Tinderwick Patchwork

  • Name: Tinderwick Patchwork (Or "Patchcoat" or "Patchlout" or "Patchred"… he gots a few aliases)
    Gender: a male
    Age: 32
    Species: a rat
    Occupation: an alchemist


    Tinderwick is something between skinny and lithe. He's clearly a beast who hasn't done much physical work in his whole life, but he isn't entirely feeble either.  He's height is somewhat average for a rat, but because he's always crouching, it easily goes unnoticed by others. And he's intentionally making himself look smaller than he actually is as he covers in front of everyone, carefully avoiding a direct eye-contact.

    Tinderwick's fur is a palette of different shades of brown. Quite frankly his hide looks like a paintbrush's cleaning-cloth after the artist had finished his work of pine tree trunks. His fur is full of changing patches of browns that form confusing patcwork where colors go full turn from dark brown to red-brown to light brown all the way to white. It's not hard to guess from where the rat got his nickname.

    Time to time Tinderwick's patched fur-pattern chances: Tinderwick was born with dark brown fur, but nowadays he uses bleaching to make it dotted. Eventually the original fur-color will emerge under the dyed hair, so Tinderwick needs to repeat the procedure. And of course the result won't be precisely same as the previous one.

    The rat's eyes are in constant move even in middle of conservation:  they travel up and down, side to side and sweep across everything, usually unable to focus on anything for too long. It's his neurotic habit, as his overactive mind wants to register every detail around him.

    Tinderwick's righ hand and half of the forearm (under the leather glove) is furless and sickly as if some sort of disease has been eating it away. Veins and crooks of the bone can be seen through the paper-thin skin should Tinderwick remove his glove. Usually the harm is only superficial and doesn't hinder rat's ability use his arm, but there are meds Tinderwick is forced to take regularly, least if he wants to be spared from cramps and pain.


    Simple things make Tinderwick's life: he wants seclude himself somewhere peaceful place where he can live quietly, maybe pursue his passion for archenemy. He wants daily meals and good drinks on his table and warm bed where sleep at the end of the day. And more importantly, he wants  to stay away from dangerous things. Any dangerous things to be exact. He prefers boring live over the thrills and adventures and goes in great lengths so that they wouldn't ever cross his path. But of course they always do: Tinderwick is danger-magnet walking on two paws and where-ever he goes, something is bound to happen, either with or without his own help.

    Tinderwick isn't a rat of action. He plays rather save than ends up sorry. At the first sight of trouble he's the first one to either run or hide, covering in the fear. And if  either of those are options, he'll beg for his dear life, promising almost anything if he's spared. Tinderwick is aware of this trait of his and he never tires to be the hero.  Regarding this, some would say the rat is a coward while Tinderwick himself would use term "practical". He has no means win a strong foes, so it's better bow than be forced to bend. And what use is defiance if that's gonna get you killed? It's much better survive than die a fool.  But if he's given an opportunity with minimal risk of ending hurt, Tinderwick will act. He's a seasoned explorer of those golden opportunities.

    Tinderwick has no fighting skills whatsoever and his physical strength is next to nothing. So suppose it explains how the rat can run like gust of the wind: when your survival depends solemnly on how fast you can get away, no surprise if you become master in sprinting. But his stamina is just so-so, so he ain't a long-distance-runner.

    Tinderwick minds his own business and hopes the others return the favor. He likes conservations, but avoids any subjects directed to his personal information. He's bit a paranoid when it comes to trust others, but as long as they don't pull their weapons at him, Tinderwick likes to think they are all civilized beasts in here. He has opinioins, but dares not voice them if he has even the smallest hunch it would land him in a trouble.

    As an alchemist, Tinderwick is a thinker, so he doesn't approach the problems with brute force. That said he has a vast knowledge about alchemy, how different mixtures work and  how to make them and so on. Though complicated mixtures require good laboratory instruments (which he doesn't have) Tinderwick can't keep himself away from his passion and manages time to time overcome the hindrances of not having required equipment. This results half of the experiments  succeeding as planned while the other half is something that either blows up, melts something or sets it on the fire. Couple of times it has been all of those three.

    Still, since alchemy isn't widely known profession on the land, Tinderwick wishes to keep his true line of work secret and poses as a wandering healer. This is part because he wish not to be sought out because the potential of what destructive power of alchemy can do. But mostly it's because of he's hiding from those from who he had learned his knowledge in the first place.

    Tinderwick has a amazingly large memorization capacity and he due his overactive mind he's keen pick up details that are easily dismissed by other even if he isn't trying to. But because of that he also has hard time to remember those things as his mind is like crowded unorganized storehouse.

    Tinderwick talks lot to himself - sometimes just mumbling in lower tone, sometimes suddenly bursting into shouting. Which may cause other beast think him as a bit crazy. Which he might very well be, considering the oddness described below:

    Splinter-personality (= not a complete personality but a fragment of a personality)
    If Tinderwick is exposed too much stress or he's so scared he can't handle it, his coping method kicks in. In this state Tinderwick becomes much more determined and scheming, but also brutal and crazy – not necessarily in this order. Knocking him out usually helps him regain his old-self, but after waking, he doesn't remember things that happened after he snapped. And when he's strolling in the crazy-town,  something is bound to go up in flames.


    :Patched Cape:  A hooded cape, which is practically made from different sizes of patches. Most of them are different shapes of red, but there are  orange and orangish-yellow mixed in as well. The cape is thick and warm and covers the rat almost completely, leaving no need for other clothes.

    :Leather (half-)gloves:   Made from smooth and bendy brown leather, the gloves reach the rat's elbows and are fastened around the forearms with small buckles. The leather covers the fingers, only leaving the tips of them exposed. The leather is handled with special oil that makes it water-resistant.

    :Leather equipment-belt:  The belt  which contains many pouches and leather loops which carry the different items of Tinderwick's profession. Powder-pouches, tin-vials and glass-containers

    :Dagger:  A plain dagger, mainly used  as a tool for everyday-tasks, not as a weapon.


    -Work in progress-


    • Alchemy knowledge.
    • Knows how to read and write
    • Fast sprinter
    • Good at remembering things, even if just small details – if he just can focus long enough to recall them.


    • Coward, easy to intimidate
    • Posses no actual fighting skills
    • Can't handle too  much stress or fear well, and when he has a mental breakdown, splinter-personality takes over.
    • A suck-up
    • A fickle backbone: rather stays silent than stands up for himself.
    • Good at remembering things, even if just small details – if he just can focus long enough to recall them.

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