The Northern Passage

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    As the somewhat unorthodox band continued down the passageway and deeper into the mountain, the passageway began to slope downwards, the walls becoming damper and more slick with moss and mildew.

    Faint echoing drips, far-off water droplets pattering against stone, echoed through the ever-narrowing cave.

    Stooping slightly under a rocky overhang, Thistle's mood immediately improved at the unmistakable glint of what could only be sunshine ahead down the passage.

    "Oho, lads an' lassies- Ah can spy a speck o' light ahead!"

  • Gilan, already on edge from all the darkness, rushed down the tunnel as fast as his legs could carry him. He reached the source of the light, but found that it was the edge of a…

    He fell of the ledge, and landed right on his head. He was immediately knocked unconscious.

    Icefurr and Lilian immediately ran after him, but stopped in time...just in time to see Gilan being carried off through the undergrowth outside by a group of rats.

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    Dylan cringes a bit as the woodlander goes SPLAT against the ground. "Poor lad. Hardly knew him w-" the lizard watches the rats ferry their victim away with a calm demenour, "Well well well. Vermin just coming out of the wood work today aint they?" he chuckles adding quickly, "And before you ask, no, those don't belong to me."

  • Icefurr looked at him, not bothering to hide the suspicion. Finally, he leapt over the side of the ledge and rushed after the rats, motioning for the others. Actually, he only thought about motioning. He was too busy jumping at the first rat he saw.

  • Cammy emerged blinking into the daylight just in time to hear Gilan hit the ground with a sound like a sack of rotten fruit tossed from a bell tower. She winced in empathy, her long ears flattening themselves against her head as she peeked over the edge. Almost instantly, her pity turned to indignation.

    "OI!" She screeched, momentarily forgetting her manners as a wash of outrage and frustration washed over here. "You get back here with him, you mangy mannerless muck-soaked misbegotten moronic miscreants!" Hanging from the cliffside, she half-climbed, half slid downwards. Leaping off about halfway down, she landed in a roll, rising to her paws and dashing off after Icefurr and Gilan, weapon in paw.

  • Lilian stood for a second at the edge, then dashed off after them.

    Icefurr chased the rat gang until they came to what looked like a large camp. He dove behind a tree. The fox heard the rabbit coming up behind him. He gestured for her to get down, too.

    There were scores of them! Little rats, and they were tying Gilan to a pole in the center. One of them licked his lips. "Gonna eatcha!" it squealed.

  • Thicket blinked, then blinked again.

    He opened his mouth, partially raising a paw, but closed it as it returned to his side in defeat.

    Stepping to the cliff's edge, he peered after the quickly retreating figures in the foliage and shrugged in resignation.

    Not today, Thicket. Not today.

    Lifting Dylan onto his shoulder, the hare stepped from the ledge, landing hard on both paws. Setting the lizard down next to him, Thicket clapped him on the shoulder.

    "Well then, Ah do believe we should be on our way, then. 'Lest you fancy stickin' aboot fer when the wee beasties come back. 'Sides…"

    Plucking the fancy hat from Dylan's head, he cheerfully plonked it on his own. Far too small and set askew by the hare's long ears, it shifted slightly as the hare moved, its jaunty feather waving teasingly at him. Sticking Dylan's rapier blade point down in the ground, the hare motioned to his ropes before giving a cheery salute and trotting off after the others, calling back to him.

    "Ah fancy ye may want this back!"

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    The lizard blinks in shock as the hare has the gall to take his hat. HIS hat. "Get back here you lilly livered swine! You want a fight? I've got a fight for you!" he begins to leap over the ledge when a stray rat beans him across the back of the head, "But I don't wan to wear de long pants momma…" he says in confusion as his eyes roll upward. He spins as he falls. Tongue sticking out of his unconcious mouth the lizard is dragged away by a pair of rats.

    They were going to have good eating tonight what with the fox and marten they already caught as well...

    (Will they get eaten, ill leave it ambiguous :3 )

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