Thicket Slatepaw

  • Full Name: Thicket Slatepaw
    Nickname: Thicket
    Species: Mountain Hare
    Age: 25

    Description: Every bit as mountainous as the peaks of his northland birthplace, Thicket Slatepaw is every inch a true barbarian. Rugged and scarred, the young hare faces the world with a battered grin and an enormous hammer.

    Thicket carries himself with all the ease of a beast with not a worry in the world. A wanderer, he eats when he's hungry, sleeps when he's tired and follows the path the land sets for him.

    Dressed simply in a barkcloth kilt and broad belt, Thicket's only other garments are a thick woolen cape and a set of sturdy, stone-inlaid bracers.

    Personality: Thicket is, though circumstance, a bit of a loner. Raised by his brother, his education consisted of simple northland survival. The two would travel endlessly, sleeping in the open and foraging for their food. One morning, after spending the night in the ruins of an abandoned village, Thicket awoke to find his brother missing from his bedroll.

    His search of the village proving fruitless, Thicket resolved to spread his wanderings farther. If he couldn't find him that way, there was probably no hope at all. Tearing the old millstone from the village's decrepit windmill, Thicket shaped it into a mighty hammer head and fixed it to a thick ash stave. If something had taken his brother, it was due a damn good thumping. If he'd simply wandered off? Well, then he was due one, too. I mean, making him worry like that! Really!

    Hammer under his arm and cloak over his shoulder, Thicket greeted the larger world with the enthusiasm he would a pack of vermin bandits.

    That is to say, charging in with weapon drawn, screaming a war cry.

    Thicket has a love of festivity, being a concept he'd never even considered during his solitary years. A natural at feasting, bragging and fighting, the great mountain hare takes an absolute delight in such simple pleasures. Thicket has a great love of music, and tends to take an instant liking to anybeast who can play an instrument.

    Delicate and intricate items tend to fascinate him, especially those requiring a great deal of skill to make. He's particularly fond of items with beautiful patterns or those made with unusual or unique materials.

    Rough and crude from years of solitude and wandering, Thicket doesn't always have the best grasp on what's socially acceptable. Though he can act rude and crass at times, it will most often be unknowingly. Naturally pleasant and respectful, Thicket will genuinely regret unintentional rudeness or meanness towards those he feels ought to be respected, and isn't too proud to apologize.

    Those who manage to earn Thicket's trust will be protected as family. Nobeast has yet figured out exactly how protected that is, but only due to the fact that there's not a vermin mob yet to tactically outwit his hammer.

    :Traveling Clothes: Thicket dresses simply and practically in a patterned barkcloth kilt and thick wool traveling cloak. The only affectation he did not make himself is a broad leather belt he removed from one of the first vermin foolish enough to confront him.

    :Great Hammer: An ancient millstone from a nameless, forgotten village in the mountains forms the head of this mammoth weapon. Shaping it into a rough rectangle, Thicket fitted a hardened ash stave through the hole in its center and fixed it in place with tough bindings. The years have weathered it slightly, but it's as solid as ever.

    :Bracers: Simple foreleg guards made from tough cloth and leather. Small patterned stones, carved by Thicket himself, are woven through at parts.


    • Just a drizzle - Spending so much time outdoors has rendered Thicket completely ambivalent to the weather, for the most part.

    • Live off the Land - Thicket is as comfortable in the wilds as an abbeymouse tucked up in bed. He's able to navigate, forage and shelter in even some of the most inhospitable terrain around.

    • Fight for your Supper - Since he was big enough to fight things, Thicket has been doing just that. As such, it has become such a part of his life that it's about as frightening as making lunch. He's yet to meet the beast he can't hammer flat, but when he does it sure as anything won't be for lack of trying.


    • Raised in a Barn - Thicket has spent most of his life roughing it. As such, his vague interpretation of manners and proper societal rules leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Great clumsy Paws - Being the size he is, detail-oriented work is just something he's not very good at.

    • Illiterate - Thicket has had no actual education. He's completely unable to read or write.

  • Howdy! Welcome to the forum!

  • Hey, thanks. Seems like a pretty cool place, should be a lot of fun.

  • There is another player, also new, who made a rabbit. Of you two want to get together for an rp I can provide some vermin to fight or plot hooks to use.

    I will be a tad slow cause im in 2 rps atm but, yeah 🙂

  • Rowan also has a hare. Maybe you and he should meet.

  • Thanks for the offers and ideas, guys. I've actually started a bit of something, and would welcome some vermin interference 😛

  • what kind of vermin interfierence would you like 🙂

  • After reading the entry post I can bring in 1 of 2 characters. Rascal the very tubby fox thief. Or Dylan the lizard merc / bandit.

    Or i can spoof some verminly bandits. ^.^

  • Ooh… Choices, choices...

    Well, I'm thinking that it would make the most sense if it was their fault something collapsed, perhaps?

  • Ok, also it depends on what kind of actiony things you wanted to do with the vermin. Baro would be a push over in a fight. Dylan would put up the most fight. And bandits would be, of course, dangerous but can die.

    Also does any obe have any bounties on them? 🙂

  • Also i wont be able to post until tomarrow so feel free to carry on until then

  • Alright, let's see… How about someone who might try to bargain first, then fight?

    Maybe Baro and a bandit or two?

  • Baro? Oh! I ment rascal XD Baro is my portly thiefy fox from another web site XD

    Ill see what I can come up with :3

  • I think I know what Im going to bring now 🙂 ill post soon. Sorry for the wait. Today was…busy x.x

  • Spam!

    I wont be online tonight so feel free to skip me a while. The vermin will show up when plot convinient, also, tunnel monsters! Woo!

  • Oooooh, tunnel monsters! ^_^

    This is getting really cool, you guys!

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