Hot Steel and cold blood(OPEN)(Industrial Revolution RP)

  • The otter feels a twinge of sympathy for the redwallers. All they want is to be left alone in peace. Of course they would be…if they didnt build such wonderfull defenses and tools of war in ages past. It was rather ironic really.

    "Has anyone gone missing from the abbey?" Tanner asks with all seriousness. "If they have then we might have more than a lead." he leans forward in his chair, "We might have a suspect..."

    (I haz cold Dx sorry I know, poor excuse really. Thank you for reminding me to pose. I keep wanting to then something comes up. So tonight I am not putting it off, I am writing this up before I got to bed!)

  • Six nodded in agreement with Tanner's comments as he glanced over at Jay. "Tanner is right. What information did they provide aside from the missing blade?" The ferret asked as he adjusted his glasses before walking over to the table where his handgun rested alongside the bullet he removed from the magazine so he can reload and holster his weapon. The rat shrugged as he shook his head. "That is a big fat no right there. Mrs. Umsi was the one who got the phone call. She said they demand a officer to be present. You guys should go on ahead and deal with it…I go something I should tend to." He said as he started to give a turn to walk out before Six speaks up. "Jay loose the act, You know damn well I know why you refuse to head over to that abbey." Jay paused for a second and looked at Six before giving a fake smile before walking out the door. It was clear that the thought of going to that abbey bothered him as he walked out. Six shook his head as he grabbed his coat and hat. "He really needs to let things go, its not healthy..." He said before looking up at the otter. "What?"

    Jay walked outside to have a smoke. It helps him think. Although he enjoyed the irony of the abbey's insulted as they now came for help. Ah, Karma can be cruel. But still he had his own reason's for not wanting to go. The people there, the faces...and the memories. Shacking his head Jay pushed out these thoughts as he spotted the cloth that seemed to been recently placed. Walking over He grabs the cloth and retrieves the note. It looks like Jay now has a more legitimate reason not to tag along with Tanner and Six.

  • The otter only raises an eyebrow to the ferret, "It doesnt take a detective to see that Jay has some history with the abbey. Probibly bad, most certainly none of my business. I will respect Jays right to privacy and not ask you to spill the beans about it." Tanner stands, throwing on his coat. He says with a smile, "But I have no quarrel if you were to tell me anyway."

    (I will spoof Jask next turn :3 i will also need to know what he has discovered .w.)

  • (Jay asked Jask to try and find a way to get information from one of the gangs about the murder. Just come up with stuff.)

    Six nodded as he walked outside. "Trust me Tanner, if we run into who I think we will your going to know everything but don't worry it isn't bad. Just something he hasn't been able to get over or face. But Jay is a good guy. His way of doing things is a bit unorthodox and he might come off as a ass at times he is doing his best. Just wish he gave up smoking after he got out of service. Says it kept him calm." The ferret said as he walked out towards his own car. Unlike Jay's simple red 2 door hardtop, Six had something a bit more….sporty. His car was sleek and bright yellow with a convertible top and judging from the size of the engine bay. It was most likely fast. Walking over to the side of the car  Six climbed in and started it and let the engine roar to life. Looking over at Tanner he smiled. "Ain't she something? Come on we got a abbey to get to. Once we get out of the city and onto those long empty roads we can really enjoy the ride."

    Jay shook his head as he proceeded to walk to the location for the meeting point. Yet off all the places in the world he chose a dinner. "Jask, I am going to smack the fat right off you if you picked this spot just for food...." He muttered as he walked in.

    (for reference

    Jay's car (imagine it is red)=

    Six's car (basically the car Jay Gatsby drove it The Great Gatsby)= )

  • The otter dares to run a paw over the hood of the car before getting in. "I obviously chose the wrong profession." he laughs, "Pitty Jay opted to stay behind, he os going to miss out on the fun…"

    Seedy describes the dinner perfectly. Long and narrow there is only a narrow walk way between the bar counter and the booths along the windows, which have been drawn shut, leaving the room dim and foreboading. There are three foxes that can be seen here, but none of them are Jask. These foxes are burly red foxes, save for the slender grey fox with a tooth pick in his mouth who shuts the door promptly after Jay walks in.

    The rat cook behind the counter suddenly leaves and the trio of foxes sneer at the officer.

    "'Ello copper." comes the cheery voice of a creature in the back. The coyote resembles his vulpine bretheren only in shape. He is taller, larger, and dressed in a fine striped suit that clashes with the shabby decor. "Please, have a seat officer. We have much to discuss..."

    The grey fox behond Jay cracks his knuckles as if to say Jay really doesnt have a choice in the matter.

    (And boom, trouble arrives!)

  • Jay shook his head as he simply lit a cigarette. "Alright tough guy easy if you thought I am going to start something. Somebody already be dead." Jay said chuckling as be enjoyed his smoke to" I'll have a seat although I am going to have this smoke." He said as he strolled over and took a seat. None of this really fazed Jay much, it takes a hell of a lot more to strike fear into his heart especially with the things he saw. He sat down casually and leaned back. "Heh, I guess a stiff drink I out of the order huh? Oh well so who and what do I owe this little meeting to?" The rat said with a grin on his face. Either Jask got himself killed or the fat bastard managed to pull a miracle out of nowhere. Regardless here he sat with a gang leader. "So what hornet's nest did my associate manage to piss off today?"


    Six chuckled at Tanner's remark. " A Sampetrian Type S special edition, isn't it amazing the toys you get after getting a college degree and some smart decisions? To be completely honest my old man and I actually go on the track and race. He know his way around a motor and I well am crazy enough to drive it. It is a great hobby." He said as he put the car in gear and rolled it out of the parking lot and started to drive. "I don't know about Jay but I do think he rather drive his car I mean I can't blame him since a hardtop like his is far more a better choice when it starts raining then this convertible." He said as they started driving through the town. "I never really pushed the car but I read it has a top speed of 105 miles per hour and she has that nice sporty feel when driving. I know she feels great but I guess once we hit open road we an test that." He said with a wink.

    (Jay is obviously NOT scared of these guys and probably wont be, but he might cooperate. As for Six, well Tanner might have made a new friend xD)

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  • The coyote grins pleasently while his tail wags excitedly behind him. "They call me Mr. Claws. Tobias C. Rotclaw. Old propper family name that is. We have…a mutual friend. Jask. I believe you know him yes?"

    Tobias leans back in his chair, cracking his knuckles, quite audibly, "Small fellow, very well fed, likes to ask all the right questions and share the answers with all the wrong people..." Mr. Claws voice begins to darken along with the hope that Jask pulled through. "Look, I have nothing against vermin...or what ever titles you Mossflower Beasts use for each other, but my boss, he really...really does not take snitches lightly. Nor those who use them.  So, I would like you to know that the broken knee caps you are about to recieve to be personal."

    The foxes around the bar grin as if this would be personal.

    "Of course, we could skip that unpleasentness completely and you could tell us where the little stool pidgeon has flown off to, eh? You get to walk away a happy rat to your happy rat family and we dont have to sully our paws get the idea eh? So how 'bout it? Where is Jask hiding?"

    (Focusing on the diner for a second. Looks like jask failed D: and now people are looking to turn him into biskets and gravey D:)

  • Jay shook his head with a smile. The threat of breaking his knees had almost zero affect on him considering he was already was once a cripple. " You know buddy you really need to do your research so you can come up with more effective threats." He said with a chuckle. "I am supposed to already crippled or dead considering I was almost cut clean in half but the krauts machine guns in those trenches. But you know something Mr. Rotclaw, you seem like a smart and reasonable mate so let me cut to the chase. Jask is key for the case I am working on. I am sure you all know about the Swordsbeast." Jay said as he extinguished his cigarette and resumed to speak. "I don't know where he is now considering the last time I saw him was when he tipped me off about some of your rival gang leaders are putting bounties on the killer's head several days ago. So now to the point, without Jask that killer wont be stopped." He said nearly emotionless as he started to point at everyone in the building one by one before stopping back at Mr. Claws. " He will start to go after you…,you and you. One by one everyone within this building including the chance of myself would die by his hand. The man bloody killed a doctor who probably saved some in your families in his secure estate! So break my knees if you want to get a nice little kick out of it before we all risk being next or prove me right about you Mr. Rotclaw and use that brain to realize exactly what your risking."

    The car started to pick up speed as they finally exited town. Six smiled as the engine finally started to roar and show it's true potential. "Ahh now we are talking aye Tanner?" He said as he kept his eyes on the long road. "Oh and by the way Tanner, I got a bad feeling about Jay with that little informant of his. I feel like he is going to get Jay killed or go crooked. Jay says he is trustworthy since they go way back, practically childhood actually. Still I don't know how well Jay has been holding up since he got back from the war. He tends to avoid things that are related to his time in the war. The only he sees is someone in the Mental Asylum. I think his name is Ryan Skipper, the very guy that saved his life. Poor guy snapped after learning his wife was having an affair while he was at war and almost killed the guy she was cheating on, now the poor guy sometimes doesn't even know where he is or thinks he is still in the war.  Anyways believe it or now that rat somehow got his little sister who is a ottermaid from redwall to fall for him. I kid you not, I don't know how those two hit it off but they did. After the war he stopped visiting and refused to talk about the place for months. Honestly I think he feels like he can't show his face back there after what happened to Ryan. What do you think?" Six asked casting a momentary glance at tanner before looking back at the road.


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