and a pathetic creature which had looked to be a otter whom had kept up behind him. With one paw on his broadsword, the weasel went about his business, his family's sigil on his front armor and his shield, went about his business in the port. Looking around at all he did, the weasel grabbed on of the locals and looked into him, giving a friendly but otherwise creepy smile.

    "Hello, aye. I am new here, and I was wondering if ya didn't mind, could you possibly tell me where the tavern is?"

    The local pointed to a building not to far across from him, the Weasel letting him go, as the two entered. Some would look on at the odd couple, as Lug silently avoided their stares. Opening the door to the tavern, the weasel sat on a stool with Lud dumbly keeping to his side. Noticing his companion's awkward state, Gast looked at him with some clear distain "Sit down Lug, this may be awhile."

    Lug sat himself down slowly, as if cautiously avoiding the gaze of a greater enemy. The bartender coming over and looking at the two. "Can. . .can I help you?"

    "Yes, aye. Rum for me, and water for me companion."

    Lug sat at attention when a glass of water was passed to him, drinking it. Lug looked around at the Tavern and back at Gastov whom didn't seem to care much. "D-do you t-think he is here?"

    "He better be." Gastov's otherwise cheery and falsely happy expression faded to one of annoyance and discontent "I do not plan to stay longer then I need to. This is the isle, right?"

    Lud got out from the pack a journal, Gastov's journal to be more correct. "Isle of Sampeera. . .Sampertttraa. . . " The bartender intervened with the difficult spelling "Sampertra."

    Gast nodded "Then we wait. Another, barbeast."

    "May I ask whom you two are?"

    "None of your business, aye. All ya need to know is that I'm a Oathkeeper of Esker, and this is Lud." The Bartender looked at both of them funnily, but shrugged it off not wishing to get involved or ask to many questions.

  • Barf was already at the tavern, drinking his ale. Might as well relax a bit and find out some information for his captain while each beast is drinking and not eating.

    "Aye a rum one again!" he called to the barbeast and was rewarded with the rum. "Thanks lad!" he said tossing a coin to the creature. Looking around, he saw to beasts come in a weasel and a ferret. Barf watched them closely and look at his drink as the beasts sat next to him. He could see when they entered that they were someone to tred carefully. He tuned his ears and listned

    'YEs, aye. Rum for me and water for me companion." Barf stayed with his drink and kept listening. Curiousity got the better of him as he heard the ferret shut down the bartender when asked who they were.

    Barf muddled around the term 'Oathkeeper of Esker.' what was that? how come he had never heard of it before. HE glanced at them again, are they somehow related to Borsca or know any thing of them? he didn't ask, he had learned before to just listen before asking questions.

  • [welcome to the club: be warned people who do not respond for a long time will be eaten by a cantaloupe. You have been warned.
    P.S. I just noticed something Scott, you are aware that this city isn't on Samptera, right?]

    Ezikeil's reaction wasn't a surprise, what really was surprising is the shout's echo can be heard by Armos and Remi back at the docks near the Cliffside where the villa was and the two simply shrugged.

    "WHHHAAAATTTTTT?!?!?!?" was what the ferret shouted as he jumped up before he closed the window before having the whole town wonder what is with the shouting and looking at Dominique as if she had two heads. "What do you mean you have all six pearls? Hundreds of ships have gone out to find them and you just happened to find then laying around!" Ezikeil was having a tirade of fury and gave a sarcastic laugh. "OH and that's not the kicker, you mean to tell ME that Captian Borsca, one of the most brutal captain in the north is after YOU? DO YOU UNDERSTAND CLOSE YOU ARE TO BEING GOOD FREINDS WITH DEATH?!?!?!" After a moment Ezikeil plopped back down into his chair and buried his face into his arms and giving a long groan. "Why do you always get yourself into these kind of messes Dominique? One of these days this is going either you or both of us killed." He said not bothering to lift his head from out of his arms.

    Meanwhile back at the dock Armos and Remi had finished unloading the ship. "Aye Remi, I sah we go do'on ta da pub, wayddaya say Laddie?" The fox has said to Remi. The Lynx simply shrugged and glanced back at the DeSota estate on the Cliffside. "Are you sure? What of Ezikel? I think he was shouting about something." Armos simply laughed at it. "Aye, ta boy is fine lad. I say we get some drink, on me." Remi looked back at the fox and shrugged. "Well can't say no to a free drink." The two went down to the local Tavern or as many beasts prefer to call it, "The Pub". Upon entering there was a weaslmaid and a female wildcat whom waved at the two. "Armos! Remi! Your back! Please come on in, we have will have the usual prepared for you two." Said the wildcat maid as she went back into the kitchen. As for the weaslmaid she went up to Armos and hugged his arm and joined in on the conversation laughing and smiling. "Armos please tell me you brought back some more of your stories. I have been waiting for months to hear a new one." Armos looked back at Remi who seemed to give Armos a smug look. "Go on ahead Armos,  Maria here is your adoring admirer."

    The fox glared back before shaking his head and started to tale the story of their latest adventure in the Unnamed DeSota Fleet leaving out the part that the Island vacation disaster was his original idea. Eventually the Lynx maid came back with their drinks and joined in on the conversation. "Yes, yes Armos that is nice. But what is it that your leaving out." It didn't take long for Remi to capitalize on this. "The vacation to the island was his idea." This cause Armos to turn red. "But, bah….The map maker said it was a popular vacation spot!." Remi laughed at this. "Well maybe next time you should had mentioned it to the members of the Captain's Club before convincing Ezikeil!"

    The Maria looked at the female Lynx. "Come on Jaquine, there isn't any need to ruin the story! At least I don't have a lover who's ship blew up!" Remi groaned and buried his face in his paws as he turned red with embarrassment. "That was two years ago! Why can't you all let it go..." Armos leaned in" Cause it annoys ye', and speaking of annoying look who is heer'! Ahoy Barf! Come on and join us, drink are oo'n meh ta'day!" Once Barf joined the group, the fox leaned in and nodded towards the weasel in the armor and started to speak in a lower tone snickering. " Oi, geta gud' look at that laddie in ta armor, lad looks like ee's aboot ta go on a crusade. What a nutter." Armos spoke with a grin. "Anyways how has it been with Mrs.Pierre? The otter keeping ya in line?"

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    Dominique jumped and fell backwards out of the chair and crashed to the ground. She didn't expect Ezikeils reaction to be like that. She looked carefully around the chair at Ezikeil and saw him slam the window shut, her eyes were wide, never has she seen her friend like that.

    ' What do you mean you have all six pearls? Hundreds of ships have gone out to find them and you just happened to find them laying around?!' Dominique spoke 'Well not exac-' she tried to talk over Ezikeil but it didn't work she winced at the next lines, 'and you mean to tell me that Captain Borsca is one of the most brutal captain in the north is after you? Do you understand how close you are to being good friends with death?!' Dominique peaked out from over the chair and saw Ezikeil, head buried in his arms.She slowly got up and crept over, kneeling next to him she said, "It wasn't my intention, I"m so sorry I dragged you into this, I should of known better, its not your mess it was mine." the paused, "It took me almost two years to find them all, hours of diving and searching, tracing back old trade routes and talking with creatures. i didn't know the mess this caused and I don't know how Borsca caught wind of it. I jsut wanted to return what was rightly my families."

    she sat back and twisted her paws, "I…I.." she stuttered, "It never occurred to me that-th- that it will be a mess and again.It wa-wasn't my intention. I"m sorry, I thought I could get help from you, one of the few I trust outside my family. Please.." she begged, "Please Ezikeil..."

    Barf glanced up and a grinned laced his face, "Armos! Remi!" he grabbed his mug and sat with Armos and Remi, "Aye, came in a bit ago, talked about ya know stuff a' never seen tia face 'round." Barf took a swig and continued, "Nice under tia new cap'an, although somethin' got her wound up like a clock, sailed all night tia rach 'ere. Nearly killed the crew. Neva seen 'er like that." he leaned back on his chair. "Perrie said something about a cap'an called Borsco and them have a history togetha! Now Ima left to find out more information 'bout this Borsco.'

  • (OOC: Oh. I'm not the brightest person nor the sharpest, lol. For some correction, I meant to say Weasel and Otter, not Weasel and Ferret. Lud is the Otter. Now just to add this to my growing novel of small mistakes.)

    Gastov had not taken much notice of Barf or really anyone else, as the weasel looked about more and more often while his slavish companion took his drink in silence. Gastov, over time grew annoyed, and eventually spoke out of mind.

    "He should have been here days ago knowing that I was coming!"

    Lud spoke up "W-well, sir. This is your Un-Uncle, Belerov. He did say 'a tavern'. Maybe. . .maybe not this one?"

    "Well? How many taverns are there then, Lud, if you know so much?" Gastov's eyes became like daggers to the otter whom simply knelt back in fear. Lud's answered "I-I-I don't know, s-sir?"

    Gast leaned back and sighed, taking yet another drink "Well, he isn't here, aye."

    Barf's conversation had made the Weasel turn around and took a look of interest, but also had caught Lud's otherwise broken attention. Gastov heard the fox's word and gave a rather hearty laugh "I've been in no crusade, but perhaps I will against creatures whom call others 'laddie', aye." Gastov stood, clearly looking bored and almost itching for a fight. The weasel took a final swig of the rum and gave a satisfying gulp. Without easy notice, the weasel's paw was closing in behind his belt toward his dagger rather then his sword or shield.

  • Ezikeil raised a paw without even lifting his head from his desk and made a gesture signaling Dominique to stop talking. "Dominique, please stop talking." He then pointed towards the otter's general direction and resumed to speak. "You are by far one of the most stressful captains I have to deal with and your not even registered into the Captain's Club. This level of madness not only endangers you, but puts other's life at risk. Being a captain, you have to look out for the crew and those who help you. You can't go on and stir the hornet's nest." Ezikeil then lifted his head revealing his tired expression and looked at Dominique with a light smile. "That doesn't mean I won't help a friend."

    It didn't take much for Armos to noticed the armored ferret's movements. "Ah laddie what that a'boot, ta much of a coward ta fight with yer fists in bar fight?" The fox said with a chuckle as he resumed to drink. "Aside froom tha' I am not in the mood ta deal with some lil shite tha' want ta prove 'emself. Just got back from a rather long voyage." He then placed his mug down and gave the weasel a stare colder than his,a stare that can intimidate a wolverine. "Aye boyo, ever met a pissed off 'ighlander? Yew do'ont want ta, so piss off." The staredown seemed to last for an eternity before Armos busted out laughing. "Aye, boyo, I'm only playing with ya! Let me buy yew a drink." He said as he signaled for more drinks for the table. "so what brings yew here to the fine Nation of Caribe?" Armos said with a smile.

  • Gastov the Weasel seemed to look tense, giving his own stare back. The proud creature didn't seem effected by the cold stare, and only seemed a bit defiant of it. Gastov didn't reply, but instead seemed to lurch forward until his attention and gaze was stopped by Armos's laughter. Gastov gave out his own hearty chuckle and released his paw from his back and cautiously sat down himself.

    "Thanks, aye." Gastov gave a low smile "Nothing much, just waiting for a beast whom ain't really comin." He commented, drinking his reward. "Heh, crusade. If I was smarter, I'd 'ave come with less gear, but yet smart enough to bring a packbeast as I did." He motioned Lud forward whom rather then standing sat on the floor, not even bothering to drink and keeping it's head down to avoid a gaze.

    "We were looking for some island far off, aye, but me uncle being the bad sport he is, aye, he didn't give me much direction. I am Gastov, Gast for short. This idiot packbeast of mine is Lud. Say hello Lud."

    The Otter gave a low mumble "H-hello."

    "Now that ya know me more rite, why don't ya be good hosts and tell me yer stories while we are here." Gastov smiled.

    Gastov was a creature in mail armor, but his outer layer of cloak and his arsenal of weapons made him look slightly tired. A longbow was strung across his side, a broadsword to his side a bit more obvious, a quiver to his other side. This wasn't including the large round shield on his back or the dagger made obvious just below it. Gastov eventually removed his rather eastern looking helm, which on it's head laid orange feathers. Gastov had a rather young appeal to him, and looked very well groomed for some traveler. His companion however looked far worse for ware, being little more then a otter whom looked so pathetic he might as well have not have been. He was broken all over, with wounds of different ages across his body and face, and one could swear he was missing fangs. Lud had little, or if anything, wearing nothing but rags of what looked to be servant's cloths and carrying a large sack. The only thing truly noticeable about him was a large thick leather collar which dug into his neck, bearing his name if one could read it in some stitch marks.

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