RP game: Stay in character again!

  • So awhile ago I made a game that sadly died a bit to quickly despite people seeming to enjoy it. So IM BRINGING IT BACK BABY YEAAAAHHHH!

    Anyways same rules apply, You have to have your stay in character of whoever you choose to use for this game in whatever situation you are thrown into no matter what. After doing so it is your turn to come up with a scenario as insane, wacky, confusing, weird, hilarious, derpy, or downright out of place/context. Also remember there is NO RULES OR BOUNDARIES (as long as it is PG, for the children of course). For example, if you want to have mutant killer tomatoes running rampant, so be it! If you want Samuel L. Jackson harassing characters so be it! now lets have some fun!

  • Me!! Me!!

  • Very well. For your senario you are taking a lovely stroll enjoying the wonderful day. Suddenly you are trampled by a sea if Minions for a good 5 minutes and when you get back up you realize that they had stolen literally everything including everything  you had.(ill let you decide what  "everything you had " means)

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