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    ic: Jessie was taken by surprise and squeaked in surpise. As she looked down she saw the little squirrle and upon hearing and seeing his face she said, "Why ain't ya a little fella who bumps into other creatures with out a sorry?" She grins
    "Remides me of my sister." Saddness filled her as she rembered her sister was out somewere her tail and ears drooped in sadness.
        She blocked his escape and knelt infront of him looking him in the eye, "also where do ya think ya goin'?"

  • Billu put on his best impression fo looking inocent by shrugging up his shoulders, quivering his lip, and give a couple of big old puppidog eyes," We is only gona' go climb up atop da abbee to take choppof da bad crows uppa der." he tried again to push past.

  • "uppa da abby?" Jessie replied in dibbun language. "to take chopp of da bad crows? how ya getten' uppa thier?" Again Jessie blocked him.

  • Billu stood up strait and held his arms out perpendicular to his body to show his small muscles. " I be a gurt climbber.  Yoo coom watch I climb up intopa yoor head." He Backed up abit and then launched up and scrambled up the back of Jessie, "Um a easy climb. Silly beasty."
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  • Jessie chuckled, "You are a funny little fella ain't ya?" Jessie sat down on the ground and picked Billu up off of her back. "Now why do ya want to chase crows…"

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  • "Cause they is bad slily beasty.  Why would I choppa off der tails ifn' dey where good beasties. Silly silly." He giggled as he squirrmed and tried to get free from Jessie's grasp.

  • She didn't let go but said to Billu, "Did you see any viermin in here?" she didn't expect Billu to reply.

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  • Billu spoke with a 'well du' tone."Only the meen cwows dat broke da window in da libruree.  I told you I was goin up der to choppa off der tailsis.

  • "crows who broke a window up in the library?" Something had been nagging at the back of her mind since the battle. "Are you sure that crows did it?" Jessie had the relisation that it might of not been the crows but maybe it could be.

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  • A frown of confusion spread across his face, "I tink it was a cwow. I don't know for shuur.  I was gonna go choppa choppa.  I don't know what it wath but it brokked da windoo uppa der."

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    -bic- Trok continued to walk along the perimeter of the abbey, searching for marks of forced entry. So far he was having no luck, but when he went around the south wall Jake stopped him short and pointed to the window above.
       "Look! The window was broken. Hisk may have found a way into the abbey through a window after all."
       Trok squinted up at the battelments above the shattered stain glass window pointed again. "There are gouge marks on the wall above it. It may be possible that he climbed down from the ramparts while we were fighting. Do you know the way to that room?"
       Jake nodded and unsheathed his left Broadsword. "Yessir, it leads to the library. I'll show you the way there."
       Without another moment of hesitation, they spinted around to the wall and toward the doors to the great wall.

    • *                               *

    Quarrel and Rosen were searching the other side of the building, glancing around warily and feeling rather uneasy about the situation.
       Suddenly they heard something dart towards them from the corner they were heading to. Quarrel drew his little sword and placed himself protectivley in front of Rosen.
       "Come on you idiots! We need to get inside!" It was Jake. Quarrel let out a sigh of releif and sheathed his sword. Rosen glared at Jake and folded her arms with an annoyed expression.
       "You scared us half to death! We thought you were Hisk or something."
       Jake ran right past them. "Hurry up, Trok went around the other side. He's waiting for me to bring you back so that we can go inside."
       Quarrel looked stunned and embarressed, but Jake was gone before he could ask any questions.
       Rosen and Quarrel glanced at each other one last time and followed after him.

  • Jessie jumped up and said "You no go up to hit crow…I heard in the kitchen they have nice hot scones." She dropped him gently and dashed upstairs to the library she skidded to a halt and reversed grabbing her bows and arrows she turned and slamed right into a wall. She staggered back muttering to herself, "Blast wall...who built walls, they just make everything harder"

    She rubbed her nose and skirted the wall and dashed up the steps slilently, she stopped, "Now where is the library...." she pivoted on the spot looking around on what path to take another thing she added on her list of things in life that should or should not be. Signs were on her list of Should. "It would make stuff more easier." She spat to herself

  • Billu scurried down the stairs, "Oo, I lova skons. Yumm." And he was gone.

  • Trok, Rosen, Quarrel and Jake all bounded up the stairs and down hallways, leaving suprised beasts glancing back at them as they passed.
        Drawing his claymour, Trok skidded to a halt and peered around the next hall. They were getting closer to the Library. After making sure that it was clear, he motioned the others to follow him and moved on as silently as he could.
        As he truned the next corner, he spotted Jessie in the hall. He gave a low hiss at her to get her attention and motioned her to get against the wall.

  • Jessie jumped around fast with an arrow drawn. When she saw them she lowered her arrow and backed into a shadowed corner her eyes glinting with excitement, and appeared at Rosen's side. "Glad you came..I sorta got lost finding the library. Big place this is. incuding I slammed right into a wall" she muttered the last part to herself and rubbed her nose where it still throbbed.

  • Rosen laughed queitly. "I know. I wish that I could go through walls to."
    Quarrel interjected, "Me too, but I'd rather wait 'til the dibbuns are in bed. Otherwise they'll think that though doors are impervious, they could still try walls."

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