Yulmor RP: Isurmo

  • Nation name: Isurmo
    " Per gloriam et pacem sempiternam" (Latin Translation: For Honor and Eternal Peace)

    –--General Information-----

    • Pronunciation:  Ish-ur-moe; Plural: Isurmi

    -National Anthem: The Unsung War (Also called its original name the Drakani native Language " Bellum Indictus ")
    [listen to the actual song here! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1Qkzj5bStU]
    -It is a nation of Nobles, traders, scholars, and soldiers
    -Known as a Trading Hub to many nations on the Olmar, Southern Kalkomor, and Western Yulsol Regions  due to its central location
    -based on Island of Tremol and owns a majority of the land except for tribal owned lands in the more center of the island
    -Allow open practice but primarily is of the Monotheistic Belief of Uloism and Celmorian
    -National language is Neglish Ulkart
    -Well known for its well trained navy and wealth
    -Suffers from constant issues with hostile Tribals inland
    -Population: 1million
    -manpower:50,000 with 5,000 professional soldiers
    -Wealth: High due to increased trade


    Lapin(beastfolk): A rabbit humanoid race, the lapin consist of 35% of the population native to South Yulsol. They have no definite role in the nation and can be found taking roles of a average scholar to Naval captains and in Politics. The Lapin are a proud and strong willed race, many of which whom would never stray from their beliefs.

    Drakani(beastfolk): A Dragon-like humanoid race that takes up 25% of the population native to Northern Olmar. These beings posses the with the power of flight have proven a great asset to Isurmo are serve as excellent navigators. The Drakani are brave warriors along with several notable mages

    Thylian (human) Group of fair haired people that takes 20% of the population. The Thylian are a strong and versatile race that consists of many merchants, and sailors. The Thylian have been proven to be incredible sailors and negotiators for the Isurmo nation.

    Treme(unknown) The dangerous natives of Tremol that are the remainder of the population. Not much is known about these beings aside from the fact they wear large masks and  cover themselves entirely. They always attack homesteads in the middle of the night leaving no trace except for unexplained stone objects that resemble crushed statues. There are eyewitness accounts from the few survivors of these attacks that claim that the Treme are actually Lizard-like bipedal humanoids with a basilisk-like petrifying glare. Despite this, these encounters are dismissed as trauma and simply a tick of the eye. It is warned and encouraged that if you see a Tremel to kill it immediately and head to the nearest town and alert the guard.


    Yulmor exploration (Second Age; 410)
    By the age of 410 many Lapin of Southern Yulsol became unsatisfied with their nations and eventually would begin to set sail in search for a new home. After months of searching the Lapin had arrived on the Isle of Tremol and begin to create the colony of Isurmo which is named in honor of the first Lapin to set foot on the new colony, John Isur. The first settlement was in the northern bay now called the Veidi Bay was named New Yulsol in order to appease their parent nation from the mainland.

    Drakani/Thylian arrival (Second age; 460)
    Only 50 years had passed in the young colony when it suddenly received a sudden and large influx of Thylian war refugees and Drakani Pilgrims both in search for a new home. Due to the struggles the colony was facing thanks to how little their homeland nation even paid attention and provided no aid to the colony the lapin settlers welcomed the newcomers into their community as fellow settlers and began to grow their colony.

    Dark Nights Era (Discovery of Treme) (Second age; 510)
    The colony had finally managed to begin to gain economic stability and finally decided that it was time to begin to survey more of the land. Everything progressed without incident until surveyors began to move inland and started to disappear. Armed rescue parties was send out to find some of the surveyors but would return empty handed. Eventually reports of strange masked beings began to arise spying on small homesteads and settlements. At first officials dismissed the claims as simple paranoia and encourage settlers not to worry until these outer settlements began to vanish overnight. Those who arrived at these settlements would be greeted with what is known as a "ghost settlement", settlements without a single trace of it's settlers along with race reports of an unusual statues found in an awkward position. This began to worry the officials as reports of these masked beings continued to arise around settlements and started to cause major concern. Official decided to begin to fortify it's settlements and urged people to stay well armed and shoot at any of these beings when spotted.

    The Battle of Tremol (Second age; 522)
    After living for twelve years in fear of Treme attacks. Settler began to have had enough and started to form large hunting parties to eliminate these Treme. Several skirmishes between settlements began to arise as the Settles became more organized and determined to protect their homes. As fighting continued the Treme began to be pushed back thanks to the settler's  more advanced armor and weaponry. Eventually the Treme was pushed back into the center of the island and has remained there ever since.

    The Trade Revolution(Second age; 530)
    Soon other nations began to notice Isurmo's large amount of lumber and crops and began to do trade with them soon. By 550, the colony had trading partners from multiple nations and now began to have a booming economy in many fields such as trade, shipbuilding, lumber and agriculture.

    Yulsol intervention (second age; 560)
    Soon the Yulsol mainland began to notice the colonies increasing wealth and finally decided to take control. They began to impose strict trade regulations and outrageous taxes that began to hurt the colony. Protests began to arise forcing parent nation to send military force in attempt to control the citizens and even stripped the Drakani and Thylians of their citizenship. As protests increased the nation tried to control the colony through force unti 569 in the "Ferdia incident" when in the town of Ferdia a protest turned violent when military officials burned down a Drakani tobacco plantation causing a child to be killed in the fire. Afterwards the Southern Yulsol nation cracked down on the colonists in a attempt to cause fear of disobeying the regulations and sentenced many of those who disagreed with Nation to the chopping block by branding them as "conspirators against the crown".

    The Uprising (Second age; 570-575)
    By 570 the colonists had had enough and decided to declare their independence in the fall of 571. The Yulsol homeland responded by sending their navy to the Island in a attempt to crush any act of rebellion and expected a quick and easy victory. Instead they was greeted by heavy resistance and fierce fighting against the Isurmi millita calling themselves "Children of Liberty". As the war progressed some nations decided to assist the colony in their battle against Yulsol for a number of reasons in 574. With Isurmo's newfound allies they delivered a swift and embarrassing defeat to their former parent nation. Defeated, they was forced to sign the Veridi Treaty in what was formerly the city of New Yulsol which is now renamed as Liberty and now is the new capitol of the newly formed nation.

    The age of Independence (second age;576-current)
    After the treaty was signed and Isurmo was given independence they began to focus on establishing a new government and forming a official military. The nation soon decided to keep the parliamentary styled government they had been using prior to Southern Yulsol intervention.  They decided to form a reasonable tax system that would fund the government and military which luckily for the nation many was willing to become part of the nation's new military to help defend it. Now the nation serves as a major and wealthy trading hub with a large military force meant to protect the nation from pirates, slavers, and enemies to the Nation


    To the Isurmi, appearance can be considered to be very important in terms of status and functionality. One of the most popular styles involve a pair of trouser (breeches, long pants, etc.), a style of boots or shoe and the all popular Victorian styled coat. these coat come in many variations such as long trench like leather coats to protect one from rain and unsatisfactory weather to the  shorter length satin or cotton embroidered coats for the upper class or ceremonial use. Women tend to favor various styled dresses and some even prefer to dress in more feminine variants of popular male styled clothing simply due to functionality. Dresses are a must for women for formal events.

    The Isurmi craftsmanship cannot truly be said that it true original from the fine shipbuilding of the Thylian whose ships are built with durability and speed in mind; the Drakani with their exotic style of blacksmithing and magic; and the Lapin's creativity in fine arts, innovation and firearm craftsmanship they are all blended together to create a truly unique and powerful crafts and weaponry.

    Due to the diversity the 3 major races of the Isurmo population, there really isn't a definite set of traditions. Each race has their own set of holidays that everyone can celebrate if they wish to. one of the most popular holidays is the Lapin's "Festival of the 600", a festival that date back to 380 of the second age and celebrates the Lapin 78th cavalry also known as the "Light Brigade". This brigade was made famous for it's legendary charge against a enemy force of 1,500 warriors with only 600 cavalry knights and actually managing to defeat the enemy after 3 days of endless fights until reinforcements. For this, the Lapin throws a huge festival that lasts 3 days and involves drinking partying and many old traditions of those knights such as jousting, sword fighting, other competitions.

    Laws and Rights
    The Isurmi laws follow the basis of morality and honor. The Isurmi laws have been known to maintain peace and overall happiness to the population. Aside from this Law breakers tend to end up shaming their family name and could dishonor them as well. Due to local's strong pride in their family's name people tend to avoid breaking laws aside from the lands punishments a its infamy in high fines against lawbreakers.  Another thing is Isumo's anti-slavery act. This act prohibits any kind of slavery and even prohibits slaver ships from even entering its waters or risk being boarded by the Navy. Those who are caught with slaves with be arrested, every slave on their property shall be released, minimum imprisonment of at least 3 months and a large fine of 30,000 gold before even consideration of returning the ship back to the slaver. Slavers who engage military ships have been known to wound up with life imprisonment and even death depending on how dangerous they are.

    Like most of the world, Isurmo speaks in a variation of  Ulkart. The Neglish Ulkart variation is the most modern variation currently and has a more simplified style of language by removing complex sentence structures and wording into a more effective and simple style that allows a more accurate speech in a more optimal manner.

    As mentioned earlier, the Isurmi value honor and family. In fact it is considered that many Isurmi's priorities can place family and honor at the top of the list. Aside from that the people are a very pleasant, sociable and particularly well mannered. A majority of citizens from the upper and middle class tend to practice certain teachings that was from the ancient Knight's code of chivalry. Aside from this the Isurmi have proven to be fierce fighters who are willing to fight to the last man to defend their home and beliefs.

    Aside from their various holidays and festivals, the Isurmo enjoys much of the fine arts, from theater to music. Also not widely known, the Island does enjoy a variety of sports particularly in the arts of fencing, various kinds of races, and the all time favorite Jousting tournaments.

    Aside from the obvious source of seafood, the Isurmi does in fact enjoy exotic foods from the nations they trade with along with their plantations that are located near the coast they enjoy a wide variety of food.


    Recruitment and training
    Isurmo is never short of brave souls who have been willing to raise their arms in the name of Isurmo. Now what has been known to discourage many is the rigorous training all recruits must partake in. IN this training it provides three weeks of some of the most brutal physical training and written exams meant to weed out the weak minded and show those who truly are willing to lay down their lives for home. After the three weeks of Motivation Training or as some soldiers call it "The Vacation to Hell" begins combat training and finally the more technical training in strategy, sailing on a ship and officer training. The training can last from 8-14 weeks of basic training depending on the soldiers job.

    The I.N.F
    The INF or the "Isurmi National Fleet" is the main force and consists of approximately 175 ships that vary form classic and more common Galleon to the more rare giant 3 decked ships properly nicknamed "Man-of-War" The fleet is the major line of defense and offense when the time arises.

    Isurmo Marines (Professional soldiers)
    There is no division in the Isurmo's military more veritable and combat effective then The Isurmo Marines. Despite being an Island nation Isurmo needed to create a force that would be effective in land based combat and Guerrilla warfare. The Marines was the answer to that situation. These soldiers go through the most rigorous and dangerous training known. They study not only how to fight on land, but to commander ships, take on larger forces, and a special tactic called the "Force Multiplier". The Force Multiplier tactic is rather infamous to enemies of Isurmo, the tactic involves deploying a small and virtually undetectable group of about 4-8 marines and begins to train local resistance forces the art of combat and proper training thus turning that 4-8 marines into a fighting force of hundreds hence it's name. In fact a INF fleet commander was once asked where was the safest place to be at war and the commander replied "On any ship that is carrying marines my, how they fight."

    Slave Hunters
    Ironically the title of these units are exactly the opposite of what some might think this division of the Isurmi Navy does. Slave hunters are two ship teams that consist of one high speed schooner and a far larger and more powerful "Slop-of-War" ships which are smaller then their "Man-of-War" brothers but equally respected. These ships patrol Isurmi water in search for illegal slaver ships and hunt down a slaver ship and capture it. The Slop is used to intimidate the enemy and if unable to avoid this, engage the ship in attempt to disable it while Schooners are ment to chase after those ships that are able to evade the larger Slop and carries marines on board in order to board and commander the slave ship. This division uses about 40 ships for patrol

    The Ghost Fleet
    According to official Records it does not exist, according to a Former Warlord who has sailed near Isurmi waters it is a fleet lead by the Devil himself, and according to the locals of Isurmo the it is so unknown that the name frightens locals. This is the Ghost Fleet, Isurmo's most dangerous and mysterious fleet to ever existed. All that is known is that there is only 10 ships apart of this fleet and is painted entirely with dark colors meant to blend in with the waters and night. They say those unlucky enough to cross cannons with them vanish into thin air, leaving only a empty ship in it's place with no trace of its crew. Rumor has it that the ship is sailed by the most elite marines and sailors who specialized in stealth and the art of psychological warfare. Even some claim that there are some Treme who sail onboard these mysterious ships.  Aside from theses claims the only way one can even have a chance at seeing these ships is possible by the cliff sides of Isurmo ,silently sailing to its destination in search for another enemy ship to add to it's list of those who vanished never to be seen again.

    –-- Government–-----

    Parliamentary Government
    Isurmo rely's on a Parliament of elected official to run the country and it Parliament is divided into 3 divisions meant to represent each class and vote out of the 3 divisions for a Prime minister who remains in office until their death or retirement. All divisions are represented equally and each member of the Parliament is voted into office by the people and can be removed by the people.

    Prime Minister
    Runs Parliament and leads in debates and discussions. Can be removed by Parliament if is proven corrupt or not serving out his or her duties. Is elected by all the divsions of  the Parliament and must be formerly a member of the Parliament and supported by the people.

    The Parliament vote on major laws and decisions and is divided into 3 divisions. The 1st Division represents the 1st class and Nobility. The 2nd Division represents the upper middle class. The 3rd Division represents the common man. Each Division all has a equal voice in Parliament and the Prime minister can come from any of the 3 divisions.

  • –-------Economy–--------

    Isurmo has a tax that consists of 10 percent of the amount of money each family makes. Also a majority of the government money comes from trade tax. Trader ships must pay a 300 silver tax in order to dock or a small percentage of the cargo must be given up to the nation in order to compensate the 300 silver tax.

    International Trade Agreement
    Isurmo relies on its massive trade to help boost its economy so Isurmo and it's allies formed the International Trade Agreement which helps regulates the currency value, trade regulations and a constant communication so each nation knows exactly what the other needs the most in order to capitalize on trade and profits.

    Isurmo is rich with lumber and native crops that seem to be popular with other nations. In order to prevent over use of their resources Isurmo has instituted a maximum amount of lumber that can be chopped down yearly and has also has what is called "The Lumber Act" Which only allows 2 government approved logging companies and requires both companies to plant new trees in order to replace the ones cut down.

    Fine Arts
    Some of the best Arts comes from the highly diverse group of Isurmo. Whether if it is the highly skilled craftsmanship in Drakani metal works, or the innovation of the Lapin, there is something that makes anyone more than willing to do trade with Isurmo. Aside from just craftsmanship, music is also a very popular pastime. One of the most popular instuments is the Isurmi Viola and Lapin Pianoforte or piano for short.

    Ship Building
    Thanks to the Thylain, Isurmo has managed to maintain a cutting edge in shipbuilding and seems to always have a trick up their sleeves to make the ship less costly to craft yet maintain the durability and class that has become a staple to Thylain and Isurmi ships. One of the easiest ways to see if the ship is of Thylain craftsmanship is the shorten foremast on their ships which is designed to allow more air to flow into more crucial sails.

    Thanks to the Lapin their is always some new idea being thought up. Lapin scholars are always trying to create a solution to some of major issues in engineering and even in the magic field. Also unlike many nations where magic and science are separated, Isurmo views magic as another science just waiting to be explored and explained thus making Isurmo a popular place for mages, scholars and inventors to visit.

    –---- Territory –------

    Liberty (Capitol)
    Once named New Yulsol, this historical town now renamed is the site of the end of the legendary Uprising when Isurmi Colonists fought against their parent nation in the name of independence. Is located within the Tremol Harbor and serves as a major port.

    Second Largest city aside from the capitol. Is known to be home of the Edwards Plantation and the East Isurmo Logging Company.

    A smaller city south of Liberty.

    Originally a Drakani colonial settlement, this medium sized city is home of the mages guild.

    The third largest city in the nation. Home to the Rosewood Logging Company. Located more inland on the western side of the nation.

    Ferdia is a lovey town filled with great history. The town was one home to the very first armed militia to stand up against the parent nation of the colony and actually inspired the writing of what is now the National Anthem to the nation.
    [see [b]Origins of National Anthem for more info on national anthem]

    –-- Factions –-----

    Isurmi Mages Guild
    Every Mage that resides in or comes to Isurmo has visited the Mages Guild in Xilonguil at least once in their life. Many mages come here to share their research and studies while they practice the arcane arts. Currently the guild master is a Drakani named Shio Tikaro.

    Liberty College
    The most esteemed college in Isurmo. Many of Isurmo's great men of science and innovation either taught or was once students at this college.

    East Isurmi Logging Co.
    One of the two approved Logging companies of Isurmo. Known for taking risks by logging close to known Treme lands. Another common sight is their large defense force when logging.

    Rosewood Logging Co.
    The second approved logging company in Isurmo. Known for signature Rosewood tree selection.

    –---- Characters–-------

    Reginald Oliver Kiloc
    The current Prime minister of Isurmo. A strong willed Lapin who originated from the 2nd Division. He has served in the I.N.F for twenty years before entering a career in politics.
    Age: 48

    Commander Xian Unchan
    A Drakani Fleet commander of the I.N.F's Golden Tide unit, a special forces unit of three  large ships commonly tasked with defending political figures during travel. A Bold, and courageous commander who doesn't pride himself in his victories in battle, but for never having a ship sunk during his time as commander. Rumor has it that he was once offered to be a officer in the mysterious Ghost Fleet, but had turned it down because he'd rather not have abandon the sailors he trusts so much. Trusted Advisor the Prime Minister

    Shio Tikaro
    The current guild master of the Isurmo Mages Guild. His very curious and playful demeanor hides the elder's incredible wisdom and knowledge in the arcane arts. He enjoys  to challenge youth mages and their theories by simply asking "Why?" constantly. Despite the anger it creates for the younger mages, in reality he is teaching those mages to not dismiss small details. Member of the Minister's inner ring of advisors

    Elizabeth Rose
    Head of Rosewood Logging. A Thylain woman with a fine taste of wood and the mind of a business man. She knows how to keep her company in tip-top shape while staying in Isurmo regulations. Known for he famous chip on he shoulder and belief that she is can outlog her rival ,Theodore Rimbalt. Part of the 1st division in Parliament and The Minister's personal inner ring of advisors.

    Theodore Rimbalt
    The Lapin owner of East Isurmo Logging. Theodore is a rather jolly fellow and a daring risk taker. As a former Marine and logger himself, Theodore has a general understand of "high risk, high reward" scenarios as he takes risks in logging for the best wood. In fact on several occasions Mr. Rimbalt has been known to come and join the loggers in work. Despite being qualified to represent the 1st Division due to his wealth he is a self made man and sticks to his roots as a member of the third Division. Also is a member of the Minister's inter ring

    Petty Officer Shay Renio
    A young Lapin sailor who sails for the I.N.F. Nobody officially know what ship he is assigned to but it is rumored that he might be a member of the near mythological "Ghost Fleet". He is known for his incredibly high scores in the written testing and was nearly allowed to become a marine but was sent to officer's training instead.

    –---- Origin of National Anthem –----

    The National Anthem , " Bellum Indictus" or by its popular translated name " The Unsung War " was composed by a Lapin composer while it's lyrics was written by a Drakani poet and friend of the composer. The song tells the story of first militia who stood against the parent nation in the Uprising known as Razgriz. The group's courage and style of guerrilla warfare stuck fear into the soldier's who was stationed in the colony near the town of Ferdia . They was seen as demons who stood against the crown and was soon annihilated by sheer military force in battle leaving no survivors of the original militia. Yet with that battle caused a spark  that could not be put out as many more colonists picked up arms against their oppessors. As the fighting went on a new Razgriz that was formed by the sons and daughters or the original militia and eventually lead the final charge to take the capitol and effectively winning the war.

    –--- Trivia! –----

    -There are over 12 major ports located within the Isurmi Harbor

    -There are 5 specially designed military forts that are build inside the cliff sides that hides cannons in the cliffs and has small villages on top that are actually hiding artillery posts in order to confuse their enemy

    -The "Ghost Fleet" has been claimed to be related to the disappearance's of over 180 ships yet Parliament refuses to acknowledge their existence to the public merely dismissing it at simple rumors

    -The International Trade Agreement not only serves as a trade agreement with several nations but actually forms strange alliances with nations that will come and aid their allies in time of need. (i.e. invasion, famine, war, etc.)

    -Fun fact! In order for a Treme's petrifying gaze to work the victim must see both of the Treme's pale green eyes. So some Treme that secretly work for Isurmo wear either a veil or a eyepatch to prevent accidents instead of the traditional Treme masks.

    -(there are several references in this nation's bio. try to find all of them ;D)

  • =-=2nd Age 700, Spring=-=

    With the republic of Isurmo's large system of trade in the south seas, the Republic of Olbar has taken more notice of the nation based in Tremol. Olbar trade, relying on their vicious tolls, have seen many northern traders naturally using the island of Tremol as a staging point to cross into Olmar or Kalkomar rather then going through the pirate infested waters of Isle Minos. This has caused the Council on Olbar concern when a lacking in their tolls was becoming more readily known, but also enriching and increasing trade near and around the south seas. In order to curb this, the Republic of Olbar seemed to look southward, along with their pirates and slavers.

    Agron Ulmolt, a diplomatic man, eyed on his maps the island of Tremol and the lands of Isurmo and began to pour over history books of the empire and studied the history of Tremol and it's inhabitants. Rather surprised the island is a haven for the Lapin Beastfolk and other figures, Agron brought the council of Olbar together, pressuring plans for expansion into the south by either subjugating or conquering the island for Olbar and controlling all sea routes between Yulsol and the west. Yet Agron's passionate speech was met with nays amongst the council, especially from the guilds whom did not want to expend the resources going southward for possibly disastrous wars.

    The chief councilor of Olbar's debate however had still continued on the lacking trade, which eventually turned to the council passing decisions. Since Isurmo was believed to be run by the Lapin, the councilors considered them little more then savages pretending to be civilized, and thus encouraged the pirate fleets of Olbar to focus their raids near Tremol waters. 44 ships in total, independent pirates and corsairs related to Olbar began to attack south water shipping lanes, taking captives and chaining them to their oars. To make matters worse, Olbar's council sent a informal letter to the Thylian peoples on the island, encouraging them to take the island and to drive out the beastfolk. Threats of invasion did seem to loom regardless as word from Olbar that the council there seemed to slowly form favorable opinion of controlling all seas between Yulsol and the western lands entirely.

    With such threats looming so close, and piracy being on the rise in their own coasts, the emperor of the Reformation Imperium has taken new interest in the island of Tremol himself after a traveler had come back with fine art from the island. Emperor Calbara Sera-Loma had decided to begin a campaign against the increase in piracy and had ships commanded from Nafia to patrol the southern waters and to protect the trade with Isurmo. A open and organized naval battle between Olbar and the Reformed Empire took place near Ingolmos, where a vast fleet of 90 warships defeated a corsair fleet of 14, sinking 7 ships in total and forcing many of the corsairs forward.

    Not wishing to have the control of the island to be lost to Olbar, Emperor Calbara had wanted to at first proclaimed the island's independence, but was soon shifted when his wife demanded that instead to send envoys which demanded that Isurmo reduce it's tolls and to open a embassy from the Reformed Empire to bring forward talks of joining the Reformed Imperium in return for further protection and a alliance against the ambitions of Olbar.

  • [Second Age 700, Spring]

    With the sudden influx of more Oblarian corsairs, pirates and slavers entering Isurmo waters the nation has been force to double the amount the patrolling ships within their waters. Now with the increase of ships there has been numerous small scale ship battles against the pirates. As for slavers, the Slave hunting squadrons have begun to bring in more and more slavers into custody. With these issues in Isurmi waters, it has begun to become more and more of a prominent concern for the Parliament as talks of considering to harshen the punishments for slavery and piracy as a deterrent begins to rise during Parliamentary meetings.

    News of the informal Oblarian letter to the Thylian has caused public outrage throughout the land. After a long discussion on the issue it was decided that officially decided what shall be done. Prime Minister Kiloc has came  out to make official comment on the possible Oblar threat. With a firm speech he had stated that officially Oblar will be monitored with their actions before any serious action will be done. Further more Isurmo has now severely restricted any trade heading in Oblar's direction by forbidding many goods that tend to flow to Oblar and any kind of weaponry as a response to the letter and the corsair attacks. Unofficially…...well that is a different story.

    When it isn't pirates or corsairs giving Isurmo a headache, they now must deal with aggressive Reformation envoys who constantly demand for that the nation reduces the trade toll and for a embassy. The nation has heard the stories of the Reformation and has its disagreements on their "beliefs" along with the fact that their former oppressors was from the that very region which helps create a firm and strong no to any talks of joining the Reformation. But in good graces, Prime Minister Kiloc has written a letter stating that Isurmo is willing to negotiate a alternative along with a formal invitation for Emperor Calbara and his wife to visit Isurmo during its Independence Day ball being held in the Capital.

  • [2nd age 700, spring]
    -Prime Minister Kiloc's office, 1 hour before arrival of Reformation arrival-

    The office was large and well equipped office, complete with several bookshelves, a fireplace and  oval table capable of seating 8 people along with a fine view overlooking the capital's harbor. In the office the prime minister stood at the balcony over looking the harbor. several moments had past a the was a knock and a small group of 7 including a Darkani officer entered the office and closed the door. The minister turned to greet his guests, each a important individual of the island.

    "Ah my friends, I am glad you made it. now we can finally have our meeting." Minister Kiloc said as he gestured the group to take a seat as he reentered the officer closing the balcony door behind him. The group consisted of the minister himself along with the 3 current head representatives of each Parliamentary division, Shiro Tikaro ,guild master of the mages guild, the owners of the only two logging companies Theodore Rimbalt of East Isurmi Logging and Elizabeth Rose of Rosewood, and finally Fleet Commander Xian Unchan. The group spoke for quite sometime about current issues the nation and other topics that are preferably left out of large scale meeting.

    "What are your thoughts of Reformation, Prime Minster?" Asked the Thylain who represented the 1st division. "You are aware of how tightly their government and religion goes hand in hand?"

    The Lapin logger, Mr. Rimbalt[ scoffed before the Prime minister spoke. "Bah to be honest I don't like em' much. A religion that discriminates races? Bah, they say they only want a embassy and for us to lower the trade tax. Some might just dismiss that as just a way to increase trade with them. You ask me, they are trying to see if we would bend to their will. Next thing you know the will be taking over and promoting there racial nonsense. Just look at how demanding those envoys was!"

    Minister Kiloc waved his hand in dismissal. "Exactly why I am offering a alternative Theodore and for the last time, I said to simply address me by my name when we are not in parliament meetings. I am just Oliver to you all. Anyways that is why I wrote to them, if you recall the Reformation is from West Yulsol which is the same region as our former oppressors. For all we know they could now be a part of the Refomation."  Kiloc shook his head before he resumed with a smile. "So I wrote the letter and gave them a replica of the very flag the Razgriz millita rode into battle with during our fight to independence along with a invitation to our Independence day banquet. Consider it a subliminal way of saying that Isurmo has no plans on letting another body rule us. Now on to our more…."prominent concerns"...." Kiloc said as he look about the group. "Commander, have you done as I asked?"

    The Drakani commander nodded. "Yes sir, We have release that small time Oblarian slaver who was imprisoned for the several months along with his crew around the same time the letter was sent. Also before returning the ship We also had hid the stash of secretly damaged weapons and bad gunpowder in the ship along with replacing the sails."

    Kiloc nodded. "Excellent, and what of that ship's repairs?" Kiloc said as he looked at the two loggers. Theodore stood up and nodded. "We gave those in charge of repairs the most flammable species of trees we could muster for the repairs. I feel bad for the poor chap that decides to have light their pipe next to that disaster waiting to happen."  Elizabeth nodded in agreement. "I also made sure that no Thylian repairman placed Thylian signature on the ship, our repairs are untraceable."

    With that said he finally turned to the Mage. "Shiro you placed the spell correct?" The elder nodded with a mischievous grin. "Of course, Oliver. that pirate is probably in chains now with our little mishap as for the more special spells... we already have eyes in Oblar."

    Kiloc smiled knowing everything is going according to plan. "Excellent, now has the real ship departed yet.?" The Fleet commander shook his head. "Not yet since they are still attaching those Oblarian trader ship flags and loading goods not native to our lands to hide the gear but we still are on schedule. Also you said they will not have any indicators except from the small sheet we marked with the spell?" Kiloc nodded. "That is right they won't be using it until they get the ok."

    The group all nodded as the remaining phases of their plans was listed off and made certain everything was prepared. When The prime minister looked out the window and saw the Reformation ships docking. "Well will you look at that they actually came. Commander, please escort my guests to the office so I can formally meet them. Is should be the Emperor but be prepared for anything and if they ask why I am not there simply tell them I was wrapping up a important meeting." The Drakani saluted before walking out shouting out a name of one of his soldiers instructing them to follow him. Kiloc then looked back to the remaining individuals of the group. "My dear friends, we will resume our discussion after I am done with out Reformation guests. Our next meeting will most likely be tomorrow at dusk. Godspeed my friends."

    The rest of the group all nodded before getting up and walking out of the minister' office. Kiloc soon went back to his desk to finish some work before the commander arrives with his guests.

  • =-=2nd Age 700, Spring-Summer=-=
    (OOC: You don't have to reply to every forum post, try to keep it in one usually. As a friend of mine says, you don't have to get involved everywhere.)

    Ermanda Sera-Loma was cautious to follow the Lapin to the offices, but was comforted by Capius Salvay. The human representatives from the Reformation Empire. In their company was Marino 'The Mayfly' Dontai, whom told the guard whom greeted them that the emperor was busy with the affairs of state, but instead sent his nephew and younger daughter to this grand ball in his stead, and he as their guard and representative of the empire until the end of the ball. While the two youths cared more for the prospect of entertainment in such a rich foreign land, the arch duke however seemed a bit annoyed.

    Marino was a bald and older man, and wore various badges which indicated his skill as a tourney champion. In support for the Oranges, a entertainment faction in the grand tourneys of the Reformation Imperium, he bore a orange-painted armor. Marino was the voice of the emperor and made it clear that the emperor would consider a counter-offer. Marino expected that in the early fall, he and the emperor's kin would return to the mainland mostly so Marino could complete in the late fall tourney.

  • (ah thank god. also it isn't a lapin escorting you Fleet commander Shiro is a Drakani)

    As the group walked Commander Tikaro glanced at the envoys.  They didn't seem like anything he should be concerned yet the larger one in the armor did seem to be intimidating despite he clearly seems he would be more qualified for the negotiation. Pushing the thought aside since it wasn't his place he decided to speak up to the group. "Well you highnesses, we are almost to Parliament. Do you have any questions or concerns that might need to be cleared up before you speak to the Prime Minister? I will be more then willing to provide a answer." The drakani said to the 3, might as well get a general idea of what is going on through there heads, Tikaro thought. Last thing anyone needs in some incident on Isurmo between the Minister and these envoys.

  • Capius Salvay seemed less then curious and more concerned "I do have questions. What are the gods of your fathers? I do not see many temples as we pass, or ones obvious to me."
    The rest of the group had no questions outside of basic formalities, it became clear the young prince and princess were more curious of the new land, but the Dragonfly knight seemed less interested and seemed to be in a constant pouty mood, more interested in getting back to his country, avoiding questions and answers alike.

  • Commander Unchan smiled at Capius's question. "Well sire, you can say the Island practices all, including Celmorian. You see except those that deal with evil forces and causes harm to others, Isurmo allow open practice of religion. Yes there are many Temples and Churches but since the Island is so diverse you have to know exactly the Church your looking for aside from the fact we are walking through the market district." The commander said before he continued to talk as he explained the reasoning to this concept. "I do believe you many have heard our nation's history so I'll put it simple, back when Isurmo was merely a colony our home nation in Yulsol had oppressed Isurmo. Stripped many of citizenship, restricted everyones rights, placed heavy taxes and even tried to control religion at one point. So because of this Isurmo exists to be a place of equality, peace and freedom no matter one's race,status or belief. You do understand correct?" The Drakani asked looking back at the three.

  • (OOC: This is probably in a time loop lol, but as said, this kind of RP is meant to be vague, not post after post of personal conversation usually.)
    Capius and his cousin seemed to agree until the knight (and by title Arch Duke) guiding them asked and corrected them.

    "You worship every god then? It seems rather foolish and a easy way to find yourself in disaster. While your people may have been a colony, your people had no rights to this land except what your king has given you. Is it not the gods whom give the rights of kingship to men, and is it not the holy duty of men to follow their king? Why do you speak of a king controlling his vassals as tyranny? Did this foreign king try to cut off your heads, burn your villages, or destroy the temples like a pagan?" Marino Donai replied with disgust. "Citizenship should be revered for the common man, not the peasants or those whom work the fields, barely illiterate dunces whom probably never even heard of the word 'literate'."

    "Yet this place seems so lovely, Mayfly Knight." Ermanda replied, trying to reason with him.

    "Talks of equality come from peasants whom know little of it. The serfs in their fields only care what time their crops will grow and if the local knights will defend their fields from rivals when the time comes. These ideals only have ever lead more then one peasant to their demise in vicious revolts, only to place real tyrants and murderers on the throne of kings. If these people had been smart, they would accept the emperor's gracious demands rather then fend for themselves."

    "You think to much on this, Arch Duke" Capius chuckled

    Marino only looked at the young prince, but with some disdain.

  • (yeahhhh it is a time bubble sorry if this is a issue I just thought political talks like this should be important enough for time bubbles)

    The Drakani commander scoffed at the knight's words perhaps he is more of a guard then a diplomat with such a mouth. Smiling Unchan responds. "Burn Villages? Yes actually. In fact if you look into our history such a infamous event can be considered what ignited the fires of revolution sire. It is now history as the Ferdia Incident  It was originally a harmless protest in the name of a Drakani family when officials who stepped out of line decided to burn down the family's tobacco plantation killing their child in the fire. In the end because apparently demanding justice when guards decide to disobey orders and causes a child's death results in people getting gunned down in the streets. But regardless this is mere history and as for our intelligence sir. Please don't humble us, it is widely known Isurmo is home of some of the greatest innovators the world has seen. Look at us while some nations still rely on charging into battle with only swords and shields, we have weapons such as the cannon and the Isurmi Rifle. Perhaps some of our literature has even reached your home through over the years of trading with many nations and even we have a mages college in the city of Xilonquil on the western coast." He said as they reached the Parliament and went up the stairs and reached large double rosewood doors. And he turned around. "Now then The Prime Minister is inside and is expecting you all. Granted if there is anyone here who doesn't feel fit to conduct the meeting due to fatigue and whatnot please Let me know now and I will have a guard escort you to your hotel rooms or even your ship if you so desire." He said with a friendly smile before casting a side glance at the so called Mayfly Knight. The Commander new for a fact that if there was anyone in this group that might be of concern it was this knight who's mouth and brash actions could cause international incident. Because of this the Drakani decided that it will be best to place himself between Prime Minister Kiloc and this Orange Knight.

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