Adulthood is Overrated (OPEN FOR ANYONE)

  • The abbey was peaceful and silent during this sunny day, a slight breeze played along the grass, rustling the trees and flowers and it made its way around the abbey grounds. Not many creatures were out and about, either learning or having to do other shenanigans that kept them from the outdoors. Looking at the abbey, you wouldn't of though that just a season ago, it was under seige and half ruined. The scars of pasts slowly been covered by grass, trees and nature.

    On the ground in an old oak tree two squirrels lounged, one was flame colored and the other was a gray. The fire colored squirrel lounged up in the tree, laying on a branch. This was Captain Tessalina Streamlily, Captain of the guards and her sister Jasmine Streamlily, these two were also known as Tessa and Jessie.
    Tessa was bored, after cleaning her two swords and doing her laundry she had nothing to do and it wasn't even noon. Sometimes being Captain of the Guards really sucked. Everyone looked up at you and expect you to be the leader and know everything, well you know what Tessa sometimes doesn't want to be the adult. She just wanted to go have fun, like when she was in her dubbin years. Pranking the abbot, trespassing into the kitchen at the dead of night to get some scones, getting into trouble left and right.

    Tessa sighed and picked off bark from the tree branch, dropping it onto Jessies head, who was reading below. "Tessa!"  Jessie she said looking up, glowering wiping the bark out of her hair. Unlike her older sister, Jessie was the opposite, a dark grey and white colored squirrel with black hair and white tips and to top it off, Jessie was trained in healing and negotiations, unlike her sister who preferred fighting and close combat. But that didn't stop the sisters from being best friends. You would rarely find Tessa and Jessie separated.

    " Oh come on Jessie, how many times are you gonna read that journal?" Tessa said looking at the book, "You have read it like 50 times." Tessa smiled and the looked at her sister, "As many times as I want since it never gets old and anything to annoy you!"
    "Annoy me, I just strive for your attention.." Tessa when back to picking off the bark, "I"m just bored, after the past few months its finally quiet.." What Tessa said was true, the few seasons, Redwall always had run into trouble with vermin, or fire breaking out or battles. "Is just odd that we aren't out and about scrambling  to keep Redwall safe. You know, being adults and all in charge. "

    Jessie sighed and closed her book , "I know what you mean…It sucks sometimes when others rely on you to keep them safe. I hate being an adult sometimes, the responsibilities suck!" she played with a blade of grass and then pipped up, "You know what we haven't done for a long time..." mischief laced her green eyes, Tessa perked up, "Getting in trouble and having fun pranking others?" Jessie grinned, "You and me think on the same level, exactly"  Tessa swung down next to Jessie, "What do you have in mind, and to who shall we prank?"

    "Hey Ms. Morrow." Jessie said to a older otter sitting in the great hall, "Oh hello young Jessie what brings you here on this fine day?" Jessie smiled, "just wondering if you can help me where I can find the librarian, I have a book I want to give her." While Jessie was distracting Ms. Morrow, Tessa quietly crept up from her other side and put some hot spices in Ms. Morrows tea and then in the pitcher also before wandering off, looking at the wall interestingly.
    "Thanks Ms. Morrow!" Jessie said excitedly and skipped off to join Tessa. They watched from the doorway as the otter drunk her tea. Ms. Morrows face when from normal to tomato red, and then lunged for the pitcher to sooth her throat. "TESSA! JESSIE!" Morrow yelled and Tessa and Jessie took off running down the hallway, laughing, "Run, hurry, before she gets us!" Tessa said following her sister.

    They bursted outside and ran around the side of the building where they fell about laughing, "Her face...did you see her face, that was some hot spices!" Tessa giggled. "Bet she got more what she bargined for." Jessie said, clutching her side. "Wh-what is next?" Tessa managed out, Jessie pulled out a small parchment, "Stone scones, to small shoes, never ending stack of books, plastic wrap galor....." she said grinning. "We gots a big day ahead of us." Tesas stood up, "Lets go!" and both headed off to the library.

    They quietly snuck into the library, where Mousemaid Fabiana was working on putting away books, the table was stacked high with books. Tessa and Jessie crouched behind the desk and winked at each other. Everytime Fabiana truned back around to pick up more books for the shelves she was met with the same amount of books. Fabiana frowned, "What?" she muttered before taking another stack of books and placing them on the shelves. Turning around she nearly had a heart attack, twice the amount of books was stacked up. She heard giggling and saw a gray tail disappear from behind the door. She shook her head and smiled.

  • Before heading to the kitchen, the two stopped by their rooms they shared. Tessa skipped over to a worn box and opened it. Inside was all of Jessies and Tessas toys and pranks from years past.
    Jessie peaked over Tessa's shoulder, "Its still all here!" she said excitedly and started to pull out item after items. Tessa dug around til she found a bag of painted blue stones that almost looked like blueberries. Jessie on the other hand was stuffing things her her bag to take with her. "Found them! Ready?" Tessa said and Jessie nodded and both headed to the kitchen.

    It was only by luck that they didn't run into anyone or Badger Mum and made it down to the kitchen. On the windowstil were freshly baked scones, and Tessa and Jessie gladly helped themselves to half of them, they are gonna get replaced right, before starting to bake some more. Tessa poured in the 'blueberries' and both girls shaped them on the baking form before putting them in the fire oven.

    Jessie let out a frighten squeak when Frair Matt came down, 'Whacha girls doing?" Tessa spun around and JEssie just smiled, "we are um…baking some looks like the dubbins got into the scones again..." she said glancing at the windowstil. "I just don't want them to get in trouble for a select few.' she said grinning at Matt. Matt nodded, "Well thats mightly fine of you." he said and Jessie nodded. Friar Matt looked into the oven, "Mmm those scones look mighty fine." he said as he pulled out the scones and reaching to taste one, "NO!" Jessie said ad batted his hand away, Matt looked at her curiously, Jessie cowered slightly and stuttered, "Scones are hot..don't want to burn your paws or mouth. Best take one of them on the windowstil." She said pushing him away. Matt looked at both of them, "Are you guys up to something?" he said slowly, Tessa shook her head, "No sir." she said quickly, "Just keeping ourselves occupied and staying out of trouble..."

    Jessie pipped in, "Yup, exactly, just trying to pass time before tea time. Which is in about an hour." Matt looked at them both, squinting his eyes, "Mmmm if you say so...this coming from infamous pranksters..."
    "Former pranksters..." she said, "WE have responsibilities now..we are adults...childhood days are over. We are being competently adult like." she said trying not to fidget.
    "How about we finish up in the kitchen and you go outside and relax, its a beautiful day and you have been inside way to long." Jessie grinned. "We don't mind.'
    Matt nodded, "I haven't been outside....thank you girls."
    "Ciao!" Tessa waved after him and turned to Jessie. "We got work to do!"

  • The next hour passed quickly as Tessa and Jessie elaborated on what would be their best prank yet." Both girls rolled up a casket of water, swearing and sweating to the kitchen, "So heavy." Jessie panted as they put slammed it on the table. Tessa looked at her, "We made it tho." Tessa wheezed out. She winced, her rib protested when she stretched up.
    "You got that coloring?" Tessa asked and Jessie rummaged through her bag, "Gots it!" she said excitedly holding up a bottle She brought it over and looked, "how much?" she said, "Just a bit so its not noticeable." Tessa said giggling. Jessie put a few drops in the pitchers of water that they head, and the water turned a light red just like the strawberry cordial then dissolved again. "Perfect." Tessa said excitedly look at the 6 pitchers of just plain water with hot spices in them. Jessie pulled off the kettle from the fire, "Super Bitter tea…Check" she said and grimaced when she tasted it. "Stone scones..check!" Tessa said looking at the huge plate of scones mixed in with the normal ones.

    Jessie and Tessa looked at the checklist, "Stone scones, hot water,  bitter tea... Think we got everything!" they gave each other high fives just in time as badger mum and some other redwallers came down.
    "Badger mum!" Tessa greeted the huge badger. "Tessa and Jessie, surprise you guys are cooking for tea time..." she said, suspiction in her voice. Tessa looked down at her feet, "We were bored...wanted to help." she muttered. Badger mum was one that Tessa still respected and slighly feared from her dubbin days. IT wasn't the first time the badger mum questioned them and caught them.

    Thank goodness the other redwallers brought all the food and drinks up and Tessa and Jessie followed them to the great hall. After everyone was seated, Jessie and Tessa watched for a bit before slinking off, out of sight. Tessa looked back and saw the badger mum watching them, "Aren't you gonna try some of your cooking?" She asked the girls, Tessa grinned, "No ma'am, we are pretty full from taking helpings while cooking..." she said rubbing her belly, "Yeah, why eat it ourselves when others can have it more."
    Badger Mum narrowed her eyes, Tessa shifted nervously, and that is when the cries of protest started.

    "These aren't scones!!! WHAT THE HECK!? ROCKS?!" Though this was blueberries." "Ahh my mouth! The water is spicy!" Jessie and TEssas eyes went huge, "You guys are busted!" Bader Mum raised her voice and Tessa and Jessie took off running full speed down the hallway with Badger Mum behind them. "Split!" Tessa cried when they reached and inersection. Tessa banked right and jessie when left. Jessie dashed up a short flight of stairs and skidded around the corner sprinting down the hallway. "Sorry, excuse me!" she cried as she dodge creatures. Going up a curved flight of stairs she stopped and looked around, she was up near the clinic. Quickly she shut the doors behind her and panted before she dashed to the back closet full of linen.

    Tessa bused through the doors and sprawled out on the ground. She quickly got up and looked around before making a dash for the gatehouse. She quickly dived behind some bushes and laied flat on her belly, panting. She saw Badger Mum coming out of the door panting and looking around, "TESSA where are you?" she hollared and Tessa giggled to herself, "Not in your arms." she muttered, watching through the bushes being perfectly still. Badger Mum looked around before turning her back, Tessa stood up and backed towards the gatehouse when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She gave a frighten squeaked and jumped sideways, falling down. "It didn't mean any harm!" Tessa said franticly, "It was just a joke! You can ground me I'm a adult and fully responsibility!!"" she said looking up.

  • Oliver looked puzzled at the frightened looking squirrel maid as his normally bandaged up paw grabbed onto her shoulder. "Well, well, looks like I caught me a troublemaker! The face o' guilt on this 'un, it seems." The large squirrel warrior said in a hearty tone of voice. He was always happy to see the second in command under Bradley roaming about the peaceful Abbey. It made him curious of the edgier more trouble-making sister's whereabouts were. Nonetheless, Oliver gave her a smile, despite already having a feeling the pair were causing an alarming amount of trouble already.

    He lifted the smaller squirrel up from the ground before commenting again. "What 'ave you gone an' done this time missy?!" Oliver had to ask. Aside from just being the one who trained the soliders in the Abbey, he had a huge on going job as the friar's assistant in the kitchen. He always received complaints because of others causing a ruckus in the kitchen.

  • Jessie slowed down her breath and peaked out of the linin closet, counting to 50 she crept out and looked around, she was by herself. Now time to get down to the gate house to meet up with Tessa, heaven forbid she get caught by Badger Mum. Jessie pulled out a rope from the closet and when to the window, tying the rope to the nearest pillar she flung it over the wall and then eased herself down. "TESSA WERE ARE YOU?" Jessie froze and looked below her to where the Badger Mum was, "please dont look up…please don't look up." she prayed, Jessie heard the door slam and she saw a flash of gold fur in the bushes. Lowering herself to the ground she scampered over quickly to where Tessa was hiding.

    She faced the  warrior squirrel in front of her. "Oliver. Don't rat me out, Badger Mum will have have me grounded and scrubbing floors if I was caught right now...I would really like to enojy my freedom while it lasts before I get sentenced to work!" she found herself on her feet again and quickly she adjusted her tunic and smooth down her hair to make her look more offical.

    'What 'ave you gone an' done this time missy?!' Oliver said, Tessa looked up at him and said, "Nothing. I mean, I did something, but its.. I mean it doesn't matter what I or my sister did." she said hurriedly and stumbling over words. My goodness, talking usually came so easily to Tessa but today apparently she was having a hard time.

    "Tess." Jessie said, coming up next to her sister "you made it alive!! Thank goodness. Badger Mum is mad, though I guess it fair since we did ruin tea time.," she said hugging her sister. Turning and looking at the muscular squirrel Jessies face lit up, "Oh hey Oliver." she said cheerfully "Long time no see!"  and then looked at Tessa, "Come on! We need to hide before we get ratted out." she said pulling on Tessas arm and then dashing off to the gate house.

    Tessa looked at Oliver, "Are you with us?" she said before following her sister and disappearing inside the gatehouse.

  • Tessa and Jessie sat down with there backs against the wall under the window, so if anyone looked inside they would see no one. Jessie closed her eyes and sighed, "That was a close one." she said, Tessa nodded, half laughing to herself. "You think? I nearly died when Oliver crept up behind me. I thought it was the Abbot or Friar." she took a deep sigh.

    Jessie looked at Tessa, "You know…we will get caught sooner or later." Tessa grimaced,, "Yeah...I just want to enjoy my freedom while it still lasts. How long do you think we have?" Jessie mused for a bit, "About Dinner time me thinks. Unless we skip dinner, and just go to bed..but then its just delaying it a bit more." Tessa played with a trinket in her hair, a little star that she claimed from a beast she defeated, watching it sparkle in the dim light.

    "I wonder what they will do when they figure out that all the soaps and shampoos have blue die in them..." Jessie said, Tessa froze, "What?" she said looking at her little sister, Jessie grinned, "You didn't know!?" she said incredibly, "While badger mum was looking for you, I managed to replace almost all the soaps and shampoos in the clinic and storage with blue dye."

    Tessa just stared open mouth at her sister, shocked that sweet little Jessie would do that. "" Tessa said, "WEll done." she said finally. "Remind me not to use soaps the next few days. I don't want.." she looked at herself, "Purple fur!" Jessie keeled over laughing, "that would be hilarious!"

  • Oliver looked puzzled for a second before going after the pair after they disappeared. He popped up behind them once more, smirking.

    "No I wont rat ya out.. It's not m' style." They were all around the same ages which made this even more fun in his mind. The giant squirrel smiled at the pair, putting his arms around their necks. "But, you better not be prankin' me with none o' those blue soaps when I bathe.." Oliver played along with them, but kept wary of their actions. He knew they would involve him sooner or later into something like always that would result in him getting into trouble or getting pranked himself.

    "So, my fine two squirrel maiden friends, what shall th' next bit o' fun be? I'm game fer anythin'." He said with a wink before removed his larger arms from their neck and shoulder area. The warrior was ready to unwind and have some mischievous fun. Being kept as a friars assistant and constantly training new warriors and fighting always made him stiff and weary.

  • Jessie smirked at him, "Why, you scared we are gonna ruin your good looks?" she said and shook her head, "Just use the short ones, not the tall ones. or was it use the tall ones and not the short ones?" she scrunched up her face and gave an apologetic look, "Sorry Oliver, I don't remember what I switch it out with…Its a 50, 50 chance. Good luck!"

    Tessa rummaged through her bag looking for ideas, "So you finally found your calling and are joining us on the fun side?" she pipped up excitedly, "I was wondering were the young oliver we grew up with had gone." she dumped out the contents of the bag, "Whats next? Well we can't exactly show ourselves in public right now or have badger mum find us, so what we do next is series of pranks that happen the next few hours and potentially days." She held up a sack filled with ropes. "Ive been wanting to do this to one creature who just gets on my nerves." Tessa said sourly, the person in question was a young vole called Jim. He and Tessa didn't exactly see eye to eye and every time he got a chance, he tried to humiliate Tessa in front of everyone, if it was in training, or defying Tessas orders. Even tripped her one time during a sword fight while throwing sand in her face.

    Looking at the two she said, "We are gonna cover him with water first then have flour dumped on him, and I know exactly were we will do it." she said, " I need your guys help. Here is the plan." she pulled out parchment and a quill from her satchel, "Jim arrives at practice at 4 noon every day, this is when he practices on his own time, I have seen him always go into the armory to grab gear and then head outside to the ring to practice on the stick dummies." She wrinkled her nose, "After practice, he is always drench in sweat and smells really bad, that is when we attack."

    She drew a door, "We put the bucket on top the door that is slightly adjar with this fishing wire attached to a small nail on the inside, when he opens the door the rest of the way. BAM!" she said scribbling furiously he gets covered with flour. Meanwhile we will watch the whole thing from the other side of the yard on the benches." she looked up with an evil look in her eyes and smiled slightly. "You guys in?"

    Oh I'm going somewhere with this, which eventually end up with Tessa being framed for some prank she didn't do...

  • Tessa grinned, "Let's get to work!"

    She and Jessie made there way over to the training grounds, thank goodness it was deserted except for Jim who was practicing. Tessa glowered at him and they quickly set to set up the prank. Using her knife, Jessie hammered in a nail and ran the finish wire up to the bucket.
    "All set sister!" She said quickly, Tessa looked around, not a moment to soon. Tessa looked back and saw Jim finishing up. "Hide!" She said and quietly clambered up to side on the roof, hiding in some branches and laying low near the tree that grew by the armory.

    Jessie wasn't so lucky, and Jim saw her, "oh hey Jim." She squeaked, Jim looked at her "what ya want?"  The Vole said. "Oh you know, just looking for my sister and though she would be down here but I guess not. See ya!" And skipped off across the grounds.

    Jim went inside and Tessa took this opportunity to dash across the courtyard and next to Jessie in the bushes. They grinned at each other as looked as they heard a shocked yell.

    Looking towards the armory, they saw a wet and flour covered Jim come storming out. "Who did this!!" He bellowed and looked around, the sisters dropped to the floor and waited with baited breath.As Jim stormed off to the abbey.

    They looked at each other and then burst out laughing, Jims fave was priceless.

  • "Why, you scared we are gonna ruin your good looks?"
    “Always ‘ave t’ poke fun somewhere!..” He said before ruffling the fur on top of her head.
    Oliver then listened to her as she spoke.. “Jim..” He thought for a brief moment, “Oh yes! I remember Jim, you ‘ad ‘im go through one of my bootcamp sessions at the trainin’ grounds.” He chuckled to himself before continuing,”Now I see why you sent ‘im.”

    The larger squirrel warrior listened to her plan closely and smiled. “Gotta ‘it ‘im when the timing is right!”

    "Let's get to work!"

    “Oliver climbed atop of the Ramparts ahead of the sisters and watched their plan go to action. He hid behind one of the pillars, as to keep the creature from spotting him. He watched and waited for the plan to go forward.

    As Oliver noticed her get spotted, he produced a loud Goshawk cry by cupping his paws to his mouth and screeching. It made the Vole look up, thinking a large Goshawk was flying around the Abbey, which aided in the trap working.

    From Oliver’s end, he watched the whole thing happen and he burst out laughing. The hardest he had in a while. “Wow, this is fun!”

    He scurried down the rampart and ran over to the two, still laughing about the whole thing.

  • Tessa and Jessie gave Oliver and each other hi-fives on a job well done and Tessa commented on his Goshawk cry, "that was pretty convicting, I nearly jumped out of my skin ready to fight the goshawk." She said. Jessie peered over at the grounds and saw Jim disappear inside to the great hall, she grimiced, "I suspect that he will be blue in the morning…" She said referencing about the dye shampoo.

    Tessa looked up to the sun, "Hey guys, supper is almost ready, I say we've got about 30 minutes before supper starts, so let's put it to vote, anyone have any pranks to play and be late for supper? That means while everyone is eating, we can set up more pranks, ooorrrr" she said drawing out her voice, "We can come in for supper and welcome the punishment in store for us. Cuz I'm really hungry but I don't wanna get grounded"

    Jessie shook her head, "I'm hungry too but don't want to be yelled at by badger mum." She looked at Olive, "what would you like to do?"

    Ooc: so I'm going with this that as they continue to do more pranks during supper that badger mum catches them and tells them off for doing the pranks, both Tessa and Jessie are assigned to clean and scrub all the floors in the great hall, kitchen and steps and Oliver you get assigned to dusting everything and helping to clean floors too.
    Mean while while they are doing that, Jim takes revenge out on Kessie thinking she did the pranking and locks her up in the broom closet which Jeasie is terrified of the dark and small spaces. You can be the gallet hero to save her and Tessa sweats to find out who did this since the joke that Jim played went to far. And to make matters worse, the girls get summond to the abbots office where they are accused of scaring the dubbins and Tessa gets stripped temporarily of her title as captain and it's given to Jim and Jessie is still traumatized by her ordeal in the closet.
    Tessa throws a fit trying to explain that she was set up and she would never go that far, but due to the past prankings she is in the hot spot.
    It's up to Oliver to find out who did this since Tessa is basically on lock down and is forced to do chores and housework. (Which she hates and is humiliated by it)

    What ya say?

  • ooc: Tessa and Jessies hunger wins, besides, we get to see most of the creatures and the dubbins have blue fur!

    Tessa and Jessie closed the door behind them silently and crept towards there room, laugher and talk ran out from the great hall. "Come on.." Tessa whispered as they made it closer to the steps. Tessa quickened as they almost reached the steps before she and Jessie were grabbed by ears from behind. "YOU TWO!"  Tessa and Jessie yelled in surprise as Badger Mum caught them, "You two are in so much trouble!" she said as she marched them towards the great all.

    "Owwww. Mum…please..owww it hurts." Jessie whimpered as she tried to loosen badger mums grip on her ear. Tessa did the same, "WE didn't mean any harm..OWWW...just some-ow-fun." she said trying to squirm away.

    "Fun...FUN!?" Badger Mum said crisply, "You call this fun." She were pulled to a stop infront of everyone at the great hall. And Tessa gasped and Jessie jaw dropped, About half of the creatures were blue or had blue paws. Jim was looking up at the scowling, for he was covered from head to toe in blue. Tessa couldn't help but cracked a laugh, "Looks like that one is on you Jim. OWWW." she squeaked and her laugh caught in her throat, Jessie admired her handy work, "Blue never looked so good.." she muttered and then cringed under the stares looking down at her paws.

    "Jessie and Captain Tessa, your pranks today effected everyone. First the fake food, and now the blue dye. Not to metion the bucket of flower on Jim during training. What other pranks have you done." Jessie looked down at her paws, "Don't know ma'am...could be a few more out there." she said apologetically, "I just, I just wanted to have some fun." she mumbled Tessa nodded and backed her sister up, "Come on, it wasn't that bad, no-no one was harmed right? and the should come out in a few washing. Its um not permamit, just some blueberry juice and lemon juice."

    "Look at me! I"m blue!" came a cry, "I CHIPPED MY TOOTH TODAY ON A SCONE." "Me throat still hurts from the spices!" came another cry. Jessie cringed and looked away, not saying anything. Tessa just regared everyone her smile faded quickly, "it was, um a joke. Thats all, need some stress relief. You know?" She stopped and looked away, "We are sorry." she said quietly,

    "Right you guys are, we have decided your punishment." Tessa and Jessie looked up with big eyes, "You are here by sentenced to scrub every floor and step in Redwall, I don't want to see a speck of dust anywhere," "WHAT!? Tessa cried in protest. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" she said, "That would days!!!" Badger mum twisted her ear, "OWWWW..." Tessa squeaked and she fell silent, Jessie looked horror struck, "Our pranks weren't that bad." she said, "Please.." she said begging.

    "Its the final word. I suggest you guys start tonight after dinner. Maybe then you will think about your actions." Jessie looked away and Tessa and her said, "Yes Ma'am."

    "Off you go you to, I suggest a good meal." Jessie and Tessa slunked down to the far end of the table, not meeting anyone's graze. Jim stuck out his paw and Jessie went flying. Tessa glowered at Jim and helped Jessie up before they found spots at the table. Silently they ate there food, not meeting anyone's graze, Jessie leaned over and wispered to Tessa, "I regret nothing." Tessa elbowed Jessie in the side, "It was worth it." she responded.

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