Chamomile Camellia Camembert ("Cammy")

  • Full Name: Chamomile Camellia Camembert
    Nickname: Cammy
    Species: Rabbit
    Age: 15

    Description: Despite cutting a diminutive figure, Chamomile Camellia Camembert is anything but easy to miss. Lithe and slim, 'Cammy' (as she calls herself) is quite often the center of attention. Wrapping herself in silks as bright and colourful as her personality, it's an easy mistake to forget that she's just a little slip of a thing. Her coat is a pearly gray, lightening at several points across her back and ears, which are tied with a lovely green ribbon.

    Cammy is never still, be it a tapping paw, pacing about the room or gesturing grandly as she spins yet another tale of heroism and great deeds. Full of energy, she just can't seem to sit still in one place for long. Be it a dance, a jog or a quest to the ends of the earth, Cammy is always up and about as soon as a reason presents itself.

    Personality: Drab. Boring. Stuffy. All words ponies use on a regular basis to describe your average rabbit. If one were to speak to a certain Miss Camembert's parents, they might add 'reckless', 'foolhardy', disgraceful' and 'far too loud' to the list. Chamomile Camellia Camembert is a maid bound for adventure, and woe betide the one she finds.

    Born to a simple northland family of rabbits, Cammy was quickly the odd one out at home. Fiery, impetuous, extremely curious and far too excitable, she was forever subject to lecture after lecture about the finer points of etiquette. It took all their doing, but Colworth and Marigold had managed to keep their daughter under control. At least, until the day a roving patrol of Long Patrol scouts came by.

    Her parents' lessons didn't stand a chance.

    The old campaigners' tales of glory and grandeur had completely enraptured the young maid, and her mind was soon made up: There was wrong in the world, and she'd be the one to right it. It was the Long Patrol for her! The moment the patrol departed in the morning, Cammy set to work preparing. A haversack full of food and a hardened, whippy 'practice rapier' snuffer pole later, and she was ready to follow the parh of a thousand young ones before her and run off into the forest like a madbeast as soon as her parents were asleep. Heading south through the moonlit woods, she was off towards adventure!

    Of course, it would have helped if she'd gone the right way…

    :Fencing Singlestick: A slim, whippy wooden pole. Originally a candle snuffer, Cammy has wrapped the 'hilt' in barkcloth cord and hammered the bell flat over the tip, giving it a metal tip. Though not as dangerous as an actual sword, it's highly advisable to avoid the pointy bit all the same.

    :Cammy's Clothes: A light, airy set of traveling clothes stitched together from broghtly coloured silk. Flamboyant and very in-your-face, much like their owner.


    • Light on her paws - Being a rabbit, Cammy's diminutive size and rabbity nature make her a very fast and agile runner.

    • Courageous - Cammy's spirit is far too large for her body. If there's a beast she fears to tangle with, she's yet to meet her.

    • Epicure - Living in a small northern forest gave Cammy a very well-developed ability to vanish into the undergrowth and emerge with enough tasty bits and pieces for a lovely soup or stew. Cammy can cook just about anything you place in front of her.


    • Rabbit - Alas, no matter how much she may wish she were a hare, Cammy is a rabbit, and a young one at that. She's not very tall or strong, despite her speed and mobility.

    • Untrained - Unfortunately, living as a forest rabbit gave Cammy no time to learn to use a weapon. Sheer single-minded determination has granted her a reasonable bit of skill with her improvised rapier, but she doesn't really know much more than 'stick them with the pointy end' for most melee weapons, and she's completely lost when it comes to a bow or a sling.

    • Naivete - A little rabbit out to do good, Cammy's sense of purpose can sometimes overshadow her common sense. She can be very idealistic and believes the best in others, even when it might not be the wisest.

  • Welcome to the game! Its a nice character you have made there πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much! ^_^

    Sometimes I think there's a teeensy little bit of Mary Sue in her, but I'm probably safe πŸ˜‰

    It looks like it's gonna be pretty cool here!

  • we will have to find a story for her to be in πŸ™‚

    So where do you see your hare roleplaying? And what kind of stories do you like to play in?

  • Rabbit, actually- In my head, she's to a hare what a Halfling would be to a human ^_^

    As for where I see her… She's gotta get herself swept up in something, a tale of legend! She quite simply won't be satisfied otherwise, and will probably keep looking for more adventure xP

  • Welcome to RL brookflow!

  • Thank you! It's a cool place, it looks ^_^

  • RL will grow on you!

  • I'm sure it will!

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