Ensis O`Wildlough

  • Ensis: Ensis O`Wildlough (River Otter)

    Appearence: He is a bit tall for an otter and has a sturdy build.  His fur is all brown with the exception of three white lines on the back of his left paw.  He can us any weapon known to him with exceeding skill but when on campain he uses a spear, buckler, and hand-and-a-half sword with the sling of Tiria around his waist.  When out adventuring, he goes with buckler over his shoulder, sword a'swinging at his side, and sling around his waist.

    Life story:
            Ensis was raised in the Court of Renian, High Queen Rhulain of the Green Isle, decedent of  the great savior of the Green Isle; Queen Tiria of Redwall.  He was a decedent of the Queen but it wasn't a direct decedent.  Ensis was raised in great terrmoil in the Isle.  The foul scum Krell the Coarser and his pirate fleet had declared war on the Green Isle.  The war lasted four eight seasons when after they were finally able to attain needed reinforcements from Salamandestron.  In the end Ensis lost three brothers of his five brothers, for the two eldest had been off adventuring on the main coast and his father in the last battle of the war, when he received the sling of Tiria from his father. 
            He was left to support a family weighed down with grief after so much loss till his brothers could be contacted.  He never shed a tear in the presents of others for the family members lost.  After four seasons of carring his families needs on his back, his eldest brother, Embis, returned form the southern kindoms.  Ensis was now old enough to join the army.  He put himself forword for the elite Queen's Guard.  He was accepted as a Lieutenant and served dutifully for two seasons when he was sent to the mainland….....

  • If you want a little more backround, read Pirates of Jentez in fan fic.  It's a trilogy.

  • Okay, sounds cool.

  • Just in case any of you might care(wouldn't blame you if you didn't)

    But I'm trying to get back in Redwall  roleplay so be ware!!

  • WOW! Ensis! big spiny embrace Welcome back buddy! We have missed ya. How long has it been?…. January? But anyways you haven't missed much. Cyber has dropped off as well as kiara, but TJ gets on occasionally. Orion is a frequent. And we have has some great additions of late. There is Felldoh, Cloudberry(don't know if you have met him), Fate, Wolfsbane, Sarah, Larkspure (The last three are a little slow getting on) and a few others that haven't done much. Things have been a little slow lately but they are picking up! Jump right in. It won't be hard to catch up.

  • Ya.  I'm pretty excited to get back. 
    I looked through the threads earlier and alot of the old ones are gone.
    It's a bit sad to see that the past is fading but still, the future looks even brighter.

    Can't wait to get into the threads.

  • You can resurect some. I don't care.

  • Maybe.  If I can remember them.  January is a long time ago.

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