Nation-on-Nation RP

  • AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    The Concept: Nation-on-Nation RPing is a form of RPing where we roleplay respective nations rather then say a individual character, but can instead be made up of many different characters, which can RP on a international level. Instead of a RP based on  say that one lone character going about doin his own thing, it is princes, kings, lords, merchants, or local heroes. Basically, its like a game. . .only with roleplay elements.

    I wanted to do this with other folks, and I was thinking of setting up a lore for it, including a codex and what not. I can make only thee most basic paint maps. Suggestions, questions, and what not will make this much easier, as well as a roster for people interested.

    Set up Posts: For those interested, respected nations will need a codex of their own which will include the following information:
    General Information - A synapsis of your nation which can include the name of your religion, government type, manpower, population, the plural of your nation, exc
    History - The history of said nation, basically a timeline of how everything came to be
    Races/Ethnicities - What your nation's people is made of, everything from orcs to squirrels to hillbillies
    Culture - The culture of your nation, what they dress like, what they think, what they build, what they eat, how they treat slavery or how they are entertained
    Military - How your nation fights, their militia, their professional army, all the whack whack information is stored here.
    Government - How is the country run, what are the classes of people in this country, what is their political system like.
    Economics - What is the economics like, how do your people tax, how rich are your people, what are your resources, what is their trade like, exc
    Religion - What are the religion in the country, what are their attitudes on religion
    Domains - What are your landed domains, internal states basically (remember, a kingdom is made up a bunch of smaller counties. For instance, the Holy Roman Empire was made up of a bunch of smaller kingdoms, duchies, theocracies, and republics).
    Factions - Internal factions either political or hostile. Factions are not often affiliated with the country all the time, but they hold some power or have some authority in the nation. This can include everything from ambitious minorities to mercenary companies.
    Notable Characters - Basically a roster of people you will roleplay as or have importance enough for people to know.

    Will there be magic? Yes.

    How powerful is it? el oh el, no.

    Now to give you a clue what to expect, we will be doing a timeline fantasy between the early to high middle ages, so gunpowder will 'exist', so if you do plan to join, don't be bringing in ww2 guns and stuff.

    As for the events and actual RP, it will be event and response. We will have continuation on a weekly edited basis of 1 week = 1 season. So you will get plenty of time to respond, and I will be forgiving of late responses. Basic RP rules will apply.

    Will there be gods? Yes.

    Can you RP as one? Kind of.

    Can. . .can I use them? El oh el, no. Gods will exist and you can use them for visions, but divine acts of 'I kill your army with +100 fireball of mook slaying' is not tolerated or possible, and when I make the codex, I will go into more details. However, this doesn't mean a god can give you divine missions or speak to fellow followers.

    What is some good inspiration for RPing this kind of RP?
    Refer to this lovable war in Italy:

    Tl;dr - Italy was broken apart into various city states, each one very hostile to one another between two factions, the pro-papcy and the pro-holy roman emperor over whom can elect cardinals. One city state had high-tension with another, and eventually led to a claim for war when a soldier stole a bucket from the rival. One massive army challenged a smaller army and their german mercenaries, the smaller army won for reasons explained better in the wiki article, a lot of people died, a lot of people got involved, and one city state was humiliated for it.

    Basically, nations will fight because of religious tensions or factional tensions, people will fight or make alliances, we trade with one another, and basically be the pompous ambitious bungholes we were born to be.

  • hmm…this is actually interesting. Especially since I have two nations [technically 3-5] It actually could help me add more information onto my nation. Yet I have one issue…both of my available nations are more in the 18th century Pre American Revolution Era(basically the age of exploration), would that be much of a issue?

  • I will allow it to pass, but on the condition their armies are steamrolling with 100% gunpowder marines and advanced cannons. Culture and ideal wise I can tolerate it.

    When you do make stuff and lore, make sure you give a clear description of your borders so I can draw them into the political map.

  • Well considering that wouldn't happen for about another century or two. Sure,correct me if I'm wrong but what you probably thinking with the "100% gunpowder and advanced cannons" was more in the 1800s with and the Post American Civil War era so yeah I think we are good there.[Yeah I like history and guns…go figure. :T ]

    Now about the borders, Are there any specific political and geographical things I should keep in mind? (oceans and nations you already created for example]

  • Thats fine, but I can never be to careful, I apologize beforehand if I make such mistakes.

    As for things politically you might need to know, just be aware of the codex history when making your own. Like if you put your nation in southeast Yulsol and do not have interaction with the first empire, that would be a bit lore breaking. Other then that, be mindful of the terrain you place your borders on. Like you wouldn't place a highly successful farming nation who's borders is 90% mountains and 10% burning desert, so keep a eye on the geological map. Also remember that purple is fertile and resource rich on the geo map.

  • Alright one more question, what If I make mine a island Nation?

  • Island nations are okay of course, I have one (two when I finish the codex for the Beast Isles Confederation)

    The only things you need to explain in such lore is A: How they get resources and B: How self-sustaining they are.

    A powerful island nation is not possible if they have few allies to provide them the appropriate resources, unless those resources can be collected from a island itself. Otherwise, I don't see a problem. Which island anyway? (Posted a political map in the codex)

  • I am liking Tremol due to its so central location. Makes a great trading hub location and besides it is a forested region to! You ask me that is prefect.

  • Go for it. Once you set up your nation's lore, I will add the nation into the political map.

  • I am now becoming interested with my own reasons. XD

  • I'd really like to take part in this, I just would like to see this map (if an image exists, that is).

  • Its in the Yulmor Codex thread, both Geographical and Political map.

  • All right, after looking over the maps, I would like to have a nation in the large desert region(?) east of the Reformation Imperium.

  • well…like what it says for history, gotta make sure its not lore breaking and at least synergizes with whats in the codex.

  • Guys ya know we can just restart this? Scottish hasn't been on in like a year so his countries don't need to exist

  • In that case, would anyone mind if I make a completely new world map? I really like making maps and I've always wanted to do something like this.

  • It probably be awkward if Scotish does come back, but sure, a restart could work.

    Ohhhh, that means if Fenarth makes the new map, that means I could use a nation I always wanted to try out. :3

  • Currently working on the map, I'll have it up by Saturday. I hope.

  • Just one thing Fen.

    Isurmo is my personal country and I'd appreciate it if Isurmo is still on the new map

  • no pressure fen. Take your time. :3

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