Watchful eyes

  • Kiara’s adventurous spirit got the best for her when she entered Mossflower Woods for she had never been anyplace like this before and was eager to meet a few creatures to add to her friend list, as she did with the other places she traveled to. Kiara had heard some interesting stories about the inhabitants of these woods from others on her travels. Of course she had no idea what stories were true and what was old wise tales. She left home 8 seasons (2 years) ago to explore the world around here, but will one day return home to be with her family.

    She was now here for a few days, making a small camp site for herself in a clearing. Usually she'd be gone by now but something about the place made her stay. Just recently, however, she has been getting the strange feeling that she is being watched, by what, she didn't know. She never sees anything that would tell her that someone is there. .only that feeling of being watched.

    It was early one morning that Kiara woke up, feeling the ever watchful eyes on her. She sighed and shook her head, bent on the belief that it was just her mind playing tricks on her, for she had never seen any evidence of another creature around. Kiara got up and shook the due off herself and stretched out and went off taking her bow and quiver of arrows with her to find some food, still feeling the presence around her.

  • But it wasn't just a feeling, for just outside the camp a young squirrel just past his first season on his own.  He had been watching the camp, he had never met any outsiders to his small family.  But his family wasn't something he would dwell on.  He had little trust and this creature was just a bow shot from his front porch.  Fendel was on guard.

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    After some time out, Kiara returned to her small camp with a full stomach carrying with her more berries in-case she got hungry later. She also carried with her some small pieces of wood for a fire.

    She put her things down and sat on a log for a moment, resting. "Hhmm…" She said, sighing.

  • Fendel decided that this knew mouse wasn't any present danger so he desided to drop in and find out what she was doing in his home.  And drop he did.  Right behind her.

  • Kiara screamed as she jumped up, turning around. She sighed and calmed down a little when she saw that it was a squirrel. "..what are you doing?" She asked this new commer, more out of curiosity then anything else.

  • "I was wondering what your doing here.  This is my home."  He spoke as he circled her.  His hand rubbing randomly on the tip of the bow slung across his back. "I don't usually have travelers stop her, and if they do they usually don't mean good will.  But you seem different.  Your a mouse right."  He had never seen any other creatures besides vermin and squirrels.

  • Kiara nodded. "Yes I'm a mouse." She said not taking her eyes off him and his hand near his weapon. "..I mean no harm, I'm Kiara. What's your name?" She asked him trying to get his hand away from his back. She knew he'd have his weapon out the second she even motioned to get her's.

  • Fendel stopped to think, he removed his hand from the bow and held it in friendship to the mouse, "I am Fendel Fastpaw.  I do beg your pardon for my manners." He gave a small smile. to the mouse. "But if you mean me harm doen't take my hand."  He hoped with all his heart she would.  After all most mice in the stories when he was young were good creatures.

  • Kiara smiled at him and nodded. "It's OK. I understand that it's not always easy to trust the intentions of someone you don't even know." She said and lightly shook his paw. "I'm Kiara. Its nice to meet you, Fendel Fastpaw." She said and smiled. She was glad that Fendel was a squirrel, instead of some vermin…assuming that he was the one watching her and just didn't stumble upon eachother.

  • Fendel smiled, "I've been watching you for a few days know, and I guese it is time I inveted you to my house and get you out of the eliment. I think we'll be getting rain soon. He looked up at the nearly cloudless skies. "I'll help you pack up your things."

  • Kiara nodded and smiled. "Thank you. I guess that explains a-lot. I had no idea I was staying in someone's back yard. I'm sorry if I frightened you or anything." She said and started to pick her things up with the help of Fendel.

    After they have packed up her belongings, she followed him to his house. She smiled thinking to herself. 'I really hope he doesn't mind and not just doing this to be polite. It's a good thing he's a squirrel and not something else'

  • Fendel was beginning to get excited, but he didn't show it. It had a whole different feeling, having someone around you and not having to worry. That's all good but you can't get to cozy. He told himself. No harm in precation. 
    After they had been walking for a few seconds, Fendel stopped.  He could hear a rucis ahead like someone throughing things around, right in the direction of his house.

  • Kiara jumped as she heard the noise. Being frightened, she got up close to Fendel and held onto his arm and squeezed it not to hard but did have his arm in a firm grip. "What was that?" She asked whispering to him as they continued to hear the ruckus noises.

  • He turned and gave a quick smile. "Nothing I can't handle," He took out his bow and stung it with amasing speed. "Do you wave a sling or anything that you can shoot at the foe?" He asked as he quickly looked over his arrows and bow.

  • Kiara nodded. "Yes. Same as you, I have a bow and arrows. Do you think we need them, I mean we don't even know who is creature is…" She said as she slowly got her bow and an arrow from her quiver and notched her bow.

  • "It's always good to be redy just in case. Follow me and stay quiet.  Stop when I tell you."  He told her in a firm but gentle tone.  He moved forword.

  • Kiara nodded and stayed quiet as she followed him. She bit her lip, having a bad feeling about all of this. Neather one of them knew what they were getting themselves into.

  • Fendel held up a fist as a sign to stop and moved forward quietly. He returned emedietly.  "Its was three stoats."  He told her in a normal voice not fitting to creeping.  "Come on." He picked up her bags and started walking off.

  • "..What were they doing to be making that much noise?" Kiara asked Fendel as she started to follow him again. She looked around behind her to make sure nothing was following them. There wasn't unless there wasn't within sight of her eyes.

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