Hot Steel and cold blood(OPEN)(Industrial Revolution RP)

  • The trains thundered as they pumped the black coal smoke into the sky as the passed through tunnels and bridges though of the city of New Mossflower, a city named after the great forest several miles out of the city limits. Many view this city as a shining example of what many call it the "Industrial boom" although a certain Abbey disagreed with this new change of thought as many began to turn away from old tradition to embrace the new world. "Forsaking the old traditions and values will lead to your doom!" was the cry from the abbey as the world dismissed them as a group of elders set in their ways. Yet the city of New Mossflower wasn't truly as easy to make it in as many viewed it as. Large companies dominate the city monopolies while poverty is a sadly ignored issue in some of the city districts along with crime throughout the city. Yes in this town, it was either you make it or the city devours you.

    Meanwhile at a alley on one of the city corners there was several police wagons with officers scattered through the alley as a small crowd began to appear to try and see what had happened. Eventually a mechanical carriage many call a "Automobile" appeared and stopped at the corner. A young and well dressed rat wearing a newsy cap open the door and got out to the drivers and approached the officers who attempted to stop him. "Hold it sir," said the hare officer. "We got ourselves a investigation going on your going to have to wait." The rat shook his head. "Ah relax constable," He said as he pulled out a badge from his pocket and showed it to the officer. "Inspector Jay Princeton, I'm assigned to this investigation. So What do we have?" The hare nodded and began to walk with Jay to the crime scene. "Well Inspector it's looks like some hate crime wot, can hardly hold me lunch from looking at the sight. The victim has been identified as a fox named Victor Marlson, one of them accountant types. Poor lad's nearly had his head split in two." Soon the two approached the scene, there was the fox's body which had a large cloth covering the head slumped against the a wall that had the word "Vermin" written in blood on the wall. The rat walked over and took the sight in while the hare officer finally had lost his lunch vomiting in a corner. "Victim was a non-wood lander, the word vermin written in blood and signs that the weapon was some sort of heavy object…" The rat muttered to himself as he began to take notes in a small notebook as he looked about  the crime scene.

    OOC: Several important things: 1) even though this takes place in the industrial revolution styled era I have added EARLY cars (like the ford Model T) for one major reason. Horses. I never new what a horse would be like in the Redwall universe, would it be a actual character that can do things like everyone else or is it the same work animal in the real world? So I just added cars to create Redwalls own version of the Industrial Revolution. So yes there are guns and whatnot but remember it is only weapons in this time period!

    1. Jay's age is about 23( okay not really that important but meh)

    2. Pay close attention so some subtitle hints you may be able to notice somethings I may hint to that would be revealed later on into the rp!

  • "Heh, woodlanders." Jask shakes his head as he walks by the scene, head turned to try and catch a glimps of the action like many of the other beasts gathered at the police line. "If ya don't have the stomach for blood why'd ja become a copper?" the fox mutters to himself.

    As a cross fox Jask was simular in size to the victim but thats where the simularities ended.

    His pelt was vastly different from his red furred cousins. His entire under belly, from his face to his limbs were jet black. The back of his head and his sides were orange with a grey furred flank, hips, and tail ending in a white tip.

    His exotic fur was countered by rather common clothing. A simple white cloth shirt with his usual wool jacket tossed over his back with a bowler hat sitting between his ears.

    Interesting as the murder might be it was not why he was here. Across the street there was a  sandwhich cart. The smell of cooked fish and roasted bread was enough to entice anyone to come buy from the merchant, despite the fact that he was a hulking brute of a monitor lizard.

    "Vris! Good morning to ya! How's my favorite street vender this side of the city?"

    "Jassssk." the lizard stands at attention, a large tooth smile displayed like an alligator enticing prey to come swim with him. "You only sssay that because you are hungry. No matter. False compliments make Vris just as happy as real ones." The lizard pulls a premade snadwhich out of the cart, "The usual. On the house."

    "Oh Vris, ya shouldn't have. If I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to fatten me up and slap me on the menu." Jask pats his stomach with both paws before taking the sandwhich. Despite the fact that work was tight across all the city Jask manages to keep himself well fed, as is evident by his growing waist line and hips.

    "Let'ssss be honest Jasssk." Vris leans across the cart, "Vris thinks you would welcome such a fate, happily, if it ment keeping your gullet full. Speaking of which, take this." the lizard hands him a second sandwhich. When Jask asks him why he replies simply, "Because we need to add you to the menu some day."

    Rolling his eyes the fox unwraps the meal. He produces a small note inside then quickly stuffs it into his pocket with a smile. "Give my reguards to your boss next time you see him." now distraction free Jask digs into his meal. It doesn't stop him from talking though. "So what's the deal here?"

    "One sssoul murdered." Vris shrugs, "A fox lossst his life. I know not more."

  • Jay resumed to take notes down as he stood next to the covered body. Eventually, the hare finally regained his composure and walk up to the him. "Ah sah, I take it your going to want to see the body as well?" The rat nodded as he took of his grey trench coat and rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt and adjusted his also grey waistcoat before crouching down to the face level of the body. "I hope your stomach can handle this constable. We are going to have to take a good look before those reporters break through the line and start to make a mess of everything." Jay said jokingly even though his words did have some truth. Every time the police are called for investigation it seems more officers have to focus on preventing the press from interrupting the investigation then those who are actually investigating. The Inspector reached down and moved the cloth aside to get a good look at the face. "Well one thing you was right about Constable, this isn't a pretty."  The fox's head was nearly split in two as it seemed some weighted blade struck him right down the middle splitting the skull and slicing into the brain all the way down to the eye level.  Jay looked look at it for another moment before covering the face again and looking back at the writing on the wall in blood. "Well, It seems our little night terror has struck again." The Hare look at him for a moment. "Your talking about the Swordsbeast, correct?" The rat nodded, "All evidence points to the bastard, either that or somebody is really good at imitating but I doubt that…aside from that, I didn't catch your name constable." The Hare look back at the body for a moment before speaking. "Fredrick O'neil,sah" He said to Jay before returning to the more important topic. "Inspector you know if the public finds out this is another Swordsbeast murder there might be panic." Jay nodded as he stood up and walked away from the body with the hare as another officer settled up the camera's dry plate before taking pictures of the crime scene. "O'Neil, once that officer finishes with the pictures make sure the boys move the body and clean the place up. We can't let this get any more out of hand then it is, Tell the press that a fox named Victor Marlson was murdered and we are now investigating it. Say nothing about the Swordsbeast or how he was killed. If your going to say anything just make a statement to avoid being alone and keep going outside after dark to a minimum. Also if your boys find anything, from some torn cloth to the bloody weapon have them bring it to the station. Remember, say nothing about the Swordsbeast." O'Neil nodded as he handed Jay his coat. "I understand sah." Jay took his coat and slung it over his shoulder letting his badge and double action revolver's holster be seen as he walked past the police line towards the sandwich cart across the street. He placed some cash on the cart. "I'll take the special with one of those Root Beers." Jay said as he massaged his forehead and reached into his pocket a pull out a small sliver engraved cigarette case and took a cigarette from the case before proceeding  to light the cigarette. He already knew that this wouldn't be the last murder, and he sure as hell knew the Press wasn't going let this be written off as a simple murder. Just another Day New Mossflower....

  • The lizard just smiles as he goes about making the sandwhich for Jay.

    "Aint it a bit early ta be hittin the bottle detective?" leaning against the cart the fox noisily chomps away at his meal, "Shouldn't you be out there catching this guy? It feels like fox hunting season out here. Tell me honestly officer, do I need protection? I would hate ta lose me hide to some woodlander nut you know." he says in a jouvial tone.

    Across the street a second automobile pulls up to the scene. The otter that stands out of the car is dressed in a clean grey suit, at least as clean as one in a fur coat can wear. Tucking his bowler hat under one arm the slender otter says to the police beast at the line. "I'm looking for detective…" he pauses to look at a slip of paper in his paw. "Jay. The captain sent me. I need to talk with him right away. Can you point him out to me?"

    The hare points to across the street and the otter nods, turning on his heal and striding purposly towards the beast...and very nearly getting side swiped by a passing car after jaywalking across the street.

    "Sorry, sorry, my fault!" he says amid honking, cursing and yelling. The car pulls around him and leaves. The otter for his part pulls his hat lower oger his head and continues on his waybwith some more kick to his steps.

  • Jay chuckled slightly as he took a puff from his cigarette. "Well to be honest them root beer is one of them kid soda pops, so I think I be okay hitting this bottle. Anyways relax, as long as you got some common sense I am sure you are going to be alright, the police is going to handle this." The rat opened the bottle and took a sip. "But if you as me personally, I think it would be a bit safer if you start to carry some iron." He said as he rested his paw against his revolver. "Just in case."  Suddenly there was the loud honking and swearing coming from the road. Jay managed to turn around and see the swearing beast start to drive off and some smartly dressed otter hurrying across the street. Leaning back towards the lizard and the fox he began to make a small side comment. "Yeesh, what is up with this guy, don't know how to cross the street?" Jay say jokingly then calls out to the beast crossing the street before taking another puff from the cigarette . "Oi, you got some sort of death wish buddy? Look both ways before ya get run over next time."

    (Yes Jay does come off like a smart-A but hey, what can you expect?)

  • "Carrying iron would imply I know how to use one." the fox says as he finishes his sandwhich, crumpling the wrapper quite loudly and just tossing it on the ground at the rats feet. "Speaking of 'one', why don'tcha hit me up with one more sandwhich Vris?"

    Speaking in a reptilian language the lizard shakes his head, "Jasssk, one day that your diet will kill you."

    "Given the choice of death via mutulation, I think I will take the diet…"

    The otter finishes crossing the street. He adjusts the collar of his coat and coughs politely into his paw. "Detective Jay I presume?" he holds out his paw, retracts it, then quickly holds out the paw he didn't cough all over, "Detective Tanner Swifttail. I've been sent to assist you in your case." he shows a badge with his free paw, "Is there a more...private place to talk?" he says in reguard to the hefty fox and burely monitor lizard.

  • Jay looked at the otter's badge and sigh. It was about time that another detective would be assigned on this case. Usually this would be considered a godsend for cases like this with one look at the otter and it didn't take long for him to figure out the Detective. "That's me, Jay Princeton. Your one of those Federal types, ain't ya?" Jay began to take out his wallet and pulled out some more cash and placed it one the counter. "Ill be back for the sandwich but go on ahead and make the fox a nice salad before he needs a crane to pull himself out of bed." The rat said jokingly before looking at the otter. "Alright Swifty walk with me."  He said, blowing out some smoke and extinguishing the now used up cigarette before tossing it on the ground and stepping on it. He didn't care about the otter's reaction to what he called him, he had more important things on his mind. After walking for a bit Jay glanced at this 'Tanner Swifttail'."So then I take it you need to be filled in on this case," Jay said before shaking his head. "Well there isn't much to say that the media hasn't gotten too. Some crazy beast is going around killing non-woodlanders writing the word vermin all over the walls or even the corpse. We have been assuming it is some sort of hate crime but we are not to sure and the only connection we have so far is the way these guys are getting killed. Ya following me?" Jay said looking back at the Otter.

  • Jask only snickers, turning back to his meal. The otter scowls at the litter, picking it up to throw away, "Filthy pig." the otter mutters to himself once out of ear shot. Otherwise he listens patiently to the rats description of events.

    "I feared as much." he rubs his chin with his free paw, "The Department of Vermin…excuse me, still getting used to the name change, The Department of Multi Species Afairs could not express a greater need to wrap this up quickly. Tensions between woodlanders and non woodlanders has been higher this year, especially towards non woodlanders. The powers that be fear another species riot could start because of this..."

    The otter goes to throw away the wrapper into a trash can then pauses. He tilts his head to one side, raising an eyebrow. "I believe this is yours?" the otter hands the rat a slip of paper in the wrapper. It mentions only a location under the Mossflower River Bridge and a time set for 10 pm.

  • Jay took the wrapper and looked at it for a moment. "Looks like we might get a lead." He said as he placed the paper in his pocket. "Anyways no offense buddy but the DMSA can kiss my tail if they think we can work faster with what we have. We have no leads, nobody who witnessed it or is willing to say they are a witnessed it, I'll tell you what this psycho may be crude and primitive on how he kills his targets but we don't even know if it is the same guy or some copycats which I personally doubt the copycat theory. Hell,the only reason why the name Swordbeast came about was cause of how the wounds look, but those wounds can be inflicted with things like a firebeast's axe or any weighted sharp object. Anyways two things are going to happen today, one we are going to take your car back to the station and give you a proper briefing on the case, I'll loan mine to O'Neil so he doesn't have to walk back. Next is we are going to meet our informant at the bridge." Jay said they started to walk back to the cars. "As for tomorrow we have to go speak with Mrs.Marlson, she is in no condition for use to be questioning her right now." Jay said as he looked over and saw the Vixen just arriving to the scene already breaking down into sobs for her husband. " It is a shame really, to see people lose loved ones." As the two walked past Jays red two door coupe, he tossed the keys to O'Neil. "Use my car to get back to the station, I will be riding with Swittail here."

    New MossFlower Police Station for the South District, 5 am

    "Alright boys gather round." Jay said to the group of about 6 beasts before gesturing towards Tanner. "Before we begin allow me introduce Tanner Swifttail or if you want "Swifty" from the Department of Multi Species Affairs." Some beasts snickered at the name before the rat resumed. "Alright now that the ice is broken lets review everything from the top. 2 months ago we had our 1st murder in the fashion we are seeing now. That was the bartender, Emainu Firetail found in his own pub. Poor guy made some of the best drinks there. Anyways, then came along with the Pine Marten Dockworker, Jordi M. Eyes and then the wildcat Picar Trunn the salesbeast. Finally was originally the retired Ferret physician Doctor Ulysses Rathwoth. We had been dealing with some loon how had claimed 4 lives in two months, now he has just claimed his fifth one."  Jay said as he held up the monotone picture of a smartly dressed fox wearing glasses. "This is Victor Marlson, accountant, husband and father of two. Killed in the same manner as the previous 4. His body was found 2 hours ago and from what the available doctor can guess has been dead for about 4 hours. Now then either we have something new or is Mr. Marlson just another lost battle against this maniac?" Jay looked about at the officers hoping for a response. After a few moments Jay sighed. "Ah so he is just another lost cause…" Just then a female mouse entered the meeting room holding a paper. "Inspector Jay? We just got a telegram. We have a possible witness to the recent murder, problem is the witness is to scared to leave their home at the moment." With a sigh of relief Jay nodded. "Alright, thanks Mrs.Umsi." He turned and look at the small group. "Looks like Marlson has a chance. Rodgers, take a squad car to the witness's home and pick 'em up." A squirrel nodded before walking out of the room. "Rest of you guys, we got a job to do and remember, don't let the press get any more information to blow out of proportion. Last thing we need is mass panic." With that the group dispersed and left the room leaving Jay and the otter, Tanner in the room. "So now you know exactly how far down this spirals down Swifty. Got any question or what?" The rat said as he turned and looked back at the list of victims.

  • "Don't…call me Swifty." the otter says with out looking at the rat. He is staring at the list of victims, rubbing his chin in a though provoking way as if this alone will summon answers.

    After a moment he takes a deep breath. "Why a sword?" he asks bluntly, "Axes, swords, hammers, back in the old times they were the weapons of choice, but along came guns. Guns proved to be the great equalizer. You didn't have to spend your life time learning fencing to kill your enemies you just have to aim and pull the trigger."

    The otter paces, mostly sounding out his own ideas as they come. "Swords are not common weapons, the only people who have them these days are nobles and officers, but even then, but those are sabers and rapiers. They are made to...impale and cut. That fox had his head crushed..."

    He turns again right before running into a desk, "Not to mention the fact that killing a beast with a sword isn't an easy task. What beast is just going to sit there and let you kill them with a sword. If they don't have defensive marks on their arms from...defending themselves against a sword strike then the killer may be ...executing them. Dispatching them first, or tieing them...or he works with people and they hold the victim in place...a chilling though that."

    The otter pauses, rudding his eyes, "I'll need to take a closer look at how the beast writes Vermin...see if they are...any differences in the writing. That may give us a clue to if its the same beast or a, as you said, a copy cat."

    He leans against the desk behind him, "Last but not least...tea. I am going to need black tea. What am I forgetting? Oh! Right! The bar tender. Where is his bar located?"

  • Jay looked at him for a moment and grinned. "Buddy, if you can't handle being poked fun of then you just might need to go back to the desk job at the DMSA filling out paperwork. Trust me, they used to called me 'Princess' due to my last name for a good month when I was still a rookie. I'm letting you off the hook ….'Swifty'." The rat added with a chuckle before resuming." Anyways with the sword thing I'd agree with you if it wasn't for one thing. You see, if you wear a large cloak it is rather easy to hide things like that, Why do you think the patrolling officers sometimes wear the police raincloaks even on sunny day? The boys tend to carry small rifles while looking unarmed, so yeah you can hide a sword, a axe or whatever under a good cloak."

    He then began to walk towards a cabinet pulling out several stacks of paper before placing them on the desk. "Here are the files for each murder, the contain pictures of the crime scene undisturbed so you better have a strong stomach. I doubt you'd be able to look at handwriting since they look like the killer finger-painted those walls with the victims blood."

    Next Jay opened a window, sat down on a chair adjacent to Tanner's desk and the window before pulling out a cigarette and proceeding to light it. "Now as for Mr. Firetail's pub it is at the corner of Saint Ninnian's Boulevard, His cousin Wesly Yola runs the joint now. Planning on making a visit, Tanner? The trail there is ice cold just like the beer." The rat ask as he blew a puff of smoke out the window casually. "Right now we need to wait for that witness to arrive, maybe that can confirm some of our theories."

  • Pulling up a chair of his own Tanner peers at the black and white photos. Be takes a deep breath but looks more disturbed at being called Swifty than anything else.

    "I didn't get to where I am today by being coddled from the world Jay." the otter says mostly to admit that he didn't think about a cloak. "And I don't drink…although I do wonder if our killer did before he hacked our bar tender to peices. There has to be...some reason he was targeted first but, I'm sure you have already looked into any possible leads about that. There are thousands of Vermin in this city. Our killer chose these five for a least, I hope he did. If all they really have in common is being vermin then we might actually be dealing with just a crazy beast targeting the first vermin he sees on the street..."

    Tanner looks up and blinks at the rat, "Did they really call you princess?"

  • The rat blew another puff of smoke into the air as he nodded. "The only reason why they stop was cause I won a bet against another officer. Looser had to wear a dress a Tiara to the station. You can guess how that ended for the poor guy, sad part was is the officer that lost the bet was none other then the supervisor." He said as he seemed to smile at the memory. "Took him a week for the boys to stop taunting him. Trust me working here you either become too serious or a total joker. Anyways back to the case,"

    Jay leaned forward as he extinguished his cigarette in the ash tray on the desk Tanner sat in. "Firetail's Pub was called the 'Ye olde Sailors Club' Down by Caverson Street near the Harbor. It is at the corner at the end of the block. His cousin Wesly isn't hard to miss, he used to be a boxer so just look for the fox that looks like he can break you like a toothpick. Don't worry though, he is a jolly boy so you'd be fine." He said while glancing out the window whistling at some ladies walking past. "What a dame….oh yeah, uhh we will be having to chat with the witness who should be arriving any minute, speak with my  "associates", then tomorrow we speak to Miss Firetail. We should get some good information we can go on." He said as he Rodgers throw the door window. The squirrel gave a swift nod letting Jay know the witness is here before going back to work. "Well looks like our witness has arrived so we can start talking to em' once were ready."

  • Bar tender, dock worker, sailor, doctor, accountant.

    The otter rolls his eyes to both the story and the rat's distraction as they walk by the window, 'Vermin.'  he thinks but in a pleasent way.

    Bar tender, dock worker, sailor, doctor, accountant.

    "I look forward to talking with our witness, and eventually this boxer." the otter stands up, "Of the top of your head what does a Bar Tender, Dock Worker, Sailor, Doctor, and an accountant all have in common?"

    The otter replies to his own question, "They can each use an accountant. I would like to go through the foxes office as soon as possible as well."

    So much to do so little time…

  • The rat looked at him Tanner for a moment as he stood up. "Well lets have a chat with our witness." The group walked towards the interrogation rooms where oddly enough, the witness requested to be in instead of entering the office. In the room sat a female squirrel with a slightly paranoid look. As they approached the room Jay stuck his arm in front of the otter looking through the small window on the door. "Hang on, I'll chat with her first something doesn't seem right." The rat looked back at a slightly confused look from the otter. "Look she don't seem right in the head so here is what were gonna do. I'll interview her first, then after a bit of time you come in after I leave. Then we compare what she says to each of us and see what we get. I'll go in first." After Jay finished speaking he then opens the door and enters closing it behind. "You must be the witness, Marie O'Riles. I am Inspector Jay Princeton, I just want you to tell me everything you saw last night at the time of the murder." The squirrel looked about frightened before speaking. "Oh I saw everything all right. It happened about a hour past midnight, That fox was leaving from a pub with his books n ' papers as a cloaked figure followed him. I need Mr. Marlson a bit, kind fellow. Anyways I knew he liked to cross through that alley you found him which I can see from the second floor of me home. As he walked down that alley I saw the cloaked beast suddenly drew out this large blade and before Mr.Marlson could even react, he nearly split his head in two. I had screamed from what I had saw…." She began to trail off, voice shaking in fear. "The beast look at me from that alley. We stared for a good minute and then the beast removed his hood, was a mouse clad in steal." Jay looked up from the note he was taking slightly confused. "A mouse clad in steal? Like armor?"  The squirrel only nodded slowly before speaking. "It was Martin the Warrior, we are being punished by his spirit." Jay looked at her. "Mam, are you sure you are not making a mistake? Are you well?" At this point the squirrel began to raise her voice. "No I am not making a mistake! It WAS him. Look at us, we have a stoat as mayor of our city! You vermin have taken power and Martin will NOT STAND FOR THIS! HE WILL NOT REST UNTILL HE PURGES THIS TOWN OF VERMIN! YOU WILL PERISH!" Jay stood up. "Mam please calm down! There is no need for this." This only seemed to make her shout more. "NO GET AWAY VERMIN! OR MARTIN SHALL SLAY ME FOR SIDING WITH YOU KIND! GET AWWAY!!." At this point the rat scrambled his notes and rushed out the door slamming it behind he as she was still shouting and looked over at his partner. "Tanner, I suggest you wait till she calms down. She has gone completely insane."  He said shaking his head, I'll tell you about it after you speak with her, right now a need a stiff drink."

  • Tanner leans backward as the yelling begins. Rubbing his eyes he mutters to himself, "By the light, they are even crazier here than Big Sal."

    He turns to the rat before replying, "Maybe it's just your charming good looks." Tanner chuckles as moves for the door against his partners wishes, "Don't worry, I work for the government. I'm used to getting yelled at." he winks before stepping inside.

    "Good evening ma'am. I'm Detective Swifttail. I am with the department of multi species afairs. Do you need a moment before we chat?" he smiles as he moves to sit down.

    Vermin. Woodlander. Two archaic terms used in a more barbaric time. Exactly how beasts were clasiffied into either catigory remains a mystery to Tanner. Supposedly predetor species were classified as Vermin…but not otters who were very much just as preditory as any fox or weasel, they just hunted fish. But because his species was 'cute' and pleasing to look at they were considered woodlanders.

    Mice themselves could eat as much meat as rats and rats could eat as much grains as mice but one was considered vermin because...astetics?

    It was funny the way the world worked.

    And then there was the accusation that Martin himself had come back from the grave to slay vermin, appearently starting with the most vile of vermin; bartenders, dock workers and...well, ok, he did kill an accountant so Tanner would give him that...

    "Do you need anything to eat or drink?"

  • Jay simply shook his head at Tanner. "Ah go stick your head in a sawmill," He looked at the otter and resumed to talk. "Swifty, she is more crazier then any government idiot you had to deal with. If you happen to survive meet me at the Pub down the street. I'm getting lunch." said the rat as he left.

    The squirrel looked relieved at seeing the otter. "Oh thank the heavens, a face I can trust. The spirit of Martin stalk the streets delivering swift vengeance against the vermin, and I fear he will soon come after us for allowing them to come into power instead of running them out of our lands." Although her words sounded like a madbeast, she didn't look as such. She seemed to be frightened of what she saw, yet looks can possibly deceiving at times. "We must do something before Martin begins to hunt all of us down, I am so afraid that we will be next." She began lean foreword hugging her side whilst going back and forth repeating the same phrase over and over. "He won't stand for this. He won't stand for this…."

  • It became abundantly clear to Tanner aa he leans back in his chair with a concerned look on his face that anything this woman say can not be used in the court of law. A junior first time lawyer would tear any evidence she gave to shreads at the first mention of martin the warrior.

    Even if the mouse existed ghostly apperitions of fallen warriors do not make credible evidence…

    " sounds like you had an interesting night, seeing Martin the warrior. You know I never did see Martin the warrior, was he as tall as the legends depicted him? And about time did you see Mr. Martin assault the fox?"

    He thinks about another question he can phrase..."Have you seen him before last night?"

  • The squirrel shook her head. "No I have never seen him before last night. I don't know what time Martin done his justice but I believe it was a quarter till midnight since the pub closes around half past 11." She then looked at Tanner in the eye. "Your wish to stop Martin do you?" She seemed to start to raise her voice." You can't! You can't stop him! He has guided many goodbeasts throughout history, when he acts it is in the path of justice! HE IS PUNISHING US FOR ALLOWING VERMIN INTO OUR HOMES DONT YOU UNDERSTAND?!? THOSE THAT DON'T STAND BY HIM WILL DIE AND BE CASTED TO THE HELLGATES! DON'T YOU GET IT?!? THE GREATEST WARRIOR OF REDWALL WILL SLAY YOU IF YOU STOP HIM!" She started to sob uncontrollably. "His wrath can only be quenched now with the blood of the vile vermin, nothing will stop him." She seemed to start to repeat the last words over and over again seeming no longer respondent to any further questions, only uttering that one phrase.

    OOC:[Maybe I had to much fun with the crazy train…oh well]

  • The otter leans back in his chair, slowly, as the witness rants away about martin. This mouse sounds a bit more blood thirsty than Tanner remember from history class but then again he did, supposedly, over throw a small kingdom and establish an abbey for woodlanders to flock too.

    Even if he was just made up woodlander propaganda. Tanner of course tells the witness nothing of his thoughts, "Well Martin is hunting vermin with out a permit." he smiles at his own jest, standing from the table, "We are going to send you to the infirmiary first before we send you home. Witnessing something as brutal as a murder has been known to put some into shock. Don't worry its all routine…"

    Tanner cringes as he turns for the door. He could use a drink now too...

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