• Belmar Squirrelking, great-grandson of Gael Squirrelking (Bellmaker), sat on his throne discussing politics with his Head Captain of Castle Floret. The Captain was having trouble keeping security under control and was asking for funds to hire, equip, and train new soldiers for Floret's army. They had discussed it before, but Belmar was hesitant to give him the money. Funds were already low and they might have to disband part of thier army soon if somthing wasn't done. But this was just an excuse. the real reason was that it would mean to much work for him to handle and he had another, much more important, matter to attend to first. And at that moment the matter was walking stright through the doors.
       A guard stepped into the room looking slightly panicked. "Sire, your sister just left! She bribed the boat-watch and took the skiff your carpenters finished yesterday!"
       The King groaned and dissmissed the flustered Squirrel. Then turning to his Captain he growled, "I think you need to teach your Watch a few morals. Send another Skiff after her and bring her back, or, if she is Really intent on this and resists then I guess I can't do anything about it. But be sure at least to give a stern telling off for taking the skiff, it was expensive you know, and also tell her that I accept no responsibility for what happens to her."
       Then he stood up leaving the grinning otter to wonder what could possibly injure the king's sister.

  • A quiet Squirrel sat waiting for the princess, (she wore a forest green clock that covered her white medieval dress. She carried a staff and a bag of herds.) Star had received word from a friend that she may need help.

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    -ic- From a nearby tree, Snagtooth the rat examined his prey. The squirrel didn't seem as if she would be too much trouble. He was pretty sure that he and his friend could take her down. It didn't look as if she had much a value, but he looked at her pouch and wondered what could be in it. Jewels? He thought, No. Probably not. In the very least she has food. He was sure that she wouldn't be any trouble.

    Whiptail, was getting impatient. Snagtooth always told him to hold his ground and be patient but he just couldn't do it. Looking at the squirrel from his hiding place in some nearby bushes, he started to dream up some possiblities.
    "I'll grab her by the neck, and run 'er through with me dagger, then I'll take 'er bag o gems and I'll show Snagtooth that I'm better then 'ee is." Whiptail was sure of outcome in this situation. He would be a hero. But until then, he had to wait for Snagetooth's signal. "Drat you Snagtooth." He said to himself quietly, "I always have to obey you. Stay still, Be Quiet, Do this." Suddenly an idea came to mind. "I'll show 'im who's the better hunter." He said.  And with that, he proceeded to sneak up on the squirrel.

    Snagtooth could not believe what he was seeing. The stupid fool! he thought doesn't he see that she's armed? Probably not. The fool wouldn't think of the fact that someone can kill easily with a staff. Abandoning the original plan, Snagtooth drew out his sling and prepared to help his mate the moment he made his foolish attack.

    Whiptail tried to sneak up on the squirrel as quietly as possible. This was unfourtunatly not very quiet and he russled the leaves loudly as he advanced on the squirrel. Suddenly, he tripped and went flat on his face.

  • Rosen Squirrelking whipped out a long thin sword strapped to her side and placed a footpaw firmly on the rat's back. she was twirling a sling in her left paw.
        "Move and die rat!"

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    • *                    *
         The Captain stepped from the room and turned to a guard named Jake who was standing guard outside the throne room. Jake grinned at him and stepped up to him with a relaxed salute.
         "Let me guess, you want me to go after her, don't you?" The squirrel smirked.
         Marva shrugged his broad shoulders, "Who else can I assure safety too? Your her closest friend and should have fun tracking her. You trained her didn't you?"
         "Of course I did, I was the only one she felt was able." Jake couldn't help a slight flash of pride to cross his face.
        Marva gave him sarcastically sweet smile, "Miracles never cease, do they?"
      Jake laughed at the good-natured prod."Kinda like you and Flora."
         Marva dropped the smile and growled."Anyway, take 2 archers and two footsoldiers. you heard the rest."
         Jake nodded and ran to obey the orders.

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    -ic- Whiptail struggled under the weight of Rosen's foot. "Lemme Go!" I wasn't doin' nothing!" He yelled. He at least had enough sense to not mention Snagtooth.

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    Rosen pushed harder. "Of course you weren't doing anything, by the way, not to dpor or anything, but what were you doing?" She winked at her friend knowingly. She couldn't wait the inevitable excuse.

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    Rosen continued to twirl the sling over the head of the hapless  rat. then she looked up at her friend,"Hey Star, mind checking if there are any more of these dummies around? They seem to like traveling in bands." The she span the sling faster preparing to knock the brains out the unfortunate rat.

    -Can I knock him out or not? logicaly though if somthing were to suddenly happen she would knock him out and turn to solve the problem isntanly so she woulndn't have to bother with him. So if anything happens I'll have to knock him out unless someone states I can't. Sorry its just the way she is, and I can't really help logic much.

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    -ic- Snagatooth couldn't wait any longer. He doubted that Star would find him very soon but he didn't want to risk it. Twirling his sling, he let it loose at Rosen, and jumped to the ground running forward to get to the hapless rat on the ground. He pulled out a dagger as he ran.

  • Rosen ducked as the slingstone buzzed through the air feeling it cut through the fur on the back of her head. She leapt off the squirming rat letting a rock loose and knocking him flat before he could completely right himself.
        She replaced her sling with a heavy broadsword, well practiced in using it from many hours spent training with Jake. she took a stance about thirty feet from the charging Snagtooth.

  • (Jake)

    Jake suddenly stepped into the clearing flanked by the group that Marva had deignated. The archers sprang into position with thier bows drawn and the soldiers drew thier blades at the sight of snagtooth charging at Rosen.

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    (random, I know)

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    -ic- Snagtooth noticed the archers immedietly and jumped behind a tree before they could let loose. Idiot He thought. He was going to kill Whiptail if either one of them got out of this alive. Looking around, he looked for a good escape route. He didn't see any. What he did see though was a good way to distract the soldiers.

    Grabbing his sling again, he quickly loaded it and let loose at a bee's hive that was a good distance up in the tree under which the soldiers were standing. The hive broke away from the tree and plummeted to the ground where it broke open in a flurry of bees. Whip tail started to scream.
    "Bees! Help!"
    Snagtooth grabbed Whiptail by the neck and slapping his own bees ran for the deeper part of the woods.

  • -ooc-I was actually figureing that they would be coming at this piont anyway. It was an honest coincidence. Really.( ???sorry if thats confusing 🙂

    After the bees had cleared away Jake and Rosen stood facing each other with stone-like expressions.
        "No matter how unlikely it is that you could get killed on this little adventure I suggest that you came back to Floret." He glanced behind her at the nearby castle,"Surising how little distance you made though. But anyways, either you come back to the castle or I'll be forced to send an escort that the army can't aford to lose. I'm sorry Rosen, but that's the way it is." Suddenly he bent forward. "Unless you outrun them that is."
    *                              *                              *

  • Star helped out when needed but for the most part let Rosen handle it. When the guards showed up she disappeared into the brush and waited for Rosen. She would follow her.

  • -ooc-thats okay because they ussually don't. I just want my segment of what's written to make sense and be more like a story than mumbo jumbo. Some people do that.

    -Ic-Rosen creapt through the woods being carful not to make any noise. She had gotten this far alone and didn't like having infferiors trudging through the woods behind her. She didn't want Jake to send an escort and he didn't want to send it. So if she got caught now it would be bad for both of them.
        She continued on toward the boat she had so carefuly hidden, glad that Snagtooth hadn't found it. Then She chuckled as she thought of whiptail squirming and shout on the ground. -Don't be to hard on him- She thought with a grin. It was a pity they got away though, Whiptail could have told her about the other attacker. No use dwelling on it now though.
        She ceared the debis off the boat and pushed it into the water as quitely as she could and got in. figuring that she would cautch star somwhere down the river.
        Just as the boat started to move with the flow of the water and gain speed somthing fell out of the trees above. Rosen whipped out a throwing knife and backed off in panic thinking it was Snagtooth. Then she stopped, recognizing the intruder. She laughed.
        "Jake, you great blow bag, you almost killed me with fright!" She stood there laughing for a moment while Jake continued to smile sweetly, he shrugged,"I didn't want to miss out on the trip so I sent the soldiers home and followed you here." Then his expression changed to one of mishief, "Belmar will undoubtably send another group when he finds us gone, but that will just mean more fun for us. Right?"

  • Star had kept up with Rosen until Jake showed up. She thought about letting them know she was there, but tripped and fell in the river making a huge splash. Fortunately she had her cape on so you didn’t see anything.

  • Rosen jumped up at the sound and pulled out her throwing knife. She caught a glimpse of a black as it diapeared into the water.

  • Star came up gasping. The water was a little colder than she expected. She stood and blushed. “Hello!”

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